Traveling Alone For The First Time 21 Pro Tips For Solo Travel Newbies

When you consider solo travel, what involves mind? for several people, it’s “how the heck am I alleged to enjoy my first solo trip?” Being alone features a negative connotation, and this might carry over to the concept of travelling alone for the primary time.

I want to assist change those perceptions and encourage people of all ages, budgets, and skills to undertake travelling alone, because solo travel has been one among my greatest teachers and that I think it’s a useful tool when it involves empowering yourself and developing as an individual.

There are always many things to recollect to try to before, during, and after your travels. When you’re travelling solo, all of these responsibilities usually fall to you – but before you begin hyperventilating into a sack about being a lone traveller, take a couple of minutes and skim through the subsequent tips from seasoned solo travel experts.

I hope that having some advice and encouragement from pro travellers will offer you the arrogance you would like to exit on your own and explore the planet, whether or not you’ve got a travel companion by your side!

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Table of Contents

  • Prioritize Your Safety And Health By Planning Ahead
  • How To Enjoy Dining Alone As A Solo Traveler
  • Always Trust Your Instincts
  • Know Your Route Before You Land
  • Book a personal Room On Airbnb
  • Make Extra Hidden Copies Of Important Documents
  • Buy an area SIM Card
  • Sign Up For A Cooking Class to satisfy Fellow Travelers
  • Tips For Hiking Solo Safely
  • Consider Using Apps Like Couchsurfing
  • Make Friends With Fellow Solo Travelers On Facebook Groups
  • Know When And Where To Exchange Your Money
  • Taking A Walking Tour On Your First Day
  • Always reach Your Destination During The Day
  • Take a gaggle Tour
  • Book a minimum of Your First Night Of Accommodation
  • Join A tour to urge Out On The Town
  • Print Out Or Bring A Physical Map
  • Always Do Your Research Before Your Trip
  • Have Additional Tools And Resources Ready If Needed
  • Join A Food Tour to seek out Fellow Foodies

Prioritize Your Safety And Health By Planning Ahead

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As a solo traveller embarking on your first trip alone, safety is of the utmost importance. Once you’ve set your rough itinerary, specialise in the pre-trip steps you ought to fancy make sure you stay healthy and safe during your travels. Nothing puts a damper on – or sometimes, an end to – time abroad faster than a medical or personal security issue.

How To Enjoy Dining Alone As A Solo Traveler

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Perhaps one among the foremost awkward things about travelling solo is dinner time. Eating is such a communal activity, and when not travelling solo it’s often a time to recount the day’s adventures and plan for tomorrow’s with a travel companion.

What happens when it’s time to eat and you’re solo, though? While you’ll relish the chance to take a seat together with your thoughts and truly savour the flavours of your meal, it’s also normal to check out of place.

Always Trust Your Instincts

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When you travel solo, the most important challenge you’ll face throughout your trip is making decisions. there’s nobody to guide you. there’s nobody with whom you get an opportunity to debate the way forward with and reach a choice. the shortage of security offered by a co-traveller might bother you if you let it.

How then do you have to stay safe and move onward together with your trip without feeling lost or overwhelmed? the solution thereto is to trust your instinct, regardless of what. albeit it means missing out on all the fun, being a “bore” and infrequently not making the foremost of your freedom by going home early or skipping out on an activity that creates you are feeling uncomfortable.

Your instinct, your gut, your inner voice – whatever you call it – it should be that constant, reliable friend on your solo trip.

Know Your Route Before You Land

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The first time you travel solo, it stands to reason that you’re getting to be a touch nervous about it, especially if you’re going somewhere completely unfamiliar to you. Also, solo travellers tend to be higher targets for theft, scams, and other unsavoury experiences that we’d all rather exclude our travel repertoire.

So, the simplest favour you’ll do yourself the primary time you’re taking a solo travel trip is to pre-book your first night of accommodation (preferably a minimum of a couple of nights) and research the way to get from the airport to your accommodation.

Book a personal Room On Airbnb

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Finding appropriate accommodation as a solo traveller can appear to be a confusing or daunting task when you’re trying to balance between your budget and your comfort.

Although hostels are budget-friendly and are excellent thanks to meet other travellers, not everyone wants to share an area with people. On the opposite hand, booking a personal room at a hotel may be a lot easier, but usually, you would like to be more flexible together with your budget.

Luckily, Airbnb offers you the right solution. When filtering your search results on Airbnb, you’ll prefer to book a personal room at a local’s home.

Make Extra Hidden Copies Of Important Documents

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You never know when something might fail otherwise you might get to have unforeseen documents or money available. regardless of where I’m travelling within the world, I always confirm to possess a couple of sneaky extras hidden away for that proverbial period moment.

A copy of your passport:

 Always have an electronic copy of your passport stored on your emails. I send myself a draft email with the image hidden within the email body also as having a couple of colour copies for when it’s needed. Some hotels/hostels will invite a replica once you sign up.

Have extra passport photos:

 Bring along multiple copies of your passport photo so you’ve got many spares in your travel documents. you’ll need these for extra visa applications at border crossings or entry permits to large tourist attractions like Angkor Wat.

Hide spare money for emergencies:

 I always wish to travel with a spare USD 200 weakened into two $50 bills and $100 in smaller bills. If there’s ever an emergency, most places will take US dollars to assist you out. By having a spread of denomination sizes, you’ll space out your spending. It’s also helpful to possess some spare take advantage case your wallet is stolen/lost.

These basic tips are all about walking the fine line of being prepared versus being paranoid.

Buy an area SIM Card

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Your mobile will become your ally when travelling solo. By purchasing an area SIM card, you’ll use it whenever you would like without fear about roaming fees.

At most airports you’ll purchase a SIM card, in Europe, they often have them in vending machines while in Asia there’s usually stores on the answer. you regularly need cash to get them so confirm you visit the ATM first.


Sign Up For A Cooking Class to satisfy Fellow Travelers

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We all know travelling is often a frightening task for solo travellers. once I said I used to be getting to China, the most comment I heard was “are you going by yourself.” The ironic thing is that I don’t think I used to be alone for at some point during my travels.

A good thanks to meet new people is to require a cooking class. I found that it had been an excellent thanks to bond with other travellers and that they were ready to give me the within scoop about the simplest restaurants and places to go to. Taking a cooking course is additionally an excellent thanks to studying the culture of a rustic since food plays such an integral part in most cultures.

If you’re visiting a rustic where the most language isn’t your native tongue, a cooking class may be a good way to form connections with locals.

Tips For Hiking Solo Safely

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Preparation is vital once you want to travel out hiking solo. Whether it’s just a brief trip or a full day trek, keep these basic items in mind to stay yourself safe:

 Learn about and research the trail.

 Mark the trail in your phone and calculate your period

 Tell someone you trust that you’re out on a trek.

Above all, always trust your gut instinct. While most short (day) treks are going to be an exquisite, carefree experience, you would possibly still feel confused sometimes or feel in danger of getting lost. It’s better to only return to your home base if something feels off. Solo hiking and trekking are awesome! But always do so responsibly.

Consider Using Apps Like Couchsurfing

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Couchsurfing may be a great app for a first-time solo traveller. First, it relieves the anxiety of not having any friends while travelling solo. With Couchsurfing, you immediately have a replacement friend who can show you around.

Second, Couchsurfing is free! If you’re on a budget and need to lower costs, this app may be a great option, but remember that Couchsurfing isn’t a free hotel; the expectation is that you simply will interact together with your host and make a cultural exchange.

A third reason why Couchsurfing is superb for a first-time solo traveller is that you simply get insider recommendations on what to try to form an area. You don’t necessarily get to have an idea when arriving during a city because you’ll ask your host for suggestions on what to ascertain and do.

If you’re nervous about staying with a stranger, many cities even have Couchsurfing events, so you’ll still use the web site to satisfy new people.

 Make Friends With Fellow Solo Travelers On Facebook Groups

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I think the most important deterrent to solo travel is fear, and understandably so. If you’ve never travelled solo 1,000,000 various things run through your head: “Will I be safe? Will I be lonely? Will I meet people I can talk to?”

Those are the items I assumed and that they made me feel anxious. So my biggest tip for solo travellers to is do something which will calm that fear and anxiety: join Facebook groups for solo travellers!

Know When And Where To Exchange Your Money

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Before heading out on a visit, many travellers wait until they’re at the airport to exchange their money without realizing what proportion money they’re losing by doing it this manner. There are a couple of belongings you can do to make sure a far better rate of exchange (and extra money in your pocket!), regardless of where you enter the planet.

  1. Attend Your Own Bank

It’s always an honest idea to go to your local bank and exchange some money to possess on-hand for necessary things upon arrival at your destination – like food, immediate transportation or any emergencies. Banks have access to the best/most current exchange rates and typically charge fewer fees than exchange bureaus. Some bigger banks will even sell foreign currency at an area branch.

  1. Local Currency ATM

Depending on your bank’s terms for international ATM fees, this might be your best choice.

  1. Travel Reward Credit Cards

Many credit cards provide incredible travel rewards and benefits.

Taking A Walking Tour On Your First Day

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Travelling alone for the primary time are often nerve-wracking. They take you around the heart of where the action is, offer you a touch of history, but most significantly show you belongings you should visit.


Always reach Your Destination During The Day

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As a solo traveller, I always confirm I do certain things to form life easier. one among those things is usually trying to reach my new destination during the day.

Take a gaggle Tour

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Some destinations are tougher than others to travel solo. The destinations where the conveyance isn’t that well organized and accommodation are usually not that well advertised on internet sites, the right thanks to travelling these countries was to hitch a gaggle tour.

Many first-time solo travellers join group tours to African destinations since it’s often how to ascertain tons during a short amount of your time and obtain to places that you simply usually wouldn’t reach by yourself.

I can highly recommend group tours to everyone who may be a bit anxious for his or her first solo trip.

Book a minimum of Your First Night Of Accommodation

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I’ve heard stories of travellers exposure during a new, exotic destination without knowing where they’d stay and happening upon an excellent place.

Having accommodation booked beforehand allows you to confidently disembark from the plane or train and walk with purpose within the direction of your hostel or hotel.

Additionally, if you arrive late in the dark you’ll prearrange transportation so you’re not wandering a replacement city after dark with all of your luggage.

Join A PUB Crawl to urge Out On The Town

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The best thanks to meet people was to hitch a tour at one among the hostels within the city. You don’t need to be staying there to hitch (though it does help when returning at the top of the night), and you’ll find many other solo travellers.

It also can help to buddy up with someone on the tour. Either find another solo traveller or join a gaggle and make yourself known, because these people will typically look out for you as the night goes on. Most of all, have some fun with it! you’ll just find someone to explore the town with you subsequent day.

Print Out Or Bring A Physical Map

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One thing to observe out for though, Google Maps is usually incorrect. While you’re out exploring, concentrate on the road signs and landmarks so you get to understand your way around and you’ll feel easier and assured as a solo traveller.

Always Do Your Research Before Your Trip

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Finding out the eleventh hour that the transport you needed to urge to a different city didn’t run thereon day, or that attractions were closed once you show up at the door, can throw your plans into chaos and magnify the strain of travelling first-time solo.

Different countries and cultures have different takes on weekends and holidays and I’d recommend checking on whether there are special operating hours on certain days of the week or the year before your trip.

Have Additional Tools And Resources Ready If Needed

Before I head to a replacement place to explore alone, there’s one thing I always do first, and that’s research, research, research.

 How am I getting from the airport to my accommodations?

 What’s the general public transit system like?

 Are credit cards widely accepted or will I want cash?

 If cash is required, will my open-end credit work there? (I had to seek out this last one out the hard way while visiting cash-only bed and breakfast in Iceland!)

Being in unfamiliar territory, while exciting and wonderful, also can be a touch jarring, and it’s grounding to be ready to desire you’ve got a handle on your surroundings.

In the case that (heaven forbid) something goes wrong, you’ll have the tools and knowledge (from things like downloaded offline Google maps to a translation app and therefore the appropriate sort of foreign currency), at your disposal to handle things calmly and efficiently.

Join A Food Tour to seek out Fellow Foodies

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A great alternative to dining alone is to hitch a food tour. A food tour gives you the prospect to satisfy local people (your guide) and fellow travellers also as try much tasty local food

Trying a spread of various foods on a food tour takes this worry away because it doesn’t matter if you don’t like one thing – you would possibly love the next!

Hopefully, the following pointers left you feeling excited and assured about your upcoming trip!

Solo travel is never as scary because it sounds, especially once you take the time to adequately plan and anticipate bumps within the road. Travelling alone for the primary time is exhilarating, boosts your self-esteem, teaches you to trust your intuition, and helps you explore the planet in new and alternative ways.

Instead of being scared of being alone on the road, enjoy all the liberty and choices you’ll be ready to make! you’ll learn more about yourself from one trip alone than you would possibly expect. Embrace the journey and obtain ready for the experience of a lifetime.

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