Transportation and Travel

“Necessity is the mother of invention”; psychologically, man has always wanted to extend control and supremacy over the fellow beings for which he traveled across boundaries. Travelling opened new possibilities and got the men on the move connected. They were able to share not just ideas but the essence of everyday life, they grew diverse in culture and were exposed to newer traditions and relations.

As the bonding between the Earth people grew stronger, they were able to coexist which made life easier. They shared ideas from literature to food and culture which enriched not just the standards but also the will to enrich grew bolder. As years passed, the Earth took its take on this on changing its course making traveling harder across landmasses creating an astringent necessity for easy modes of transport.

Necessity made them propel faster and harder towards achieving the goal of not just faster but also mightier and stronger means of transport. It was more of an essential factor than a leisure factor back then, the transport was now the deciding factor of the prosperity and growth of a nation.

Initial Means of Transportation

The first-ever mode of transportation after the foot was the use of domestic animals such as donkeys and horses which could carry the load effectively and could travel long distances at ease and tirelessly. The revolution came along with the invention of the concept of wheels. In no time, wheels were everywhere in everything staring from irrigation to pottery and this can be taken as the aftereffects or byproducts of the prosperity in the transportation field. 

Change is inevitable, variations and developments have brought us to where we stand today. Science and development have brought booming changes and the growth is just exponential. Traveling around the globe was once fantasy but now we have made it a reality. The modes of transport are fast, efficient and reliable and first of all, satisfy the purpose. 

We haven’t stopped yet, we are endlessly in search of newer means of transportation incorporated with technology. 

Positives of traveling

Travelling connects and becomes the bridge that unites and unifies the varied and diverse cultures and practices of different people on this planet. We learn the best of our ways, we admire, correlate, and derive better practices by getting exposure to others from around the globe.

What we sow; so we reap, the culture and heritage we harvest are taken down to the next generation so it is really necessary that we share not just ideas but also our ways of doing things. Sharing intellect strengthens bonding and brings about the sense of unity showing that we stand as the Earth people.

We should have open minds that are ready to accept others’ methods of doing things without any predefined image, prejudices, or stereotypes; there’s always a scope for betterment if we learn to accept the fact that there’s always something better than what we think is better. Through ages, we have grown in diversity starting from food culture to study pattern, every version has its own pros and cons. Therefore, learning to adapt the pros and living with the cons hand in hand requires prerequisite knowledge in terms of experience which is procured only through exposure. The source of exposure lies in traveling.

Applied knowledge procured:

Travelling provides one the scope to learn, one gets exposed to financial, economic, social challenges providing exposure and experience to tackle real-life scenarios. The mental strength and agility to foresee the crisis and terminate beforehand are the wits these exposures have to offer.

Travelling also provides room to permanently erase the fear that has been strongly written within, fear is not be feared upon but to be neglected to overcome. Getting used to modern sciences and machinery takes nothing but living along with the change to experience and get used to it gradually. 

Traveling with family and friends strengthens the bonding and makes space for love, peace, and scope to replenish and leave behind the hassles of the tiring routine of modern city life to think effectively and tact efficiently.

Learning to share, care, and taking responsibility for somebody or something is all essence of leadership qualities one persues through traveling.

One learns to admire the true essence of nature and develops a sense of free spirit and eco-friendliness. 

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