Traveling – The True Love Which Will Never Disappoint

“Me daudna chahta hu, udna chahta hu, girnaa bhi chahta hu, bas rukna nahi chahta Naina!”

If this is your favorite line of all time and your life motto, this article is exactly what you need. Read on about a beautiful love story between you and the love of your life.

As we all fell in love with Bunny in YJHD, we also fell in love with his passion. TRAVELING.  Traveling helps open up so many avenues in our minds and fills us with so much joy. It is a joy we all experience. Traveling is what keeps us alive. Traveling is the inexhaustible fire keeping us burning!

Be it that extrovert who loves posting IG pictures of their latest outing or the introvert who prefers lazing around on the hammocks on a Beach getaway, travel provides a sense of calm and belonging to all of us.

You first fell in love with this beautiful concept in class I. When they taught you about snow. And you kept wondering how could there exist such a beautiful concept? Was snow real? And thus began your love for the Beautiful Himalayas. So, if you have yet not started your Ice-Age saga what are you waiting for?

The Childhood Love of Traveling

Some great places to visit are:

1. Jammu and Kashmir

This is obviously the first place you need to tick off your must-visit traveling list. From mountaineering to trekking to enjoying a beautiful ride in the Shikhara, beautiful Kashmir has everything for everyone.

2. Shimla

This pretty hill station is straight out of a fairy tale. The bungalows can also be rented and with us, we will make sure you have the best ones there are.

3. Manali

This is bound to be a hot spot to visit if you are a fan of camping in the cold. It also offers trekking options and you might as well find your child self hiding inside.

So, then coming back to our love story you then grew up, you both became teenagers. And you started wanting different things. You were no longer fascinated by snow or fire. This was replaced by a want to gaze at beauty. Your ultimate wish was to grow up.

The Teenage Traveling Dream

So if you are still waiting for growing up, this list is just for you-

1. Goa

Do we really need to explain why this place features on the top of traveling for fun? From Beaches to Boardwalks this place teems with life and love! You can explore the inner Boho inside you and enjoy your youth again!

2. Hawaii

If you really want to splurge on your baby, then this is the place for you. Beautiful Hawaiian beaches coupled with cool, shady palms, you can never get enough of it. They serve really good coconut water in the beautifully adorned coconut husks and you can enjoy the cool, refreshing water inside.

3. The Bahamas

So, if you are on a budget and still want to enjoy a foreign trip then this is the place for you. These small groups of secluded islands allow you to party when you like and rest when you don’t. This is especially recommended for all the wallflowers in the room. Peace and quiet are abundantly present here.

Ah! Sweet are the days of yore. But then you finally start to grow up. You start to realize that life is not a bed of roses. The teenager inside you dies a premature death and you have suddenly grown up. You now seek peace and calm. Your resilient soul now wants a deep Mohabbat and that is how your travel now looks like. It instills in you a yearning to visit someplace which is serene and allows you to think. Where you can rediscover yourself. Where finally your true love awaits you. And for this, you want to undertake the journey on your own.

YOLO Traveling Diaries

Go SOLO because YOLO! This list compiled below might help you surely-

1. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

What better way to rethink life than the place where our famous freedom fighters once served sentences? The Kala Pani was given to those who had to be rigorously imprisoned and needed some serious thinking. You can come here to unshackle yourselves too.

2. Udaipur

Engage your intellect and train yourself to think like kings by visiting this beautiful city of lakes. As seen in our favorite movie, “Life me kuch na kuch chut hi jata hai..” So, grab that backpack and just spend time with yourself gazing at the beautiful sunset from the beautiful forts.

3. Varanasi

This pure city located on the ghats of the Ganga can surely uptake you spiritually. Do visit this place if you really need a heart-to-heart talk with our beloved gods.

So, thus ended our beautiful tryst with the one love of your life. We at Yambur will ensure you that whatever your type of Pyaar, We have it all sorted for you, Yaar!

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