Famous Stars and their Favorite Travel Destinations

We are all starstruck with our stars. From their favorite food to their favorite perfume brands we know it all. We even try incorporating their dressing styles and signature jewelry. So for a true Bollywood fanatic, do you know their favorite place to visit? If not, read on to find where SRK vacations or Anushka loves visiting for some quality time.

1. SRK

The great King Khan loves vacationing in the beautiful city of London. This modern city is perfect for some metro vacations and fun. From clubs to discos, it bursts forth with nightlife.

london bridge
London bridge

In fact, Jr Khan himself stays in London so the Khan family tries visiting this place from time to time. SRK also owns a property here where they love going. So, you can surely go to this place and enjoy your hearts out. And who knows, you might even run into the King himself as you get your coffee?

2. Salman Khan

The Being Human founder loves going to Dubai to enjoy and have fun. He visits this wonderful country with friends and family to have the time of their lives. It is known that he usually celebrates New Years’ eve here.


Visit Dubai to witness one of the tallest structures- The Burj Khalifa and experience life king size. There are also deserts and camel rides to have fun in. Humongous malls are also there where you can buy beautiful souvenirs to carry back home.

3. Amitabh Bachchan

Where does the most beloved and highly respected star love to travel? Though not very keen on traveling much, He loves going to Goa to unwind. All local and indie this place is surely great to destress.

He loves spending his time with his beautiful family and cute granddaughter when vacationing on a cruise or ship. You must surely visit goa to experience all this.

Goa also boasts of great nightlife where you can dance the night away! So, what are you waiting for? get backpacking soon!

4. Ranveer Singh

This young heartthrob loves going to Switzerland when he wants to unwind. with Wifey Deepika, this power couple loves Switzerland as a travel location.

Visit this heaven on Earth for lush green landscapes and peace and calm. You can also try a variety of sports like skateboarding, skydiving, and wakeboarding along with the electric monorail.

5. Sonakshi Sinha

This beauty loves warm countries and warm climates the most. She loves going to places where there is a sunny sky and warm beaches. one of her favorite places is Miami, USA.

This town located in the breezy countryside is a great place to vacation. It has sunny beaches and boardwalks to enjoy. You can have a great tan when you return and show it off.

6. Akshay Kumar

Khiladi Kumar and Mrs. Funnybones love going on family trips. One of their favorite destinations is cape town, South Africa. This lesser-known destination is truly a hidden gem.

Cape Town Of Good Hope South - Free photo on Pixabay


Located near the seaside, it has many artistic hills and crevices to sit on and gaze at the sea. You can also go on long drives and enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

7. Shilpa Shetty

This uber-cool mom also loves a uber-cool place- Spain. This is a highly developed country and can also be traveled with on a budget. This is especially recommended for those planning on a solo trip or wanting to go backpacking.


It is filled with a variety of touristy things like snowcapped mountains, vast monuments, and snow castles. There are fun places to visit with kids too. You can also try out local cuisine like Navarre which is a type of sausage.

8. Shradha Kapoor

The national crush is also a travel enthusiast and loves vacationing. One of the many places she has been to is Seychelles.

For those looking to go on an international trip on a tight budget, this group of islands is the best bet, Having various cottages on seaside beaches, it is perfect for some cooling off. There are spas and massages to replenish your soul. And then you might even end up befriending Shradha maybe?

9. Rani Mukherji

The queen of B’wood is in love with the city of Love- Paris. She loves visiting this pretty city for a trip along with her family.

The capital of France is known to be a great honeymoon destination. For all newly-weds, this place is a must-visit . Enjoy delicate candlelight dinners with your love or go tie love locks and promise each other a forever.

10. Anushka Sharma

Mrs. Kohli is a true traveler spirit and considers The Himalayas her top travel spot. The long-legged beauty goes here for some much-needed calm away from the chaos.

manali himachal
Manali Himachal

You should definitely visit the monasteries in these high mountains to get some spiritual calm and peace. You can also have some adventure through trekking and mountaineering.

We hope you found some great travel goals after reading this article and will soon plan a favorite trip to your favorite celebrity’s favorite destination.

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