Top Travel Instagram Accounts To Follow In 2020

Has it been a long day so far? And you are tired of your 9 to 6 corporate job! Don’t know what you are doing with your life and need some serious ‘daily dose of motivation! Then Instagram is the perfect place to turn to and going through the profiles of these Top Travel Instagram Accounts To Follow In 2020 would give you some serious travel goals. As you scroll through their pics you would know that they lead a life out of a backpack, explore the world like a local and are more than happy doing it.

While these travel bloggers share their experiences through their catchy writeups, they also weave a wonderful kaleidoscope with the lively picture describing the best of places and experiences they came across. Take a sneak peek at these mighty Instagram handles and treat yourself to some daily dose of awesomeness. Here is the following list:

The Top Travel Instagram Accounts To Follow In 2020

 1. @thehimalayantravelgroup

Image Shared by thehimalayantravelgroup

The Himalayan Travel Group is a one-stop-shop for all your Himalayan Travel needs. They connect you with their verified Operators in the different regions of the Himalayas from the Indus to the Brahmaputra. Whether its a Mountaineering Expedition or an arduous Trek or a Birding Trip or just a hop into the Mountains to get away from it all, They do everything for you.

Image Shared by thehimalayantravelgroup

On their Platform, they would find a range of Operators from different Regions of the Himalayas offering a different range of Himalayan adventures.

2. @kinnaurtourism

Image Posted by kinnaurtourism

Indian travel Instagram blogger Kinnaur Tourism, that spends their days adventuring throughout the Himachal Pradesh majorly. With a focus on travel, Instagram features posts of its endless adventures.

Image Source

By creating a consistent theme with their dynamic preset filters, Kinnaur Instagram is a beautiful array of stunning, sharp, and colourful images that all tell a story of the beauty of the Himachal especially Kinnaur.

Image Source

In addition to their gorgeous travel shots, Kinnaur promotes a healthy lifestyle with their perfect photos and stories.

Kinnaur tourism’s posts show how easy it is to reach your audience with carefully selected Instagram travel hashtags like “#India and #kinnaur, clever captions, and a clear photo with a picturesque view

In addition to using the right Instagram travel hashtags and posting clever travel Instagram captions, They use contests to garner even more engagement.

3. @Travellerzpoint

Travellerspoint brings together a community of people who love to travel. They offer a free platform where you can map out your upcoming travels and organise them into a travel plan, create your own travel blog, browse wiki travel guides, book your accommodation, discuss plans in forums and more.

Image Posted by Travellerzpoint

I found Travellerzpoint’s Instagram very recently and made an impact on me. Its one of those accounts you can’t stop scrolling down.

Image Posted by Travellerzpoint

A hub of drop-dead amazing travel photos is what’s garnered this key Instagram influencer community. Beautiful Destinations that chronicle the worlds most beautiful things, from hotels to apparel to cuisine–and puts them all at your fingertips to lust over. Their main account is what has us captivated for hours on end; we cannot get enough of the various places to go, and stunning things to see their network of talented photographers have captured.

4. Murad Osmann, @muradosmann

One of the most popular travel blogs on Instagram belongs to the wonderful duo of Murad and Nataly Osmann.

Image Posted by Muradosmann

The Russia based traveller cum photographer travels with his wife around the world and the couple is an inspiration for every aspiring travel couple across the globe.

Image Posted by Muradosmann

Murad and Nataly’s famous series “Follow Me To” made the headlines after the pictures from their series went viral in 2012. Yes, this couple make travel goals for you!

5. @LokitheWolfdog

Image Posted by Lokithewolfdog

The Instagram handle is (co)-owned by Kelly Lund from Colorado and his 2-year-old wolfdog. Charming as the wolfdog appears, equally intriguing are his exploits. A hybrid of Siberian husky, Malamute, and Arctic Wolf, Loki has a wonderful mentor in Kelly and together they epitomise friendship!

Image Posted by Lokithewolfdog

As the adorable buddies roam around in the outdoors, Kelly captures the best moments of Loki. They certainly are a force in the sphere of travel blogging today. Read more about Loki and Kelly’s travel exploits here!

6. @TaraMilkTea

Image Posted by TaraMilkTea

 Fashion, food, and travel! That’s all this Asian-Australian blogger. She has already won hearts with her remarkable presence on Instagram and keeps raising the bar for the competing bloggers with her stunning pics taken in some of the most striking places on earth.

Image Posted by TaraMilkTea

When it comes to perfectly timed pictures there’s hardly anyone on the internet that can compete with Tara. Her love for varieties of food delicacies makes her travel and it’s the other way around as well!

 7. @DoYouTravel

Image Posted by DoYouTravel

 The story of Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen is nothing less than a fairy tale. The adorable couple is in their mid-20s and already have millions of followers on Instagram. The two travel bloggers met only last year in Fiji and ever since then they have been travelling together. 20 countries so far!

Image Posted by DoYouTravel

Only to give you more reasons to envy, the couple charges a six-figure salary for every Instagram posts they publish on their handle. Already thinking about quitting your desk job? Wait, finish this article first!  

8. @Ronnie_and_barty

Rohan Thakur aka Ronnie and Bharati Bahrani aka Barty went on a journey and captured it, weaved into a travelogue, and presented it to the world in the form of the web series Way Back Home. Ronnie is not only a traveller but also a director and writer. His most famous stint in films is, perhaps, being a camera operator on Neerja.

Image Posted by Ronnie_and_Barty

He has also worked for Hollywood movie Beyond the Known World as a photographer, apart from directing my favourite, Way Back Home. Rohan hails from Manali in Himachal Pradesh. After working for 8 years in the film industry, his focus now is to create video content for the Internet and TV. That means more cool travelling series in the making, and that makes me very happy.

Barty used to work at Shoelace Productions and the creative person who, along with Ronnie, has filmed the series Way Back Home.

Image Posted by Ronnie_and_Barty

Facebook: Bharati Bahrani You can often figure out that she is behind the camera, hear a word or two occasionally from her. Barty has vast experience in scripting and she has worked with biggies of Bollywood in several films as script supervisor. She has also worked as an assistant director with Phantom.

The two travellers now run their own little company called Ronnie and Barty—A Mountain Film Co. You can find a range of their travel videos on their YouTube channel. They recently released their travelogue, Soul Trails—Life in between Manali and Leh.

The travelling duo goes by the handle @ronnie and barty on Instagram.

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Social media is full of life, fun, and beauty. And when you start looking for travel pics of these travel bloggers, you already know that you must consider travelling as a full-time profession sooner!

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