Places To Visit In Southern India

Southern India is one of the most underrated yet charming places. It has so many tourist places that can definitely be on the checklist of the traveller. It is less famous because it is explored less as compared to rest of India. South India has an entirely different culture, traditions, customs, languages, cuisine etc. But it is still the most important and one of the highest literate area of our country.
There is a list of some places which are an extreme delight for the travellers who really want to explore the Southern India.

1. Kodaikanal

One of the highest rated hill stations of India is the Kodaikanal. It is known as the “Princess Of Hill Stations”. It has a mesmerising view and beautiful waterfall and lakes. It is an eye catcher for everyone and looks heavenly with it’s abundant greenery. You can enjoy activities like trekking through the Palani Hills or the Dolphin’s Nose which are the main tourist attractions of Kodaikanal.

2. Gokarna

Gokarna is a small town in Karnataka which has beautiful beaches and palm trees all over. It is a beautiful place to go on a vacation or a relaxing holiday. The weather is a little bit humid due to the location of a coastal region but still it has the potential to drive away your tensed mood. It is a calm and serene place where you can enjoy your holidays. It is kind of mini Goa where everyday is a party.

3. Alleppey

Alappuzha or Alleppey are referred to the backwaters of Kerela. It is also known as the “Venice Of India”. Alleppey is famous for the houseboats where people can enjoy their holidays in the backwaters. It is a charming view and is one of the most loved place in South India. You can enjoy the South Indian cuisine and other activities like fishing in the houseboat. It is simple a breathtaking experience and one should really go for it.

4. Munnar

Munnar is one more hill station in Kerala. It is a beautiful and most romantic destination in South India. Munnar is the one of the highest tea producing place. You can witness tea plantations all over the roads. It also has some hills which can be visited for trekking. There is an abundance of greenery, forests, hills, waterfalls and pleasant weather. It is a must visit place in Southern India.

5. Bandipur National Park

If you are a jungle lover, then you must visit Bandipur National Park, situated near the Nilgiri Hills. Bandipur is a home to large number of tigers and Asian elephants. The nature is just mesmerising and the forest is very beautiful. It provides you the opportunity to live where there are no technological interference and among the lush green forests and pious environment.

6. Mysore

Mysore has the best South Indian cuisine in the entire India. It has huge varieties of Idlis and Dosas. It is even famous for it’s desert called Mysore Pak which is made in pure Ghee. It is just lip smacking. It has Mysore fort which is extremely beautiful and depicts the traditional South Indian architecture. It also has India’s biggest zoo where you can find all the animals, not only of India but from abroad also. This is actually my personal favourite.

So, these were some of the underrated destinations apart from the the others. Do not forget to add them to your South Indian bucket list.

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