Perfect Travel Destinations to Gift your Family

It is your loved one’s birthday and you are confused. Again! Watches, clothes, shoes, jewellery, you have gifted it all to them. Gist cards at H&M for a shopaholic, or at crossword for a bookworm, you have done it all. Now, you are at a loss of gifts to surprise them and you are feeling very bad.

Seems like a very relatable situation right? We have all been there too and have pondered relentlessly as well. So we came up with a new idea. Why don’t we gift them travel destinations? and it was a superhit idea. So below we have compiled a list of places to gift as per your bond with them, because we know as varied as the relations, as varied are the choices.

1. The loving spouse

Its your first anniversary and you want to do a sweet romantic gesture for them. Budget is not a constraint and you want to make them feel like they are the most special person of your life. You want to fill them with love and happiness. The perfect place then in Paris.

This romantic getaway is surely going to sweep them off their feet. Book a trip for just the two of you and go get a break. Have romantic candlelit dinners and hold hands like two crazy teenagers. Roam around the alleys and experience falling in love again.

There are special packages available wherein you can even personalize your tour as per your partner’s preferences. Do not forget to include the Pont des Arts bridge in your itinerary. Tie a lock and vow to love each other for life.

For those looking for a subdued version and entering a decade or more of married life, Mauritius is a great place. Slow and nuanced, you and your partner can spend some quality time away from the mundane household chores. With no kids or in-laws or neighbors to poke into your business, rediscover romance.

The beaches are great for lazing around and talking about life yet again. Get to know your soulmate again in a new light after maturing and spending all those years together. Enjoy a couple of massages and spas and live in the beautiful cottages.

2. Adorable siblings

Oh sorry, we meant annoying siblings. These people are the ones who make you realize how you can annoy and still love a person so much. So, which place do you gift these adorable idiots who brighten the world for you?

If they are younger than you, they are ought to be the naughty and adventurous kind. A trip to Pondicherry is perfect then. This offbeat travel destination is surely going to make them happy.

From beaches to clubs, it has everything an uber-cool teenager can desire for. The beaches are filled with activities like paragliding and diving to try out. The local cuisine is to die for especially for non-vegetarians. This will be a great learning experience too as they learn to handle themselves.

And if you are wanting to gift a trip to your elder brother or sister, you know they love the peace and quiet more than you. Then a trip to Ladakh will surely make them happy, though they won’t show it to you, obviously!

Struggling with adulting, Ladakh will provide a much-needed respite to the stress. There are Buddhist monasteries where they can spend time with monks and calm their souls. The architecture is beautiful and makes for marvelous photographs.

There is trekking and mountaineering too for them to try out. Camping can also be done besides the beautiful lake and the night can be spent the night gazing.

These trips will of course be enjoyed more if you both take it together. These provide some serious bonding goals and make you feel closer to them.

3. Beloved Parents

If you are one of those who always wanted to repay their parents with something meaningful and beautiful, then gift them a trip to Singapore. Situated near to India, it will also make for a low budget trip so your parents won’t scold you for spending too much as well.

Let them witness the world-famous merlion statue and shop some souvenirs as well near it. They can also go discover the kid inside by visiting universal studios or LegoLand.

Or book them a nice little trip to Malaysia which is also nearby if they are the peace-loving kind. Book a nice beach resort with a 4 day stay where they can relax and rejuvenate. They can enjoy some alone time together.

These are some suggestions for gifting places to visit for your pretty little family. If there is any other people you want to impress or gift a place to, do let us know in the comment section. We will try to answer your queries.

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