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Moscow lies on the Moskva River. The city is the capital of Russia. Moscow is also the commercial and cultural capital of the country. It is filled to the brim with beautiful architectural facades. Moscow has many alluring gardens. It is also home to malls, shopping complexes and world class restaurants.

One of Moscow’s famous attractions is its vast railway network. It makes the city easily accessible for tourists.

Moscow is a tourist hotspot for both national and international tourists. Here is the best of the city:

The Kremlin

The Kremlin is the axis of the Russian state

It is both an architectural wonder and the most important government building. Tourists can head to the Alexander Garden for a walk. The Alexander Garden is famous for its beautiful flowerbeds and monuments. 

The grounds in and around the Kremlin are full of such architectural treasures. One of the most famous being the Eternal Flame.  The flame has been lighted in the honor of soldiers killed in the Second World War.

One the road from the Kremlin to the Red Square, tourists can view the State History Museum. It is one of Russia’s most prominent museums.

The Red Square remains the heart and soul of the Russian State. It is a breath-taking conglomeration of beautiful buildings. It contains two of the most important facades in the country. The St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Lenin Mausoleum. Tourists can spend an entire day touring the Red Square.

The adjoining Zaryadye Park is a one-stop shop for rejuvenating. Visitors can taste local cuisine, attend small concerts, or just take a walk in this beautiful garden.

Cathedral of Christ The Saviour

The Oztozenka St. Gives way to the alluring edifice of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

The street has been one of the most expensive and populated streets in the capital. It receives a tourist outpour every day.

Lined with world-class shops and restaurants, the street is a commercial hotspot.

Adjoining this landmark lies the Cathedral. The architecture of the cathedral makes it the largest orthodox church in the world.

The edifice of the church was rebuilt in 2000, after being destroyed by Stalin. 

Visitors flock to the cathedral to marvel at its riveting facade.

Theatre Square

The Theatre Square in Moscow is located close to the Kremlin

Along with the Red Square, it forms the cultural center of the capital.

The Square owes its name to the presence of three world-class theatres on its premises. The square is sealed off with beautiful gardens and fountains. It’s a picturesque location in the heart of the capital.

The Bolshoi, Maly and Russian Youth Theatre form the heart of the square.

Tourists with a classic taste can enjoy Russian operas and ballets at these theatres. World renowned artists from all over the theatre perform at these venues.

The Gorky Park

The Gorky Park is the pleasure centre of new Moscow

Together with the Museon Art Park, it forms the rejuvenation axis of the capital. The Museon Art Park has 700 unparalleled sculptures. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of these sculptures and take a walk along the river bank. 

Gorky Park went through wholescale reconstruction during the start of the twenty-first century. It is now an upscale location visited by more than 20000 people on a daily basis. Gorky Park is very famous among the Russian youth. It has an efficient Wi-Fi network along with a greenhouse and bike rental service. Tourists can truly feel the local Russian life at the Park.

The Park has an open house for musicals, theatre, and ballet performances. Visitors can enjoy evening concerts and festivals throughout the year.

Moscow is full of surprises at every corner. Beautiful bright domes of the Red Square dominate its skyline. The city is a center of many cultural activities. It hosts a plethora of events throughout the year. Tourists heading the to city rarely come back unsatisfied.

With colorful minarets rising against its clear blue sky, Moscow is also a picturesque paradise. The Moskva River cuts through the city with poetic ease. With the sun setting on its crystal dark water, the river is the capital city’s heartthrob. Tourists should witness this sight at least once.

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