Unveiling Keylong

For many people, Keylong is just a passing route. The grand Manali Leh highway pays little tribute to this small, quiet town. But a closer inspection, done through the eyes of a determined traveler, will open up this mystery town for you to see.

Keylong’s Landscape

Keylong is an epitome of most of what the higher Himalayas are, beautiful, rugged, serene, and Buddhist. The town and it’s surrounding areas boast of some of the best natural wonders in northern India, along with feats of architecture rarely seen before.

Opening up the secrets of Keylong for you to see, here are the top five sightseeing spots in the town:

Bara Lacha Pass

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Keylong, and the Lahaul Spiti valley, is the alluring Bara Lacha Pass.

The Bara Lacha pass, Keylong

The pass is a high mountain pass which is covered in blinding snow throughout the year. It looks on at the town of Keylong with calm, graceful eyes from its perch.

The pass is situated at an altitude of 4,896ft. It is one of the most important topographical points in northeast Himachal Pradesh. This is the meeting point of the Ladakh and Lahaul valleys. The two valleys, not much different in geography, intertwine in the middle of the Bara Lacha Pass.

For adventure lovers, this is the perfect trekking and mountaineering destination, and also a vantage point of entering Ladakh through the foot.

Deepak Tal

Situated closet to the Manali Leg expressway, the Deepak Tal is one of the most beautiful water bodies in India

The Deepak Tal

Reflecting the clear blue sky and the surrounding mountains that seem to rise up and tear through the sky, the Deepak Tal looks like a mirror to another world.

The greenish blue waters of the lake are famous for their calm and stony look. The lake seems to be just a glass surface unless its composure is disturbed by a stone rippling through its waters.

The Tal is a popular tourist attraction because it functions as a retreat and resting spot for hitchhikers, trekkers, and road trippers.

Pin Valley National Park

When it comes to treats of nature, Keylong and it’s home, Spiti Valley, has more to offer than what we can take

The Pin Valley

One of its prime examples is the Pin Valley National Park.

The Pin Valley is formed by the course of the majestic Pin river that cuts fiercely through the mountains. The valley is fascinating, because in the middle of the sand and stone of Keylong, it’s ecosystem is completely different from that of its surrounding areas.

The Pin Valley has ample forests, lush green trees, a clear sky and the characteristic blinding mountain sun. It is abundant in its diversity of flora and fauna, and you can spot many exotic birds in the Pin Valley.

The Kungri Monastery is one of the top tourist spots in the Pin Valley, along with its national park that offers the Siberian Ibex, Red Fox, marten, and many such mountain animals.

The Pin Valley is an all in one experience, featuring the best of culture and natural beauty.

Shashur Monastery

The Lahual Spiti valley has its fair share of monasteries, owing to an historic relationship with Tibet and Buddhism

Shashur Monastery, Keylong

The valley has been, for many centuries, the center of Buddhist growth and culture.

Beautiful, breathtaking monasteries dot the landscape of Keylong as well. One of them is Shashur Monastery.
It is a quiet and small shrine, named after the blue pine forests that abound the valley. Whether the sky has slowly dripped into Keylong’s trees or whether it’s another mirage of nature, no one really knows.

The monastery is dedicated to the Gulekpa order of Tibetan Buddhism. It has been an important axis of learning and teaching for many centuries.

Breathing in the calm, peaceful air of the Shashur Monastery is a good way to end your visit to Keylong.

Keylong is as vibrant as it is hushed. It is a town of ironies, of relative obscurity and popularity. If you do not understand it’s irony, the only thing left to do it to see it for yourself.

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