Mysore: The Land of Beautiful Structures

Mysore also is known as the ”city of palaces” is a beautiful city located in the state of Karnataka. Mysore is known for its heritage palaces, temples, and sites of historic importance. It is said that Mysore aka Mysuru served as the capital of Mysore for nearly six centuries and therefore is a pretty well-developed city. A lot of palaces were made during the period so it’s a must-visit spot now these palaces serve as heritage sites and tourist spots which one can visit and experience history. Mysore is a must-visit city for all the history and culture lovers.

Places of historic importance in Mysore

Mysore palace

This magnificent structure was built during the year 1912 and is probably one of the largest palaces in India. Also known as ”Amba Vilas Palace” it is said that this is the second most visited palace after the Taj Mahal. This palace is still the official residence of the Mysore Royal family and sees a lot of visitors every day. The unique part about this structure is that it is a mixture of Hindu, Muslim, Gothic, and Rajput style which blend together perfectly. Mysore palace is widely known for its light and sound show. It’s a must-visit palace in Mysore. If you go Mysore and not visit this palace that means you haven’t seen the true gem of Mysore.

Jaganmohan Palace

This palace was the second option for the royals of Mysore they used it when the Mysore palace was on fire. Before Jaganmohan Palace held a really important pace in the administrative affairs of the Mysore Empire later it was converted into an art gallery. This art gallery houses over 2000 precious paintings that pertain to various art forms like Mysore, Mughal, and Shantiniketan. One can clearly see the Hindu type of architecture here the doors particularly represent that it consists of illustrations of ten Vishnu incarnation. It is one of the great palaces here.

Somanathapura Temple

Located 35 km away from the city this temple is located in a small village of Somanathapura. This temple is one of the most beautiful temples and was built in the year 1258 A.D. This temple was built by the Hoysala Empire and is amongst the 1500 temples built by them. This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is a really beautiful monument.

A lot of tourists from far away lands come to specially visit this temple they come here and make wishes. Unfortunately, this temple is was later destroyed so people don’t worship here anymore. But this temple still is a beautiful sight and worth a visit.

Lalitha Mahal

Lalitha Mahal is the second largest palace in the city of Mysore and perhaps one of the most pretty ones. Located in the Eastern part of Mysore and it is located near the Chamundi hills. This palace was built-in 1921 it wasn’t built for any personal use but it was built for the stay of the viceroy of India. This palace is an exact copy of the St.Pauls church located in London. This palace is a two-storey palace. The palace reflects English manor houses as well as Italian plazos.

It’s one of the most imposing figures in Mysore.

St. Philomena’s Church-

Constructed in the year 1933 this church was built by the king of Mysore, Sri Krishnarajendra Wodeyar Bahadur IV for the European residents in the city. In the memory of priest St. Philomena. It is said that this church is the second largest church in all of Asia. It is one of the important historical figures in Mysore and sees a lot of tourists. 

This is one of the most distinctive structures in the city and looks really beautiful during the evening sky. One can see the Neo-Gothic style of architecture which makes it all the more famous amongst masses. The church represents the secularity of Mysore.

Chamundeshwari Temple

Located at the height of 1000ft on the Chamundi Hill this temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga. This is one of the oldest temples in Mysore and is always filled with tourists. Since this temple is on a huge height one can either reach by climbing up the stairs or ole can drive until there in a car. This temple consists of three statues one of Goddess Durga, one of Nandi and one of Mahasura. One can get a classy view from this temple. Considering all the pollution these days this temple is a no-plastic zone to preserve the area. The Mahasura statue is so high that one can see it whilst driving to the temple.

Jayalakshmi Vilas

Constructed in the year 1905 for princess Jayalakshmi Ammani. This is the first Rajakumari Mansion. Spread across 6 acres this mansion has an entry on both sides both of them are different in terms of architecture. Unlike other palaces, this mansion is purely made out of and mortar, timber, and iron. Before this mansion was the home to the Rajakumari but later it was converted into a museum and the Karnataka government has marked this as a site of heritage. It is surrounded by the lush greens of Manasagangothri(the campus of the University of Mysore). It is a very calm and appealing structure.

Other than these seven structures Mysore has more 3 beautiful palaces as well as has a lot of temples and lakes. It is a great place to visit for all the history and art lovers.

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