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Jammu and Kashmir – The crown of India

Each country has borders. Some on the seashore, others landlocked. But India is one of the luckiest countries to have a crown as a border. Yes, we are talking about the beautiful state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Majestic Himalayas and the crystal pure river Lidder

Present in the northmost region of India, this state is indeed the crowning glory of our country. Housing various different terrains like mountains and valleys, lakes, and plains, it is indeed a wonder to behold. The state is made of two regions- Jammu and Kashmir. let us explore in more detail each of these.

1. Jammu

It is the largest city and called the winter capital of the state. With the mighty himalayas on one side and lush-green valleys on the other, it makes for a wonderful tourist spot.

Though mainly known as a hill station and cold city, its surprising to note that the region also experiences extreme summers. It is therefore advisable to visit during the months of January and February when it is cool. You can enjoy extreme winters and beautiful snow.

As a tourist the places of interest are many but we have listed some must-visit spots below-

1. Bahu Fort

This riverside fort is a breathtaking beauty. An architectural marvel in the truest sense it remains one of the most popular and top spots to visit. It boasts of huge pyramidal structures alongside a deep beautiful lake you must see.

2. Vaishno Devi

One of the holiest shrines of India, it is very easily accessible from Jammu. You can reach this place by road afetr setting foot here. Every devotee visits this holy place of worship for some blessings from the divine goddess herself.

3. Nathatop

A snow-capped peak, this mountain is great for some adventure. Enjoy activities like mountaineering and trekking on these icy hill slopes. You can also learn how to ski here.

4. Nandini wildlife sanctuary

Who would have thought that you could even enjoy a safari ride while traveling in Jammu? But this hidden gem of a sanctuary is just that. Largely famous for the pheasant population you can gaze at a variety of wildlife here.

2. Kashmir

Boasting of various valleys and mountains, it houses the beautiful city of Srinagar. This city is called the summer capital of J&K and is a delightful city.

There are many places to visit here as follows-

1. Srinagar 

If you came to Kashmir and still did not visit this place then its a waste of your journey. Enjoy a beautiful Shikhara ride on the Dal lake along with your loved ones.

2. Leh

Aaall is wellll…! All 3 idiots fans should visit this beautiful place to get the real feel. The serene turquoise waters are very calming and soothing to watch.

Leh, Jammu, and Kashmir

3. Hemis

A hidden gem of the Kashmir valley, this place is perfect for the spiritual seekers. Filled with various Buddhist monasteries, you can sit and rest in the company of the monks and saints. Rediscover yourself away from the Chaos through meditation in these peaceful surroundings.

4. Indira Gandhi garden

Though there are innumerable gardens to visit in Kashmir make sure to visit this special garden since it houses a variety of different tulips. This exotic flower is very difficult to find normally so make sure you go to this place for some great beauty to behold.

Apart from these places both Jammu and Kashmir are known for their rich tradition and cultures.  the people here are really warm and caring. Explore as an eco-tourist and you might end up staying at a local house and talk about life over a cup of steaming hot Kahwa. Kahwa is the chai of Kashmiris which is enriched with various spices and cools your nerves.

Also enjoy some delicious cuisine in a variety of dishes like the Yakhni pulao, mutton gravy, Biryani and more. Vegetarians can also enjoy food like the nargisi kofta, vegetable korma etc. Satisfy your sweet tooth with delicacies like the Shahi tukda.

Furthermore, do not forget to shop for some world-class Kesar / saffron. This exorbitantly priced spice is so flavorful that even a small sprinkle can add incredible aroma to any dish. Also, shop for some cozy and warm Pashmina shawls to keep you from getting cold. Carry back silk clothing, papier-mache crafts, and other traditional ornaments as souvenirs.

This state can be reached through almost all means of transport like flight, railways or by road. We hope you do visit this heaven on Earth for a getaway from your boring mundane life.

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