The Best Road Trips In India For Your Bucket List

Road trips are perhaps the simplest thanks to satiate your looking for adventure and escape monotony. To simply close up your bags, begin your engines, and whiz away is that the best quite break you’ll get from stress and drama. Here’s an inventory of The Best Road Trips In India For Your Bucket List that you simply strongly got to absorb order to urge an opportunity from monotony.

Best Road Trips In India

We all crave for a road trip, quitting our daily routine. But we often just keep planning and never go. This is the list of Best road trip that you simply can take from India and satisfy your wanderlust. So we hope that the abundance and variety of options will finally motivate you to leave your office desks and go wheeling.

1. Delhi To Manali To Leh: Every Biker’s First Love

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A road trip within the Himalayas will always be amid gorgeous landscapes wherever you look. The Delhi-Manali-Leh road trip is one among the simplest road trips in India and an absolutely enthralling journey to require . Though the roads may get a touch treacherous and tricky on your thanks to Leh, the awesome scenic beauty makes up for it. It is a road trip every daring traveler must take.

Time: 25 hours

Distance: 1,019 kms

National Highway: NH 1 & NH 21

Where To Eat: Have an early breakfast at Murthal. Eat at Sukhdev’s dhaba on the way for some butter loaded stuffed paranthas or you could stop by McDonald’s, Barista, Subway, or Haveli.

Where To Stay: Take a stopover at Bilaspur while traveling from Delhi to Manali. From Manali to Leh, you could spend a night at Circuit houses in Lahaul Valley.

2. Mumbai To Goa: Dil Chahta Hai Vibes

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If you loved the reel road trip, you’ll love the real version even more! It is preferred you take the Pune-Kolhapur Route as it is a safer, the smoother road in case you’re traveling by car. For the more adventurous ones, traveling with friends on a motorcycle seeking scenic great thing about the Western Ghats, & lesser toll booths along the way, take the Chiplun-Ratnagiri Route that gets rocky, tricky and narrow at many places. While on the Chiplun-Ratnagiri route, you can also check out the Karnal Bird Sanctuary. The best time to require this road trip is between December and January.

Time: 10 hours 41 minutes (via the Pune-Kolhapur Route) & 11 hours 52 minutes (via the Chiplun-Ratnagiri Konkan route)

Distance: 590 kms (via the Pune-Kolhapur Route) & 577 kms (via the Chiplun-Ratnagiri Konkan route)

National Highway: NH 4 or NH 66

Where To Eat: Various restaurants at Satara & Kolhapur if you’re on NH 4, and Chiplun

Where To Stay: Hotels at Kolhapur and Chiplun

3. Jaipur To Ranthambore: Royal Land To Royal Beast

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One can enjoy beautiful views of the mustard fields and picturesque villages like Balsi & Lalsot on this road trip. It is one among the foremost popular road trips in India, as huge numbers of individuals flock to the Ranthambore park to identify a tiger or two. The roads are during a decent condition, though one might experience uneven roads for a mere stretch of 20-25 km on the journey. One can take the route via Tonk to avoid the rough road. The best time to take this road trip is between October and June, as the Park is closed for the rest of the time.

Time: 3 hours 14 minutes

Distance: 158 kms

National Highway: Jaipur-Kota road highway

Where To Eat: variety of outlets and dhabas available on the way.

Where To Stay: NA

4. Guwahati To Tawang: Monks, Mountains & Morning Prayer

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The road trip offers breathtaking views of snow-clad mountains and allows you to witness the marvels of the Buddhist culture within the North-East. Driving up the winding paths on the hills requires skill and experience. The best time to take this road trip is between March and October, like the rest of the time the roads may be blocked due to snow.

Time: 14 hours 27 minutes

Distance: 566 kms

National Highway: NH 52 & NH 229

Where To Eat: Shops and stalls offering momos, Maggi, and tea along the way.

Where To Stay: Budget hotels at Tezpur

5. Ahmedabad To Kutch: A Stretch Of White Horizons

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The stunning white landscapes, the barren desert for miles and beyond, and therefore the color contrasts of the local population over it might definitely make your road trip worthwhile. The roads are in a fine condition, though one must try and leave for Kutch early in the morning to avoid traffic-choked roads. One must surely visit the ass Sanctuary and therefore the nearby Hodko village to shop for local handicrafts. The best time to require this road trip is between October and March. Try to come at a time so that you can witness the full moon at Kutch.

Time: 7 hours 32 minutes

Distance: 454 kms

National Highway: NH 8A

Where To Eat: variety of outlets and dhabas available on the way.

Where To Stay: Regenta Resort, Click Hotel, and Hotel Raj Mahal

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Already restless?

Don’t just keep sitting there now that you know of all the awesome road trips in India. Pack your bags and ride away from your angry boss when planning a vacation in India somewhere. But don’t forget to tell us in your comments below where you’re riding off to first.

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