The Best of Himalayas

The Himalayas are one of the biggest and tallest mountain ranges in the subcontinent. With the two tallest peaks in the world, the Himalayan mountains are beautiful, ruthless and adventurous. They stretch from northernmost India to the tip of the North East.

This blog brings together the best of the rugged side of the Himalayas. The locations are spread across different states. Here are some destinations across the Himalayas that you should visit:

Kinnaur Valley

Himachal’s serene abode

Kalpa, KinnaurHimachal Pradesh is overrun by tourists throughout the year. Especially tourist destinations like Shimla and Manali witness a substantial level of tourism. But if you want to travel to a much less undiscovered part of Himachal, Kinnaur Valley is the best option. The Kinnaur Valley is one of the least crowded tourist destinations in Himachal.

The Valley is more than 200 Kms from Shimla. It is divided into upper and lower Kinnaur. Lower Kinnaur consists of locations like Sangla, Chitkul and Kalpa. Upper Kinnaur has Chango and Nako as tourist centres to boast of. Reckong Peo forms the administrative axis of the valley.

The valley is full of thick forests, meadows, orchards and cosy hamlets. The Sangla valley is characterized by the Baspa river flowing through it. Major attractions in Sangla consist of the Karcham Dam, Bering Nag temple, Saffron Farm and Kamru fort. Chitkul is one of the most picturesque locations across Kinnaur. It is surrounded by orchards and snow-capped mountains. The Nages temple is Chitkul’s main attraction. Many trekking trails also lead up to the Himalaya from here.

Kalpa is the last village in Kinnaur before the Spiti valley. The magnanimous Kinnaur Kailash peaks gaze into the village. The Roghi and Kothi villages are prominent tourist attractions in Kalpa.

Kinnaur should be on your bucket list if you’re looking for a rejuvenating adventure.

Leh Ladakh

Leh’s ruthless beauty

Pangong Lake, Leh

the image depicts a scenery of pangong lake in leh
pangong lake in leh

Leh Ladakh is one of the most rustic locations in the Himalayas. It is visited by national and international tourists every year. Leh is a centre of Buddhist culture. It is also famous for mountaineering, trekking and other adventure activities.
There are three destinations in Leh that you cannot miss. Choglamsaris a beautiful Tibetan refugee village in Leh. It is known for its carpet weaving industries. The town boasts of a awe striking view of the rugged mountains. Choglamsar is a Buddhist centre, sacred because of the Dalai Lama. Tourists going to Choglamsar should not miss it’s Spituk, Sabu and Sankar monasteries.

The Leh Palace stands like a watchman over Leh. The nine storey building is an important heritage site. The Leh Palace traces the history of Buddha’s life. It was the home to royalty before the construction of the Stok Palace. The Shey Monastery and Palace are situated 15kms away from the city centre. The structure was built in the 16th century. It is a shrine to the Du-Khang. A huge copper statue of the Budhha dominates the skyline.

The adjoining Shey palace boasts of the most visited and biggest stupa in India. It was built by King Deledan. The stupa has a top of pure high-quality gold. Most of Leh Ladakh’s historical treasures are under the ASI conservation. If you want to gain an insight into Buddhist and Tibetan culture, head to Leh.

Spiti Valley

The valley still remains one of the least populated areas of the Himalayas. It is also difficult to access, making it more of a mystery. Spiti stands tall at 35,000 metres. The area is collectively addressed as Lahaul and Spiti. The centres of these places are Keylong and Kaza.

The roads across Spiti are closed for eight months through an year. The tourist season remains very limited. Spiti has a desert landscape and it faces heavy snowfall. The Tabo monastery is Spiti’s main attraction.

It is a beautiful monastery situation at a mountaintop. The Chandrataal Lake, as the name suggests, is a crescent lake. It is one of the highest and most alluring lakes across the continent.

The Tantric Gompa in Komic is one of the tallest Gompas in the world. It is a prominent tourist attraction.
One of Himalayas biggest glacier, the Bara Shigri Glacier, also lies in Spiti.

The Key and Kungri Monasteries are one of the most beautiful monasteries in the Himalayas. Spiti is worth a visit for all those looking for a view of the ruthless, rugged Himalayas. Spiti reintroduces you to human life.

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