Essential Tips For Leh Ladakh Trip For First Time Travellers

Leh Ladakh is a Himalayan town known for its captivating landscape and outlandish experiences. There are many tips to be considered for Leh trip but the most important one is that ‘experience Leh, don’t rush Leh’. We must always be careful in terms of money and medicine supply since it is situated at a high altitude and the itinerary is not a simple one. It is a gorgeous place and the snow adds to its beauty. This place will give us moments and views that we won’t ever forget. Here is a list of tips we must consider while travelling to Leh and planning an itinerary.


The bare necessities

A thing that may not be a necessity in the plains and cities becomes like one n the high mountains. So keeping this in mind, we must carry the essentials like a medical kit and enough warm clothes. The medical kit must have medicine for stomach ache, medicine for headache, vomiting, fever, band-aids, and enough supply of any special medicine that we require. Next most important thing is carrying warm clothes. This implies that we should take jackets, thermal wears, woollen socks, mufflers, sweaters etc. We must also take cold cream, lip balm and goggles. We must also take some dry eatables as we might feel hungry during the journey and the chances of getting an eatery are less. Food, clothes and medicines are the three most essential things for the mountains.

Get acclimatized

One of the most important things is to get acclimatized as our body needs to adjust to the low atmospheric pressure. It might be a problem for some people to get used to the high altitude. So we should experience Leh slowly and steadily. Physical fitness is also important, we must increase our stamina. We shouldn’t tire ourselves by excessive physical work in the region. We shouldn’t force anything on our body. And allow them to accept things slowly.

We will be out of breath and low oxygen availability will lead to complications. This also means that we should abstain from smoking. There are chances of dehydration as we might not find water everywhere and fall sick. Therefore, we must always carry water with us on all the sightseeing trips. Also, heavy intake of alcohol will lead to further complication. Drinking alcohol leads to dehydration so we should go without drinking.


Research properly

Before starting the journey we must have a list of things we will be doing and places we will be visiting. We must have a plan for each day. We should pre-book our stays and accommodations. Planning all these after reaching the destination will be a total waste of time. If we have everything planned then during the extra we may go to some other new places. We must know everything about the place we are travelling to, from the weather to the things available there. The adventures and activities that we can enjoy there, the food available there etc. we must go prepared for everything that might happen there and this is possible only after proper research of the place.

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