Short Trips for long weekends while in Mysore

Mysore is a town in Karnataka, 145 Km away from Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India.  It’s a peaceful and clean city with beautiful places in and around. This place is rich with royal culture and heritage. It is famous for its magnificent Mysore Palace. However, there are several MNCs such as Infosys, L&T, Wipro, Theorem, etc. Many people come here from outside Karnataka for various pieces of training and jobs. Infosys has its training Centre here thereby hundreds of students each month come for training and internships. If you are in Mysore city by chance with a long weekend is approaching, then it’s time to discover places around the Mysore.

1. Venugopal Swamy Temple 

This place has a history associated with it. When the KRS Dam was built the three Temples and the village was to be immersed into the Dam Water. The main Statue of VenuGopala was then moved to a new place and was called Hosa Kannamabadi and this temple was built.

This place is now also known as KRS Backwaters. The historical architecture with peaceful surroundings is all you need for a weekend. The wind blows with a force here. Mobile phones are not allowed inside the Temple. Spending time at this place is giving yourself a treat.  Enjoying the beautiful landscapes and watching the sunset here is a feeling like involving in Nature’s painting.

2. Chamundi Hills Viewpoint

Mysore is located at the foothills of the Chamundi Hills. There is a separate route that leads to the viewpoint. Viewpoint is the place from where you can look down on the Mysore City and enjoy the wholesomeness of it. Locating buildings, Palace, and other monuments from here is like locating things on google map.  The geographic view of the city, amidst the passing clouds and fogs in the morning, and the illuminated Palace and city lights on a Sunday Evening is the specialty of this place. Many people come here for trekking, cycling, and as a part of their morning walk. There is a Nandi Temple here and some refreshments are available for folks visiting in the morning. A few steps and you can reach on the top of Chamundi hills and pay a visit to the Chamundi Temple as well.

3. KRS Brindavan Garden

The KRS Brindavan Garden and KRS Dam are favorite picnic spots for locals and tourists. This garden has multiple steps with fountains aligned in the middle of the garden. The main attraction of the garden is the Musical Fountains at night. This garden is huge and blooming with flora and fauna. The KRS Dam is visible from here. A few Bollywood songs were shot here. Outside the garden and inside as well there are plenty of fast food stalls awaits with delicious snacks. A hot plate of Potato and banana Fritters as well fish fry with aromatic coffee works charm here.  In case you want to spend time with family or friends or as a couple, this place is for everyone.

KRS Brindavan Garden

4.  Shrirangapatana

It takes only 15-20 minutes to reach Shrirangapatana. This amazin place has all the Royality of Tipu Sultan Dynasty. Dariyadaulat bagh, Tipu Sultan’s palace and museum, Triveni Sangam, Ranganathswamy Temple, Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, Colonel Bailey’s dungeon, and Gumbaj-e-Sahi are the listed places to visit. Apart from that, local temples and mosques are rich with culture and divinity is must-visit. Triveni Sangam is the place where three rivers Cauvery, Hemavati, and Lokpavani river meet. Listening to the water flowing and watching people playing in the river is pure bliss.  Wandering around the ruins of heritage and absorbing the village life is one such thing to do here. The Nimishamba Temple is only 2 km from here. In the evening time, there is a local food bazaar is organized and the delicious local food is available to fill the hunger of all day. There are many Resorts nearby, where they stay and food is uncommon.

5. Sagarkatte

Sagarkatte is one of the best places with natural calmness near Mysore. It takes a 30 to 40 minutes ride to reach here as it is 25- 30 km away from Mysore city. This Drive is a slow drift from city life taking into the wilderness of this place. The Railway Tracks and Water Body is all you find in this wild place. The Railway Track and the small station with open sky leading to the endless water make it look like a movie set. This is a Serene place, undisturbed by humanity is a perfect spot for photography. This place doesn’t have any stalls or eateries so carry food items and water bottles. A small Chat stall is located on the roadside on the way to Sagarkatte.

water body


6. Chennakesava Temple Somnathpura

Kesava Temple

Chennakesava Temple is an absolute gem of Hoysala architecture. This Temple is in Hassan district, around 35 km from Mysore. Visiting here is like stepping into the Hindu Mythological world which comes alive with the daunting statues and architecture. A sense of learning or understanding these tales through the ornamental inscription is momentous. Lord Vishnu is the main deity here. This temple stands out for its artistic symmetry. However, the temple is built on the raised platform and situated near the Banks of Cauvery River. These temples were damaged over the period hence rebuilt multiple times. The rebuilding makes the temple more interesting as the difference in the architecture is visible.

Outback Adventure, Mysore

Loaded with extremely exciting and fun activities in Lake water, the Outback adventures are located at Varuna Lake. Be it Kayaking, Jetski, Speed boat, paddle boat, lake rafting, or fun draped banana ride. Nevertheless this place is perfect if you are visiting with friends and family. The Safety gears are assuring. This is a child-friendly place. 

On the other hand, this is the only café near any lake in Mysore is here. The food tastes heavens after the water sports here. The outback adventure is far from the city clamor and full of nature. This is a perfect intoxicating weekend getaway. 

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