The “Little Tibet” of India: Ladakh

This autonomous region is also called “little Tibet” . Similar to Tibet in its culture and traditions it can be called one of the most beautiful places to visit in not just India, but the entire world.

The third region of the great state of Jammu and Kashmir, it is one of the most wonderful places and every traveler’s delight. We have compiled 10 topmost places to visit while here.

1. Magnetic hill

This hill is a magic hill, literally. It defies the laws of motion you learned so painstakingly in school. Watch in wonder as your vehicle drives against the laws of Gravity.

Park your car at a location which is pointed at the start. Then just leave your ignition on and watch your vehicle move upwards at a speed of 10-20 km/hr.

2. Pangong Lake

This beautiful lake was featured in a very famous movie : 3 idiots. Remember the last scene when they reunite near a large blue water body, this was the exact location where it was shot.

All movie buffs should visit this lake to experience what all the cast must have felt. An unprecedented sense of calm and happiness right in the middle of nowhere.

3. Kargil

Pay a tribute to our brave Jawaans fighting on the borders by visiting this region. Set at the LOC, you might require a permit to visit the innermost areas but you can still visit the place as a salute to all those Bravehearts who sacrificed their lives here during the Indo-Pak war in 1999.

4. Shanti Stupa

This peaceful Buddhist monastery can be visited by soul seekers and wanderers. Purify yourself by coming here and meditating for a while. Find spiritual cam and peace at this famous stupa.

Other than this Stupa, there are various other monasteries dotting the landscape of this beautiful region. Enjoy some soul searching by staying here with young monks and old saints.

5. Hemis National Park

If you love to have jungle safaris, then this is the right place for you. Especially known for housing the Rare Snow Leopard, this is a must-visit to gaze at this majestic creature.

It will also prove a great destination to visit with family and children. Have fun trying to spot this white beauty in the snow-capped landscape and mountains.

6. Zanskar valley

This beautiful valley located near to Ladakh is truly a wonderful sight. It is semi-arid area which means it is like a desert. But it does not look arid or lifeless.

With hills and mountains on one side, it is flanked by beautiful water bodies on the other side. Sparkling clear rivers flow through this valley making it a picturesque location for real.

7. Chadar Trek

All the adventure enthusiasts should surely undergo this trek at least once in their lifetime. Watch your steps carefully as you go trekking on the beautiful mountains and hills.

Make sure you get a little training course and proper trekking gear before attempting this thrilling climb. Mountaineering is also available for the true adventurers.

8. Tso Kar

We have all heard of Freshwater lakes, but have you ever seen a saltwater lake. This beautiful lake in Ladakh is one of the few salt water lakes you can visit.

It is also called as the white lake because it leaves white salt deposits on its banks. Though considered one of the smallest in the Ladakh region, it is still huge and worth a visit.

9. Zanskar River

This river in the valley is a great spot for some river rafting. Enjoy this amazing sport in these chilly waters for added thrill and excitement. Rafting is a joyful experience indeed.

leh in summer
Beautiful landscape of Leh in summer season

This will especially be fun if you are going as a bunch of friends on a Bike expedition. Have the time of your lives and create some unforgettable and beautiful memories.

10. Dah and Hanu villages

These understated villages are a must-visit to get the real feel. One of the last remaining homes of the Dongpa tribe, visit these locations to feel Ladakh in its true soul.

The locals are friendly and you might even make a friend. Relish some real local flavors and look at the amazing traditions and cultures of this old tribe of India.

This brings us to an end to the list of places to visit and things to do at the little Tibet of India. Do not forget to have a try at actual, traditional momos and thupka soups when you visit!

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