Punjab: The land of green fields and sparkling rivers

Punjab comes from the literal meaning of  ‘The land of five rivers.” With god’s grace, this land is touched by the waters from five very holy rivers which are – Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Sutlej, and Beas. Due to this abundant water supply, Punjab boasts of the most fertile lands and green pastures in the country.

Remember, all the sarso ke khet when Raj met Simran or the green fields through which Geet ran to meet her Aditya. Punjab has always been a filmy state and we all love these masala Bollywood movies based here. But did you know that these films were actually shot using some real-life inspiration?


The khets in Punjab are truly green and filled with crops throughout the year. You should definitely visit this region to enjoy some breathtaking beauty of a real village and its cultures.

The Holy Gurudwaras

When you visit Punjab, the first place you have to go to is the Golden Temple at Amritsar. No matter which faith you follow, this holy gurudwara is open for all.

Visit this shrine to get enthralled in some divinity and get lost in its divine charm. Have a feast at the famous Langar here to feel content with your food and also your soul.

Various other Gurudwaras are also present here which carry significant importance to the Sikh clan and Punjabis. Anandpur Sahib, Gurudwara Ber Sahib are some other important holy shrines which can be visited.

The Bustling Metro Hubs

The well designed U.T of Chandigarh is located on the Punjab Haryana border and serves as the capital for both. An ideally constructed marvel, it defines how a city should look in the truest sense. With great roads and modern architecture, it is a must-visit site. it also boasts of various high-end clubs and discos and has a very buzzing nightlife scene.

Ludhiana, the manchester of India is also located in Punjab. Called so because of its various famous hosiery industries, it is also the largest city of Punjab. It has a riverside which can be visited for some peace and spending some time with family. The ruins of the Lodhi dynasty are also located here along with a museum housing many ancient relics.


Patiala is the true blue Punjabi city we all have seen in movies. There are innumerable songs featuring the famous Patiala suit or the infamous Patiala peg. Apart from that, it is also the birthplace of Hindustani classical music. You can gorge on local food when you visit here and also shop for some famous stuff.

Pathankot is a beautiful hill station located near Dalhousie. It houses the base for the proud Indian Army and Air force. Get overwhelmed with a sense of patriotism as you step into this city for some tourism. Spend a day thinking of our Bravehearts while looking around at the scenic beauty of this place.

Maa Ki Rasoi: Lip-Smacking Dishes to Try

If you visited Punjab and still did not eat authentic butter chicken, have you ever been here? a Haven for non-vegetarians and vegetarians alike, Punjabi food is something we all love eating and ordering at restaurants.

But get a feel of the Real deal when you visit here. Dal makhani, paneer tikka, malai chicken, Amritsari fish, chole-bhature– we are already drooling and so are you. Enjoy all these spicy, mouth-watering recipes here.

Also, enjoy some piping hot Rajma chawal with onion and lemon on the side. Don’t forget to have the big tumbler full of creamy delicious lassi. Aloo Paratha might be a dish in other homes, but this is a staple here and served with loads of butter and tasty, lip-smacking aam ka achar on the side.

At last, no meal is complete without a dessert. So do try the Pinni and Kadha Prashad. Beautifully well-crafted desserts with the right amount of sweetness but loaded with ghee and almonds, you might feel a happiness burst inside you after eating.

But, just as a reminder, when in Punjab don’t count your calories. Let go of that diet and please have all these great dishes because it really is an out of the world experience.

The great Land of Punjab boasts of many other cultures and traditions like Baisakhi, Lohri, and the Traditional dance of Bhangra. Be sure to visit during the winter months to this beautiful state to create great memorabilia for a lifetime.

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