Sri Lanka- Exploring The Unknown

One of the most underrated yet beautiful places in the world is the Island Nation Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is very rich in lush green mountains and meadows with some romantic and picturesque landscapes. It is a less visited place but it needs to be recognized as it has some marvelous destinations and a serene environment. This country is very rich in cultural heritage and traditions. It is fulfilled in every aspect specially in terms of greenery and tea gardens. Sri Lanka offers some of the spectacular architectures in terms of temples and other monuments. All this makes Sri Lanka a perfect way to get away for a vacation especially for newlywed couples. Read further to mark some places which will make your vacation a memorable one.

Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya is a hill station in Sri Lanka. Nuwara Eliya is rich in tea plantations, green mountains, and hills with waterfalls which are the main attractions of this site. The management also offers train rides through the city. It is a very nice experience while sitting on the train and enjoying the ride with scenic beauty. The best time to visit Nuwara Eliya is from the month of February to May, It is a must-visit place on the checklist of Sri Lanka.

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

This orphanage is basically dedicated to baby elephants. It is situated almost 13-15 km from Kegalle. In Pinnawala, you can witness the baby elephants which are friendly and cute. This is definitely one of the best views to experience and can be considered the best place in Sri Lanka. It is a fun process to watch the baby elephants carry on their daily activities and their mischiefs. It is definitely attractive to all the tourists.

Adam’s Peak

Adam’s Peak is recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Adam’s Peak is one of the main tourist attractions of Sri Lanka. You have to climb up the peak to experience breathtaking landscapes and the extremely mesmerizing sunrise. The main attraction of Adam’s Peak is the visible footstep of Buddha which is also known as Sri Pada. It is surrounded by a lush green environment and has pleasant weather. It is a must-visit place for anyone with Sri Lanka touring plan.

Yala National Park

If you are a wildlife lover, then Yala National Park is definitely the place for you. You can witness some humungous beasts like a leopard in this national park. It is known as the one big cat paradise. Yala has one of the most beautiful forests with green meadows, grasslands, and a beautiful environment. It is considered one of the best national parks in Sri Lanka and is one of the major tourist attractions. The tour is filled with adventures and thrills. The best time to visit Yala is from the month of February to June.


Columbo, also known as the bustling city of Sri Lanka. It is a beautiful city and has many other tourist attractions like Gangaramaya Temple, Viharadevi Park, Galle Face Green, and many more. It is rich in cultural aspects and people follow their customs and rituals. It is the capital city of Sri Lanka and is a must-visit kind of place for every tourist. You can easily take a stroll in the city and enjoy the environment.

Sri Lanka is one of the best countries if you really want to go on an abroad trip. It is full of natural beauty all around it. This gorgeous island nation is bound to rob your heart and catch your eye at one glance. To make your vacation memorable you have to take these places on your Sri Lanka bucket list.

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