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The Andaman Islands consist of more than 300 islands in the Indian Ocean. These islands are inhabited by indigenous peoples, and many of them aren’t open to visitors. The Andaman Islands boast of the best beaches in the Indian subcontinent. Famous for their white sand beaches, palm-lined waterfronts, and coral reefs, Andaman has a lot to offer to ocean lovers.

Here are the seven best beaches in the Andaman Islands:

Radhanagar Beach

Andaman’s most famous beach

The Radhanagar Beach is often declared as the best beach in the Andaman Islands. Situated in Havelock, the beach overlooks beautiful turquoise waters. Radhanagar Beach is dotted with tall palm trees. This location is the best place to swim and surf in the Andaman Islands. Tourists can walk over to Neil’s Cove, an alluring lagoon, a ten minutes walk from Radhanagar Beach.

If you want to see the best of Andaman, stay back for the famous sunset at Radhanagar Beach.

Wandoor Beach

Head to turquoise waters and blue lagoons

The Wandoor Beach is a soothing beach located 25kms from Port Blair. This is the best location for spending an undisturbed, rejuvenating after by the ocean. Wandoor Beach is famous for its stunning coral reefs. The beach also serves as an entryway to the Mahatma Gandhi National Park, a major tourist attraction.

The peace and tranquility of the nearby Wandoor village reflect beautifully on its adjacent beaches.

Corbyn’s Cove

Coral reefs at their best

The Corbyn’s Cove is situated around 8kms away from the Port Blair city center. It’s famous for its glowing and clean turquoise blue waters. This beach is also a prominent center for water sports in the Andaman Islands. The beach is a sought after tourist location and is not as uncrowded as the rest of Andaman’s beaches. 

Head to Corbyn’s Cove if you’re looking for an afternoon full of adventure sports.

Elephant Beach

Adventure loaded destination

Elephant Beach in Havelock is another popular water sports destination. The most famous water sports that are conducted on the beach are kayaking, surfing, and snorkeling. Elephant Beach is a favorite amongst tourists due to its coral reefs. Coral reefs in the waters of the Elephant Beach can be found very close to the shore. The beach is not open throughout the day, and traveling to this location requires a planned itinerary.

One of the best beaches in Havelock, Elephant Beach will not disappoint any kind of tourist. Many luxury beach resorts are in abundance close to Elephant Beach. The location remains one of the most sought after and accessible in all of Andaman’s Islands.

Vijaynagar Beach

Enjoy its marine diversity

The ocean around the Vijaynagar Beach is the shallowest in Andaman. This makes it a perfect destination for children and the elderly. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful marine biodiversity of the Vijaynagar Beach, and stay in the dozens of resorts nearby. Vijaynagar Beach is one of the least crowded beaches in the Andaman Islands. The perfect location for families, the beach offers an unobstructed view of the clear Andaman sky. The beach is unlike other Andaman beaches. Clear of any rocks and stones, the crystal waters of the Indian Ocean stretching as far as the eye can see.

Sitapur Beach

Welcome to the Sunrise Beach

The Sitapur beach is located on Neil Island. Known as the sunrise beach, the beach has two beautiful curved bays and a clear ocean. This postcard beach is the best location to enjoy an early, cool morning on the Andaman Islands. The strong waves and high tides in Sitapur Beach make swimming impossible throughout the day. Visitors can visit the beach during a calm, low tide to fully enjoy all it has to offer.

Baludera Beach

The calmest beach on the Andaman Islands

The Baludera Beach is situated on the eastern front of Baratang Island. The beach is one of the least crowded beaches on the Andaman Islands. Tourists visiting Baludera Beach prefer to do so in the evening. With the setting sun reflected across its ocean, the beach is the best place to enjoy an evening walk.

Many eco-friendly huts and resorts are located close to the beach. They offer a holistic local experience. Those looking for a place removed from the hustle-bustle of the city can head to Baludera Beach.

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