Mini Israel of India – Kasol

Becoming popular among backpackers and trekkers lies the simple town of Himachal, Kasol. Commonly known as ‘Amsterdam of India’, the establishment of Kasol is along the banks of River Parvati. Many inhabitants of this town come from Israel. A lot of street signposts uses the Hebrew dialect. Kasol has a significant number of cafes serving delicious food, especially Israeli. Among the snow-clad mountains and dense green forests, this quaint town will surely take your breath away.

Intrigued, enough? Go through this list of places in Kasol.

1. Go on Kheer Ganga Trek

Kasol Trek
View of Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga lies at the end of Parvati Valley with the scenic beauty of azure skies and emerald forests. The trek to Kheerganga is considered to be the easiest. Hence, it becomes the must-visit to the new trekkers and travellers. After the completion of the trek, hot springs will treat your weary muscles.

Camp on the peak or stay at one one of the local accommodations to enjoy the night view of Kasol. Mythological tales related to this place will pique your interest. Inquire the locals about the ‘Land of Shiva’. Considered as a holy place, don’t miss the Lord Shiva temple here!

2. Walk along the banks of River Parvati

River Parvati in Kasol

Probably the most important part of Kasol trip is a walk along the banks of this cascading river. Originating from Mantalai glacier, a stroll by the tranquil atmosphere around the river rejuvenates the body and mind. A chance to leave behind the craziness of life for a while as you feel the serenity of the gushing water. Just looking at this river flowing and listening to its burble will simply take you to the state of peace.

Any adventurous activity is forbidden as the flow of the river is quite rapid. You can try your hands at fishing while basking in the warm sunlight and standing in the cool water.

3. Visit the Manikaran Shaib Gurudwara

Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara

Manikaran Sahib is a gurudwara, very sacred in Sikhism and Hinduism. Guru Nanak Dev visited this region long back. Thus, it remains to be a famous pilgrim spot and most-visited place in Kasol. The view of Kasol with the flowing river and the surrounding mountains will leave you in awe!

The hot springs have religious and spiritual beliefs connected to it. Bathing in the steaming water harbours properties to cure skin diseases due to sulphur. Even the offerings are cooked on this hot water and considered as divine. Delicious langar is again speciality of this gurudwara as others.

4. Trek to the Tosh Village

Tosh Village
Tosh Village

Located 20 km away from Kasol, at a height of 2,400 m above sea level, sits the suburban town of Kasol. Situated at the banks of river Parvati, this offbeat destination attracts travellers to enjoy the scenic beauty. Trek to Tosh is considered the highlight of the trip. The panoramic view of the mountains and the clear skies will leave you stunned.

The beauty of Tosh is at its best in the winters, when the snow around the village gives you the feeling of being in heaven.  The hippie culture and otherworldly vibe of this village will surely transport you to another world. Tosh has a European and Israeli culture to it. If you want to experience it, this town is perfect for you!

5. Roam around the Nature Park

River Parvati
River Parvati in Nature Park

The nature park of Kasol has a peculiar view of the river and the nearby pine trees. Relax and take a breather at this park on your trip. Perfect for a stroll or a jog through the worn-out pathway of rocks and canopy of trees. Heaven for photography lovers, do not forget to your cameras for some perfect shots of the flora and fauna!

Many cafes and restaurants remain open for visitors to engage themselves in local food and end the day at a good note.

6. Visit the Shiv Temple

Shiv Temple, Manikaran

At a whopping height of 1760 m, this temple dedicated to Lord Shiva marks as one of the most important destinations of Kasol. Famous for its hot water springs and mountainous backdrop, people believe that gods from Kullu pay a visit to worship the Shivalinga inside.

The temple got slightly damaged and tilted after many earthquakes that raked the grounds but the temple still stands. Every year during Maha Shivratri the temple turns into the most lively place in Kasol. Be sure to visit this temple for blessings and enjoy the scenic beauty.

7. Trekking through Sar Pass

Sar Pass Trek

Sar translates to ‘lake’ in the local dialect. The trek through Sar Pass endowed with the diverse train provide one of the best scenic routes of the area. Beginning from Kasol, Sar Pass Trek sits at an altitude of 14,000 ft. Considered as one of the easiest high altitude treks, every beginner must experience this.

Sar Pass Trek overlooks the Parvati Valley, lush meadows and rustic villages. The last hour or two of the trek to the main Sar Pass is the most thrilling part, as the incline of the slope is nearly 90 degrees! As scary as it sounds, the surrounding Himalayan beauty overpowers your fear.

The highlight of the trek is the descent from Sar Pass, which can’t be traversed by trekking, give the steep incline. You have to slide down the slope! It feels like a roller coaster ride. Experience your heart racing, and soul rejoicing as the child in you comes alive!

8. Little Greece – Malana Village

Himachal Pradesh
Malana Village

Tucked away in a solitary corner of Himachal is the village of Malana. Believed to be blessed Jamlu Devta, Malana associated itself with the history that dates back to pre-Aryan time.

What sets it apart from all other places is the tradition and culture of the locals. They consider themselves to be descendants of Alexander the Great and hence it is often referred to as ‘Little Greece of India’. They consider that tourists will jeopardize the purity

Enjoy some authentic and exotic food and festivals of Malana that you won’t forget for life!

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