The Green land of Mahabaleshwar.

Mahabaleshwar is yet another weekend getaway destination for all the Mumbaikars. It’s just 175 miles away from Mumbai and a must-visit spot for every Mumbaikar. Mahabaleshwar is basically a hill town which is well known for its high majestic peaks, narrow streams, rivers, magnificent views, etc. Mahabaleshwar is also famous for its strawberries. One can find really fresh strawberries and enjoy the strawberry gardens and have fresh cream strawberry shakes. Mahabaleshwar is a hill station located in the Western Ghats, in Satara district of Maharashtra. The best time to visit this place is usually winter because they can enjoy the chilly cool climate which isn’t found in Mumbai. One can go during summers too because the climate here isn’t extreme. For all the rain lovers rainy season is the best time because Mahabaleshwar experiences heavy rainfall.

Must visit places in Mahabaleshwar-

1]Krishnabai Temple-

This temple is located behind the Panchganga temple. There is a small way that leads to this temple. This temple is pretty secluded and a lot of people don’t know about this but it’s a pretty temple and a must-visit spot according to me. It consists of a Shiv linga and a beautiful temple of Lord Krishna. This temple is built on hilltops overlooking the Krishna valley. The temple has gathered algae and moss on its ruins. But it is definitely worth a visit. It has some magnificent exquisite view.

2]Elephant point-

Elephant’s Point is famous for the beauty and peace that one gets by being there. One can come here sit in peace enjoy the greenery and the calm away from the hassle full city life. This point has been named elephant point because of the elephant face like rock formation which is visible here. This is one of the most visited tourist spots in Mahabaleshwar. And is always filled with tourists no matter what. This point is a must-visit point. It is breathtaking.

3]Chinamans falls-

Named after a Chinese man in the vicinity this waterfall is one of the most significant and most beautiful falls in the city. It is said that if one goes to Mahabaleshwar and doesn’t go to this waterfall his trip is incomplete. This is a perfect holiday spot with epic and beautiful views.

4]Wilson point-

This plateau is probably the best place to start your day off. This area has some breathtaking views. One can watch the sunrise from any of the three points here. This point also happens to be one of the highest spots in the hilltop town of Mahabaleshwar.

5]Venna lake-

Venna lake is a scenic human-made lake. Which is really a must visit place in Mahabaleshwar. One can do use rowboats and paddle boats to get a better experience of the lake. Other than that there are small rides for kids and one can also go for horse riding. They can find some really tasty chaat food here like Corn, bhelpuri and fresh fruits like mulberries, strawberries and carrots. This lake is just walking distance from the market .

6]Mahabaleshwar temple-

Located just 6 km away from the city the Mahabaleshwar temple is a huge tourist attraction. It is said that this temple was made during the 16th century by the Marathas. The temple is extremely popular among the Hindus, as Lord Shiva is the presiding deity here. It is a really picturesque temple. Other than that the main attraction here is the 6 feet tall Shiva lingam. Mahabaleshwar Temple is quintessential of the authentic Hemadant architectural style of South India.

7]Shopping in Mahabalsshwar-

One can buy fresh strawberries and raspberries from this town. One can buy various freshly made syrups, jams, jellies from the Mapro garden. Other than that one can find Kolhapuri chappals, blankets, leather items, handicrafts, etc from the main bazaar at an extremely cheap rate.

Other than that places one can visit-

8] Arthurs seat
9]Elphinstone point
10] Panchgani
11] Connaught peak
12] Lingmala falls
And a lot more this is definitely a place every nature junkie can visit or people living in the city of Mumbai and Pune who are just tired from the city hassle can visit. This is a budget destination for everyone. And highly recommended .

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