Santorini – The White Lady with Blue Gown

Greece. We know the first reactions. It is often counted as one of the best tourist places in the world. With all the interesting sight-seeing options, Greece has a lot to offer to the visitors. Out of all the enchanting destinations in Greece, Santorini has a special place in everyone’s heart. The island is located in the southeast region of Greece and is one of the most beautiful places to visit. Santorini is the ideal place for couples who are looking for the perfect getaway destination. Let’s walk you through Santorini – The White Lady with Blue Gown.

Apart from being a favourite among the couples, Santorini also caters to the needs of other guests. Be it a group of friends or a family trip that you have planned to Santorini, the place will treat you best. Before you pack your bags for Santorini, you need to know about some of the best places to visit in Santorini and that is where we come in. To help you out, we have prepared a list of all the top and popular destinations in Santorini that can make your holiday a memorable one. 

There are 587 steps are rising from Skala, the minuscule ancient port of Santorini, to Thira, the clifftop capital of the most brilliant of Greece’s 6000 islands. And I know, due to the fact I’m counting everyone.

Oia Sunset, Santorini, Greece.

Of path, you can trap the cable automobile up – as most of my fellow cruise ship passengers are doing. Or you can trip one of a hundred docile donkeys to the summit – furnished you are organized to scent like an ass.

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Then again, like me, you can battle up the steps in the 26-degree warmness of the October solar due to the fact you choose to savor Santorini’s without a doubt unforgettable harbor.

Blue Dome Church at Firostefani close to Fira on Thira Island Santorini.

No different volcanic introduction on earth can suit Santorini for sheer beauty. Here, on this stairway, you witness the stays of a sizable eruption 3600 years in the past. When the center of the island collapsed lots of meters into the sea. Developing a vast, picturesque caldera included from the Aegean on three aspects through the 300-meter excessive cliffs of the foremost croissant-shaped island (also referred to as Thira).

That catastrophic explosion – and the tsunami it provoked – is extensively credited with wiping out the Minoan civilization on Crete. It additionally created a Greek model of Pompeii. A massive Minoan city entombed in the solidified ash, improving Santorini’s hyperlinks with the legend of Atlantis.

Most cruise traffic is pleased to spend their time in Thira. It’s a photogenic town, with a warren of cobbled streets containing heaps of eating places and stores to hold you entertained. It additionally has two cathedrals – one Greek Orthodox, one Catholic. And an archaeological museum nicely really worth visiting.


Most of the ride is spent on “the returned side” of the island. What stays of the volcano’s cone-shaped slopes, sweeping down to Santorini’s well-known volcanic beaches, made of black sand-like Perissa and Perivolos or pink sand such as Red Beach.

Some of the heaps of stairs that join Fira village with, Gyalos, the ancient port of Santorini island, Cyclades. The bus experience additionally displays a collection of deserted agricultural terraces. 

Today there are ten wineries on the island, which all boast of their specific “terroir” (rocky volcanic soil, little water) which they attribute to the volcanic explosion around 1600 BC.

Oia is even prettier than Thira, with a classier vary of shops, galleries, and restaurants.


The black sand seashores with umbrellas and lounge chairs in Kamari on the Greek Island of Santorini.

I select to have lunch at Scala, which has a massive terrace with hanging views of a section of the village and the stunning lagoon.


I ask for a Santorini salad, a mixture of cherry tomatoes, capers, anchovies, capers, and nearby difficult cheese – typically kefalotiri, a difficult yellow cheese made both from goat’s or sheep milk, or kefalograviera, a nutty sheep’s milk.

But my waiter tells it is unavailable, even even though it is listed on the menu. Why?

Greek salad of natural greens with tomatoes, cucumber, pink onion, olives, and feta cheese.

“Any restaurant in Oia that serves you a Santorini salad in October is tricking you,” he says. “Cherry tomatoes are not in season in Santorini. So they will be the usage of Italian tomatoes, and this is no longer a Santorini salad.”

So I order a Greek salad instead. This model consists of uncooked onions, fat inexperienced olives. Added inexperienced peppers, cucumber, capers, sparkling (noncherry) tomatoes, and a large block of feta with masking of olive oil and sparkling herbs.


The whitewashed homes in Santorini are in the whole concord with its volcanic scenery.

It’s an omen! The Santorini Brewing Company is one of the most celebrated microbreweries in Greece. So I order a Yellow Donkey lager to go with my Greek salad.

Drinking a donkey is lots of extra agreeable than driving one.

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