The Best And Most Impressive Hiking Trails In The Himalayas

The snow-capped mountains, lush forests, and therefore the rugged landscapes in India have always been the highlight of the thrilling Himalayan adventures. And while it does seem that it costs a fortune to experience the joys that these best Himalayan treks offer, this exhaustive list proves that it’s not in the least true. Whether its the snow-bound peaks of Himachal or the rugged terrains of Uttarakhand, here are The Best And Most Impressive Hiking Trails In The Himalayas that you simply can cross off your bucket list with a budget of just 10k. Don’t believe us? Well then take a look for yourself!

The Best And Most Impressive Hiking Trails In The Himalayas

These Himalayan treks are of all levels and offer a number of the foremost breathtaking views of the mountains. From Himachal to Uttarakhand, these Himalayan treks are definitely something that each trek lover should tick-off. Here’s a fast check out these top Himalayan treks.

1. Chanderkhani Pass Trek – Have A Closer Look At The Himalayas

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Taking you thru the serene village of Malana, Chanderkhani Pass is one among the simplest Himalayan treks. Located in the heart of Kullu, this pass offers one of the most tranquil trails and routes on the way.

Price: Starts from INR 5,000 per person

Elevation: 12,010 ft.

Duration: 5 Days

Best Time To Visit: Mid of June to early October

2. Bagini Glacier Trek – Explore The Gem Of Garhwal Himalayas

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Whether this trek is on your cards of travel horoscope 2017 or not, it can surely get on your bucket list. Located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, this trek will treat your eyes with rich flora, fauna, and a wide range of landscapes that this gorgeous glacier encompasses.

Price: Starts from 9,900 per person

Elevation: 14, 814 ft.

Duration: 8 Days – 7 Nights

Best Time To Trek: May to June

3. Kuari Pass Trek – A Life-Changing Experience

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Considered to be one among the simplest Himalayan treks in India, Kuari Pass trek offers an experience which is beyond your imagination. Right from Joshimath to the highest of Kuari Pass, one can stay assured of encountering the foremost thrilling experiences of their life.

Price: Starts from INR 7,850 per person

Elevation: 12,516 ft.

Duration: 5 Days

Best Time To Visit: November to March

4. Har Ki Dun Trek – Follow The Footsteps Of Pandavas

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Taking you thru ancient villages, serene glaciers, alpine meadows, and lush forests, Har Ki Dun is far-famed to be one among the oldest trekking trails in India. Be able to encounter stags, wild boars, and bears on the way! (if you get lucky)

Price: Starts from INR 9,000 per person

Elevation: 11,675 ft.

Duration: 5 Days

Best Time To Trek: April to June & August to December

5. Kedarkantha Trek – Best Campsite With Million Stars!

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Choose whichever you would like but don’t come from Kedarkantha Trek without camping at one among the foremost stunning campsites ever. Though Juda-Ka-Talab is that the most famous campsite that hones the sweetness of this trek, all the campsites offer stunning views of the Himalayas when the morning light strikes the mountain top.

Price: Starts from INR 7,500 per person

Elevation: 12500 ft.

Duration: 4 Days

Best Time To Trek: December to April

6. Indrahar Pass Trek – A Trail Imagination Is delivered to Life!

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Ever wondered where does the rocky ridge on top of Triund lead one to? Well looks like there’s yet one more haven which happens to be one among the simplest trekking places in India. From Triund, follow the trail to Laka, then to Lahesh Cave, from where you’ll be ready to trek to the awe-inspiring Indrahar Pass.

Price: Starts from INR 5,800 per person

Elevation: 14245 ft.

Duration: 6 Hours

Best Time To Trek: mid-May to June & September to mid-October

7. Dayara Bugyal Trek – Where Trekkers Find Solitude!

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The Himalayan trekking list definitely not complete without this one. Located within the heart of Uttarakhand, Dayara Bugyal could also be a little , and straightforward trek but it’s definitely one among the foremost elegant, picturesque, and therefore the best Himalayan treks in India. Leading you to lush green highlands and alpine meadows, Dayara Bugyal offers breathtaking views of the valley also because of the snow-bound mountains on all sides.

Price: Starts from 7,500 per person

Elevation: 12,000 ft.

Duration: 5-6 Days

Best Time To Trek: May to mid-October & December to February

8. Roopkund Lake Trek – Spotting The 300 Old Human Skeletons

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 Getting chills already? Well, there’s tons more to the present trek aside from the very fact that’s stated within the headline. Whether you’re trying to find hardcore adventure, steep climbs, snow-capped mountains, or lush green meadows, there’s nothing that you simply can’t find on this trek.

Price: Starts from INR 8,500 per person

Elevation: 15,696 ft.

Duration: 8 Days

Best Time To Visit: April to November

9. Rupin Pass – A Double Waterfall Paradise

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This is definitely one among the foremost classic treks of India. It offers some of the most stunning views and that too all of a sudden and changes very often. This is a moderate to difficult trek and one would need to walk a minimum 10 km each day to finally reach it after days.

Price: Starts from INR 6000 per person

Elevation: 15,279 ft.

Duration: 7 Hours

Best Time To Visit: May to June, September to October

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Well, that’s quite an exhaustive list for those who’re looking forward to breaking the monotony and running away to paradise for a much-needed vacation. And if you’ve already selected one, confirm you create your trekking experience more exciting by booking customizable tour packages with Travelllerspoint!


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