Shimla: did you get the chills already ?

Shimla also known as Simla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh. Shimla is yet another hill station and a honeymoon spot. This city is set amidst beautiful hills and trees. Britishers loved the city of Shimla so much that they named it the summer capital. If one visits the city of Shimla they cannot miss out on the city of Kufri which is a snow-clad hill station which one should definitely visit. Shimla is a beautiful hill station that is away from the worldly castle located on a high altitude from where one can watch exhilarating views and get some fresh air away which is barely found in cities these days. Other than sightseeing Shimla has got a lot to offer one can visit the beautiful temples here, go skiing, go ice skating which is barely found in India, horseback riding, check out rare instinct birds, etc.

Things to do in Shimla-

1] Ice skating-

Ice skating is really rare in India. But in Shimla it’s a popular sport. The ice skating rink in Shimla is really popular because it’s Asia’s largest ice skating rink and it’s all naturally formed. People usually come here with their families and friends and make some really good memories. But these days the rink is getting affected because of global warming and pollution.

2] Ridge-

This street is located in the centre of the Shimla. This street is popular because it consists of shops as well as beautiful scenes just imagine shopping whilst looking at the beauty of mother earth. It’s not only that the street also consists of trees like pine, firs, Himalayan oak, rhododendron trees, etc. The road consists of restaurants, bars, boutiques, shops, etc. It I definitely one of the top streets in Shimla and one should definitely visit this street.

3] Kalka Shimla Toy Train-

Kalka Shimla toy train is a part of the UNESCO world heritage list. Because one can view vast hills and pine forests. This toy train runs through narrow gauges and has some really breathtaking views. This is a five half and a half-hour toy train journey. Which consists of special services and it really is a fun journey.

4]Chail –

Chail is a famous hill station located near Shimla. People who usually visit Shimla go to Chail. Chail Is known for having the highest cricket ground and golf fields and heritage hotels and polo ground. Whilst visiting Chail one should also visit the Chail national park. People usually go here to gain peace and to get away from the crowded tourist attraction.

5]Jakhoo Temple-

Located on the highest point in Shimla the Jakhoo temple is a beautiful temple dedicated to the Hindu God and legend Hanuman. It is said that the statue of Lord Hanuman is so huge here that you can see it from almost every spot in Shimla. It is one of the most popular tourist spots in Shimla. People usually from every age and religion visit it because this region has its own vibe. This temple is just located 30 minutes away from the centre of the city the ridge.

6]Green Valley-

Known for its incredibly breathtaking and mesmerizing views the Green valley is like a gift from nature to the city of Shimla. This valley is consists of one of the most incredible views. People come here once they’re done touring the city. Because they can gain peace here. This place is like heaven for all the photographers out there because they can capture incredible pictures here. This is indeed the most loved spot here in Shimla and the most visited one. If you go to Shimla and you missed out on this spot that means you have missed out on the beauty of Shimla.


Annadale is a famous picnic and leisure spot in Shimla. This spot is really getting popular these days. It is usually visited during summers. This spot consists of various fun activities one can play golf here whilst looking at splendid views. It also has a playground, a cactus museum, helipad, etc. This spot is a popular spot for the military army most of their programs are held here.

Well, I am a tea lover and this region is definitely on my bucket list. Other than that Shimla has a lot to offer it has crowded streets for shopping as well as spots which are really calm where people can gain mental peace.

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