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Unravelling Ooty – Way to Chocolatey Heart

When we crave a place away from people around and need a piece of Nature to give us a thrilling feeling of being alive, traveling to Ooty is the best idea of all time. If you are a mountain person and prefer Mountains over anything else then it is time to make up your mind to travel to this amazing cloud covered, pine cultured, and surrounded by tea estates hill station. It is considered as a heaven for chocolate lovers. There are chocolate factories where you get to see the process of chocolate making and devour it with all your heart. It’s a different experience altogether to taste the chocolate on the top of the hill while enduring the views of lush green tea estates. It is a perfect weekend escape, honeymoon destination, or say a simple road trip with a bunch of crazy friends.

Calling of Mountains

Ooty is located at a very high altitude in the middle of Nilgiri mountains which means the Blue Mountains hence the weather is bone-chilling throughout the year and that is the beauty of this place. Roads leading to Ooty, forged by cutting through the mountains, hence tea estates running alongside the road making the whole journey to the top worth looking out of the window. A little far from the deep ditches, clouds swimming over the blue mountains seem as they are calling you to their solidarity. The fog coming from the moors scatters on the road giving out the aesthetic feeling from within. Driving through the fog and feeling like you are touching the clouds as you keep going uphill, lifts the mood instantly. If you are among the people who suffer from motion sickness, it is advisable to keep some medication with you to avoid inconvenience.

Cloud clad mountains
Cloud Clad Mountains

Chocolates, Tea and Train in the Jungle

Situated in Nilgiris district, Tamil Nadu this town is a major tourist attraction. The best time to visit Ooty is anytime. The preferable course of the year to visit this place is the start of summer and make most of it.

 A. Learning about Chocolates and Tea

There are chocolate factories and museums to be found, taking a tour to these astonishing chocolaty dreamlands, tasting a variety of homemade chocolates for free is pure bliss. In the chocolate museum, you will find a plethora of chocolate sculptures, made of a miscellaneous type of chocolates. Many of us have dreamed of a chocolate world in our childhood and this could be a smaller part of that dream come true. Famous for several tea factories as they are situated in this region. Visiting a Tea Factory, learning about the Tea processing starting from plucking fresh tea leaves from the tea plant to their packaging is a must to do for Tea lovers in Ooty.

 B. Train Journey In The Jungle

The best part of this beautiful trip is the Toy Train Journey in Ooty. The train passes through the Nilgiris mountains. It gives an exquisite view of blue mountains, Western Ghats, green tea plantations, and orderly grown pine trees. The train is available from Mettupalayam to Ooty. Ticket availability and, reservation-related information is available on IRCTC. The Ooty trip is considered incomplete without the Toy Train Journey. The Toy Train used to run with Steam Engine, nowadays it runs with diesel. The Nilgiri Mountain Railways is in existence from the British era. It counts as the main attraction in Ooty tourism.

Train in Jungle
Train Journey in Ooty

Tips to make the Train Journey a Success

Since the train journey takes around one and a half hours one way. It’s better to plan, and reach the station in time and have the tickets reserved to avoid last-minute hustle-bustle. As far as it goes with luggage, it’s better to keep only essentials with you to make the journey more enjoyable without much stressing upon the belongings.

Lakes, Falls, Gardens, and Feelings

The Pykara Lake, Ooty lake and, Pykara falls make it to the list. There is a range of options available for Boating in Ooty and Pykara Lakes. With family and friends speed boating is always a good pick. The lakeside is all covered with tall pine trees to make the boating experience more exotic. Peddle boats are very appealing for couples to have some romantic and precious time spend together. As they say, memories last and moments pass. Trips are always about making good memories after all. Pykara falls aren’t about water falling from the top but running water over the rocks creating scenic beauty.

Pykara Lake

Government Rose garden and Ooty Botanical garden situated in at the base of Elka Hills in town with diverse species of Roses. The gardens are befittingly maintained by state Government. There are flower shows hosted by the government to boost tourism.

Rose Garden

Wenlock Downs 9th Miles Shooting Point

Ooty has been a favorite destination for shooting of several Bollywood movies because of its panoramic sights. The 9th Mile, Wenlock Down viewpoint has appeared in multiple movies. Once upon a time, this grassland used to be the hunting ground for Britishers. To reach the viewpoint it takes hiking of around 15 minutes as you will need to track off the stiff trails. But the scenic beauty you will encounter upon reaching up top is magnanimous.

Mountain Range

Things to do at Shooting Point

The Horse Riding is available to reach out to the far end of the landscape and relish the overwhelming scenic beauty. Far from the city chaos, spending time with landscape views justifies the sloppy walk. There are multiple stalls and counters are in site while it leads to the pathway of the 9th Mile viewpoint. In case you would want to buy woolen caps or so. The drizzling sometimes makes the environment a little cozier and the colder breeze is an add on to make the weather just perfect.

Food, Night Life and Women Safety

There are plenty of Veg and Non-Vegetarian Restaurants available with a variety of food. The number of pure veg restaurants is less compared to the others. Yet nothing beats the taste of Banana and potato Fritters with a hot cup of tea/coffee on the edge of the mountain. The night-life is pretty much fun. There are bars and night clubs sited around and in the town for booze. Ooty is safe for women travelers. There isn’t much to worry about if you are planning for all girl’s trip and choosing Ooty.

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