Lakshadweep- for the water sport lovers

Finest white sand, copious species of corals and varied water sports! Yes, it is the perfect destination to beat the heat. The archipelago, which is famously known as the coral Island. Not all Islands are open to tourists and permit for entry is mandatory, which is issued from the Lakshadweep Administration Secretariat. Lakshadweep is around 404 Km west of Kochi, Kerala. Total number of Islands are 36. Out of which only 10 are only inhabited.

1. Kavaratti 

One of the most developed island of Lakshadweep. Kavaratti is the capital of the Union Territory. Surreal color of the lagoon and electrifying water sports are the major attractions of the Island. Water sport includes scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing and fishing. All these activities are performed during the day time. During evenings various beach-side cultural programs are conducted and seafood festivals are the most famous fest of the Island. To get the entire aerial view of the ravishing Island Kavaratti, Island’s lighthouse is the best site to be at. 200 steps has to be climbed to get to the top. The captivating glimpse of the Island, covered in the blanket of dense coconut trees is an actual visual treat. Ujra Mosque is one of the rarest pilgrimage site and a unmissable place to visit in this Island. No regular namaaz is conducted here. Devotees pay a visit to the mosque only for meditation and mental peace. Meticulously carved pillars and the design of the verandah is commendable. Every single pillar has different designs carved on them.

2. Bangaram

Popularly known as the tear-drop shaped Island. Surrounded by stunning shallow turquoise blue lagoon. It is best known for abundant water sport activities. From turtle watching, scuba diving, wind surfing, to jet skiing, you name it, you get it. There is no compulsion that one has to be a professional to indulge in these water sports. A well versed trainer trains you and there is also a rehearsal before one is taken to actually perform the activity.

3. Kadmat

The cardamom Island of Lakshadweep. A long stretch of shoreline in middle and equi-depth lagoon on the either side has the most staggering corals and marine turtles. Again, this Island lays out many water sport activities as well. A ride on the glass-bottomed boat to the mid sea, allows you to explore the majestic beauty of the marine life and plunging into the water for snorkeling and scuba diving experience is supernal.

4. Minicoy

Minicoy is an isolated Island. Best known for coconut and coconut business. The Island is locally called as Maliku. People here follow a similar culture to that of Maldivians. Crystal clear waters serves best for swimming under water. Minicoy is the last Indian Island in Arabian Sea. It is the second largest and is the southern most located Island. The glorious lighthouse of Minicoy Island enables panoramic view of the island nestled in verdant coconut trees.

5. Agatti

The Island becomes most easily accessible out of all the Islands, as it has a air strip. While landing, the magnificent view is a definite goosebumps inducer. This reckons to be one of the rarest landing encounter. The Island is very welcoming and makes one to fall in love with the place at the very first sight.

6. Bitra 

An active breeding ground for sea birds. The island is small, yet its lagoon is not. Its lagoon spans an area of about 45.6 sq km. The climate of the Island resembles a lot to that of the climatic condition of Kerala. 

The sea is considered to be roughest during the monsoon. An old Arab saint, Malik Mulla, is said to be buried here. The shrine of Malik Mulla is a major attraction of the Island. Diving and snorkeling are popular activities here.

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