The Navratna Precautions : 9 great tips to make you the perfect traveler

As a fellow Traveller, the worst thing that can happen to you is a scam. From rickshawallas charging you more to getting bad accommodation, travel pet peeves are a real thing.

We understand how frustrating it can be so fear not.

Read along for the top 10 precautions you need to keep in mind when traveling.

1. Keep your passport and Documents always with you.

The most important thing you have when you travel is your passport, especially abroad.
Make sure it is well accounted for and always in your sight.
While most people are helping you must never ever trust someone with your important documents like travel insurance, tickets , etc.

If you want to go to the restroom or have some work. You can use a mini sack or purse to store all these and keep them with yourself even if you have to go somewhere.

2. Understand local rates

Be it the local bhaiyya at the rickshaw stand or a hired taxi in a new city, chances of you getting duped by these drivers are still high. So make sure you go through the local rates in the area you are visiting. This includes per km charges or in some places per mile charges. This will help you calculate rough amounts when you travel. If this is too tiring simply download any app like OLA for local travel or UBER for abroad travel and use these to hire cabs. This will also additionally ensure your safety and security.

3. The super important FIRST AID KIT

You are traveling and you never know when something might befall you. It is possible that you catch a cold or catch a slight fever. Or you might even get hurt if you are trekking. So, it is always safer to carry a first aid kit as necessary. This can include basics like –

1. Food poisoning medicine
2. Crocin
3. Cotton swabs

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Additionally, you can also carry necessary medicines especially as per the area you are visiting. For eg, if going to Rajasthan, carry medicine for heatstroke, if you are going to cold areas carry a portable hot water electric bag. Moreover, carry all your recommended medicines in a little bit of excess, like diabetic medicines, or BP medicines.

4. Try forming local connections –

This will help you a lot in exploring and finding the best places to visit. They can also ensure that you travel safely and in the right places. But make sure that this person can really be trusted.
The best bet for this is your hotel receptionist or manager. Especially keep this in mind if you are traveling solo.
Try not trusting strangers or you might end up in an unwanted pickle sometimes.

5. Carry fewer valuables –

Do not carry that gold chain if it’s not needed. When traveling try to ensure that you carry the least valuable stuff possible. This will help minimize your soul even if your luggage gets misplaced. If some stuff is unavoidable only then do you carry it. Some basic valuable necessities are mobiles, chargers, laptops, and headphones. But even then try to cut out unnecessary valuables like an extra charger or that Bluetooth speaker.

6. Keep secret pockets handy

This is in case of the worst-case scenario. If you do get robbed chances are all your cellphone and documents are also gone. In such a case the worst thing that can happen is being left with no cash to pay for a cab to the local police station. So try keeping secret pockets in your clothes. Try incorporating a secret chain on the inside of your jeans. Store about 1000-2000 INR in it or amount worth that much in the local currency. It is also possible sometimes that your purse got stolen. So also keep a secret chain in your luggage. Most backpacks have secret chains inside the compartments. Try buying such bags and store cash in this place too. Because as they say, you can never be too careful.

7. Carry an emergency card –

This card will come handy in case something befalls you. Suppose you get lost when traveling you might panic and start hyperventilating. At such times, it is very difficult to think calmly. At this time, such a card comes handy. Write the following details on it-
1. Your full name
2. Your phone number (along with international code)
3. Emergency Contact
4. Local consulate number
This will help you give some clarity about whom to call. Also in case you are hurt and someone tries to help you, they will know whom to contact in case of emergency.

8. Keep a close one informed

Whenever you go backpacking ensure that someone knows your entire travel plan. This can be a parent, boyfriend, wife, or a close friend. Also, send them your itinerary if possible and ensure they get it. This will help someone keep track of you all the time. This is extremely important if you are going to travel alone or even as a group through remote areas. Try calling once in two days so they know you are safe.

9. Explore local cuisines carefully

This is very important because not all cuisines are suited to the Indian palate. Vegetarians should always be more careful when eating in foreign countries. This does not mean that you don’t eat the local food since it is one of the best experiences of traveling. But just try food from trusted places after consulting your local manager.

So, with this, we end the Navratna of traveling safely. We hope you have a safe and happy journey.

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