The Grand Canyon, Arizona – Everything You Need to Know

The surface of the Earth is very vast and vivid and is distinctive from place to place. The glorious natural wonder on Earth, the Grand Canyon, is said to be naturally formed due to the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The place holds the tag of one of the beloved destination that almost everyone has on their bucket list. There are many Canyons around the world but Grand Canyon is the grandest of all!

Why is the Canyon out of the ordinary?

The matchless vista of the cascading colorful layers of rocks, which is carved by the Colorado River over the past thousands of years. It all started when the rocks started eroding and formed layers of the deposits. Scientists claim that there are enough evidence to prove the human dwelling in and around the Canyon that dates back to around 1200 years ago. The Canyon is still believed to be a sacred place to 12 native American tribes.

The Canyon is 446 Km long, 29 Km wide and 1.6 Km deep. It is so long because of the river that passes through it and the depth is attributable to the rainfall. Colorado River is about 100 m wide. The place is deemed to be phenomenal for the reason that one can find a mixed environment here. From the tall and dense Fir Forest to dry and hot desert to a wild and vast landscape is a series of spectacular scenery.

Where to start from?

There are 4 rims, named after the directions they are located. Most visitors arrive at South Rim, few arrive at North Rim and very few actually drop down below the Rim. For every 1000 feet descend there is an increase in temperature of about 3-5 degrees Fahrenheit. At the river edge, it is 25-30 degrees warmer. In the landscape, the environment is more like a desert and the plants that have adapted to the temperature are found here like cacti and black brush. Near the Colorado River, you will encounter Riparian habitat. 

To reach the Colorado River and climb all the way back to the Rim, the recommended time is 2 days and an overnight stay at Phantom Ranch. A mule ride that has to be booked well in advance takes up to 6 hours. The place is well protected and the area is roadless in order to preserve nature. The Canyon has never failed to provide visitors the best spectacle of the landscapes they have ever come across. Camping while descending down to the edge of the river has to be informed and taken prior permission from the Backcountry office.

The cantilever bridge located in the West area is horseshoe-shaped and is a walkway at eagle point. The breathtaking view of the Canyon from the glass bridge is just priceless. Grand Canyon Railway provides the visitors a ride from Williams, Arizona, and South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. 

Sunrise and Sunset 

Locations to witness the sunrise at its best are Powell and Hopi and the perfect place to view the sunset would be Mojave and Pima. These points are easily accessible by on-road red line shuttle. During the months of March to November, cars are prohibited from permit road.


Souvenir Shopping 

The best recommended place for the shopping is the Roadside stand on Tribal land, 64 East on Navajo reservation. 

Here you can find everything from tourist gifts to native made art. Shopping always gives a completion touch to any travel!

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