Northern Lights

Places to see the Northern Lights from around the World

The Aurora Borealis also known as the Northern Lights are these dancing green and purple lights in the clear night sky 50-400 miles above the earth’s atmosphere. This beautiful phenomenon happens when the charged particles from the sun cause a disturbance in the earth’s magnetic field(I know a lot of sciencey stuff, right).

Northern Lights

Both polar latitudes offer the Auroras, North(Aurora Borealis) and South(Aurora Australis)  but our attention is focused on the north at this time. These are some of the beautiful places around the world to see the northern lights from:

  • Fairbanks, Alaska

Dubbed as the best place to see the northern lights in the U.S, Fairbanks is situated two degrees below the arctic circle near the famous “Denali National Park”. Visited in large numbers by tourists and travelers in the winters(August to May) to see this phenomenal natural anomaly.

  • Iceland

Iceland is a breathtakingly majestic country to visit and explore due to its unwieldy glaciers, geysers, epic volcanoes, and waterfalls. There are few countries who can match the beauty of Iceland and enhancing that beauty to another level are the Northern Lights. You can see this unearthly display of pink, purple and green lights in the skies of :

  • Icelandic mountain “Kirkjufell”.

  • The suburban region of “Reykjavík”.

  • Town of “Akureyri”

You can also behold the sumptuous sight of the “Mid-Night Sun” at Akureyri. The prime time to experience the lights: August to Late April. I am running out of adjectives to describe the beauty of this place and it should be on your bucket list.

  • Yellowknife, Canada

 The capital city of the Northwest Territories of Canada on the shores of Great Slave Lake, Yellowknife is known for treating its visitors with the most astonishing northern lights, the city takes pride in hosting its own aurora themed festivals and countless aurora lookout points. From small lighthouses to hotels to its own “Aurora Village”, you can enjoy the best views of the lights from mid-November to the beginning of April. 

  • Tromsø, Norway

The largest city of Northern Norway, Tromsø offers a mixed bag of different activities from hosting the “Northern Light Festival” and “Tromsø International Film Festival” to several museums, the world’s northernmost botanical garden and adventurous activities like hiking, fishing, kayaking, and dog sledding. You can enjoy the lights at the following places:

  • Ersfjord: Almost half an hour’s drive from Trosmø.
  • Brosmetinden Mountain: An hour’s drive fromTromsø and a small hike.

  • Skulsfjord: Around 25-30 from Tromsø with no hike involved.
  • Otertinden:1 hour and 40 min. drive from Tromsø and 6-10 hour hike involved, phew!.
  • Greenland

It’s the World’s largest island on the continent of North America with a population of only fifty-six thousand. People believe in the legend of dancing Northern lights relate to dead people play football with a walrus skull. If you want to go far north for the lights, northern Greenland is the place. You can see the lights from places like  “Kangerlussuaq”,  “Disko Bay”, and Nuuk. Best time to visit: Autumn (September to October).

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