Udaipur: the pride of the Mewaris

Udaipur also popularly known as the ”jewel of Mewar” is indeed one of the most beautiful places in India. Surrounded by the beautiful Aravalli Hills on all sides this city is full of lakes, beautiful palaces, temples, museums, etc. Udaipur is a naturally gifted city with beautiful lakes and Aravalli hills. One can enjoy serene beautiful views while boating through the lake Pichola. This city is the home to the worlds second-largest sweet water lake in Asia. This city is known for its mixture of zinc and marble. Udaipur was founded in the year of 1553 by Maharana Udai Singh 2. And it’s one of the most beautiful places one should visit because it’s gifted naturally as well as humans have added to it

Places one can visit in Udaipur

1) Lake Pichola

This is the most famous place in Rajasthan it is the largest and the biggest lake in the city and every month it sees lakhs of tourists. This lake is a heaven for all the nature lovers clean water surrounded by hills and the lush greens around the lake is just the icing on the cake. During the evening this lake looks golden in color because of the sun’s reflection. All the beauty and the boat rides make this lake a perfect romantic spot. This lake was built in 1362 A.D and was later extended by Maharana Udai Singh. And the best part about this is it has the beautiful lake palace and the Jag Mandir that exactly lies in the city.

2) Jagdish Temple

This is one of the most magnificent structures located in the City Palace. It is said that it’s one of the most beautiful temples here. This temple has been a continuous place of worship since 1651. This temple is dedicated to the creator of the earth lord Vishnu. The main house consists of a classic four-armed statue of Lord Vishnu. This statue is carved out of black stone. this temple is filled with beautiful carvings, appealing statues, and breathtaking views. This place has shrines of Lord Ganesha, the Sun God, Goddess Shakti, and Lord Shiva.

3) City Palace

Located on the banks of Lake Pichola this palace was the main seat for the Maharana and was the headquarters of his empire. This palace was layer innovated and made more splendid by his rulers. The architecture of this place is a mixture of Chinese as well as European architecture. Settled amidst the bottom of the Aravalli’s this is the largest and perhaps the most beautiful palace in Rajasthan. This palace consists of courtyards, pavilions, corridors, terraces, rooms and hanging gardens, an assortment of the palace, etc. Recently a museum has been added here where one can find all the classical Rajasthani weapons and artifacts.

It’s a must-visit place in Udaipur.

4) Eklingji Temple

Located just 22kms away from the main city this is one of the most important temples here in Udaipur. This temple is a really ancient temple and was built during the year 734 A.D. This temple is a live example of how excellent the mewaris were at architecture. This temple sees a dozen of tourist every year. This temple is a double storied temple and has a periodical shape. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and consists of a lovely fragrance and a 4 armed statue of Lord Shiva. It is a temple of great historic importance.

5) Vintage Car Museum

Located just a few km away from the city. This museum is a heaven for all the automobile lovers and vintage car lovers. This museum consists of vintage, beautiful, expensive cars. Mewaris were famous for their rich lifestyle and therefore they had expansive cars. Here at the vintage museum, you can find Rolls Royce, custom made Mercedes, Bentley, etc. The museum was inaugurated by Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, the founder of the National Motor Museum of England on February 15, 2000. All these cars are a feast for car lovers. Once they’re done feasting their eyes with the beautiful vintage car there is a hotel just 5 minutes away from the museum where one can have traditional Rajasthani food.

6) Fateh Sagar Lake

Fateh Sagar lake is yet another popular artificial lake located in Udaipur. People usually come here in huge numbers to enjoy boating whilst looking at the serene breathtaking views. The atmosphere here is really calm too. One can go to this lake to get away from all the hassle. It is surrounded by the Aravalis and is the second largest lake here. This lake has 3 islands the Nehru park which is known for boat-shaped restaurants and a little zoo for kids, the second one is filled with fountains and the third one has one of the best solar observing sites in Asia.

7) Sajjangarh Palace

This palace isn’t exactly located in the main city but lies in the outskirts. Formerly this was the home to a Mewar royal. This palace was originally meant to be a nine-story astronomical observatory it was used to determine the monsoon pattern because it was easy to determine it from there. This palace is yet another structure representing the beautiful style of architecture of the Mewaris.

One can find high towers, turrets, tunnels, carved beautiful pillars. This palace is not as important as the city palace but is a very important structure from Udaipur.

Other than that it consists of two more beautiful lakes, various palaces, temples, zoos, etc. The exquisite Jag Mandir Palace is yet another very important structure it’s the palace built on a lake. Udaipur is a place filled with history as well as with natural beauty it is a must-visit city in India.

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