Tokyo: The Art of Travel

Tokyo is the city of towering skylines. Skyscrapers stand in stark contrast with its brilliant blue sky. The capital of Japan, Tokyo keeps all the best in the country to itself. The city is full of malls, multicuisine restaurants, and beautiful galleries and monuments. Traveling through the city is made easy by its efficient transportation.

We bring to you the best of Tokyo, both in modernity and historicity:


Tochō is the local name for Tokyo’s most important building

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.

The architecture of the building is very interesting. The building is 48 stories tall but split in the middle at around the halfway mark. This gives the structure the look of a Gothic Cathedral. The tower is built in the most chique style, but this factor makes it interesting to visitors. 

The Tochō is the center of the Tokyo government. Tourists can climb atop the towers to witness the beauty of an aerial view of Shinjuku. On clear days, visitors can also glimpse Mt. Fuji to the west.

Tokyo Imperial Palace

The Tokyo Imperial Palace forms the historic heart of the capital

The Palace is not just one building. It covers a staggering amount of land and gardens in the center of the city.

The Tokyo Imperial Palace is residence of the Emperor of Japan. Most of the grounds of the palace are open to the public.

Tourists can spend a relaxing evening strolling around the gardens of the palace. Visitors can also walk along the cherry tree-lined lanes.

Boating services are also available for tourists in the palace moat.

Tokyo Tower

The Tokyo Tower is the Eiffel of the East

It is one of the tallest towers in the world. The bright orange structure of the Tokyo Tower stands apart from the rest of the city. It has become a major tourist attraction in the country.

The tower is used mostly for communication and broadcasting. Tourists flock to the tower to climb atop its observation deck. The view from the top of the Tokyo Tower is unparalleled. The whole of the city is visible from the top of the tower.

Tourists can head to the Tokyo Tower to witness Japanese architecture and development at its best.


The Akihabara district is an important tourist attraction in the Chiyoda Ward of Tokyo

Akihabara shows a different and popular side of the Japanese. Tourists go to the district to witness the tech and anime culture of Japan.

The Akihabara is known as an electronic district of Japan.

If you’re looking to buy premium gadgets or understand the anime culture of Japan, you can’t miss the Akihabara district.

Shibuya Crossing

From a distance, the Shibuya Crossing looks like the Times Square

The crossing is an area of the capital that never goes to sleep. The place is swarming with restaurants, malls, shops, and bars. Tourists flock to the crossing to indulge in the modern side of the city.

The crossing is filled with people at all times. It has become a popular representation of the city of Tokyo.

You should visit the Shibuya Crossing if you’re looking to go on a shopping spree. Many world-class restaurants also operate out of this area. Shibuya is a popular culture hotspot.

Large neon signs loom overhead, and souvenir shops sell everything from anime shirts to LED screens. Shibuya Crossing cannot be missed for the world.

Meiji Shrine

The Meiji Shrine is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Tokyo

The shrine is important for locals and visitors alike. It forms the cultural axis of the capital. The shrine is built in the Shinto Ward. It is built as a homage to Emperor and Empress Meiji. The ruler is respected across the country for bringing about the Meiji Revolution.

Tourists can walk on the sprawling grounds of the Shrine. One can also enjoy the relics in the Meiji Museum and Treasure Museum. If you’re looking for a peaceful rendezvous with Japanese culture, head down the Meiji shrine. Tokyo is a living, breathing city filled with many treasures. Tourists should visit this Oriental capital for its modernity and beauty

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