Safety in times of Corona

Embracing New Normal – Travel Plans in Pandemic

It’s been quite a time for we have been house arrest. Everyone had a stack of plans for this year. This year was all about to be super productive, full of travel stories, chasing dreams, and making a big change in our lifestyle. However, Life came to a halt with a surge of Corona Virus spread, which soon was declared as Global Pandemic.

Safety in times of Corona
Adaption to new normal

We are still hoping to find a cure for Corona. More likely it is going to take some time to get back to what was considered Normal. Adapting to new normal is accepting reality and living life while adding and subtracting a few habits.

Stuck Between Lockdown and Freedom

Everything normal suddenly became delinquency. Lockdown rules imposed and people had to leave the roads to be safe from the rather unfortunate virus which is still out there. Trips planned postponed until the lockdown gets unlocked. Days passed, lockdown 2.0, and so on imposed as the cases kept on increasing. Now that the cases are increasing at a rate we didn’t imagine, and lockdown is no more a solution to stay safe from the virus, it is the time where we now learn to live with the pandemic. We have upgraded the levels of Hygiene, Social distancing, and carry a mask not because we are some sort of superhero, but we are still saving ourselves and the world from the infection of the virus.

Mask is Mandatory

Change is the only Constant

The normal greetings, ways of showing love, and mingling with people is no more a social norm. Now, maintaining proper distance, washing hands regularly if possible, and sanitizing hands frequently is the new normal.
The travel plans are now on hold due to the temporary closing of travel destinations. In that case, we can rely on some good old-fashioned ways of giving ourselves a ride through these tough times.

We got to learn that when nobody traveled for a few months, nature healed itself. The water of the ocean and beaches are cleaner than before. There is a chance when we get out to greet nature again after the pandemic, it will be better than before.
Amidst corona, we cannot make major plans for extravagant trips. The short spin and traveling to nearby places while following the social distancing norms, avoiding human contacts should be considered on a high note.

Picking up the Destination and mode of travel

Traveling in such conditions is keeping ourselves on high risk therefore the first thing is to get the proper and complete information about sealed and containment zones as well as police patrolling in the areas you would be passing through and chosen destination. It will save you time and an unpleasant standpoint.
Avoiding public transport and public places is the first step towards traveling safely. Always opt for your vehicle. Sanitize it before and after traveling. Keep the good music handy. Maintain a distance of 5 feet while using public transport.

Travelling in Train
Traveling in Public Transport

Try to pick the places you can return home within a day. This way you would be avoiding the risk of staying in places and contacting anonymous people around. While choosing a stay, check out the Corona History of the location and make sure the site is disinfected and cleaned regularly.

Picking up your vehicle to Travel
Picking up Places

People residing in beach cities can check out the private beaches, with minimal human contacts. Keep away from local beaches to avoid exposure.

Hill stations are exempted from tourist crowd for now. This is a good time to enjoy the place you reside without external interference, and we tend to see something different when we are not surrounded by a mass of people.
Planning an early morning road trip to the nearby beach or local hill station, even just a ride to downtown is preferable if it does not involve socializing.

Enjoying Hidden Gems

This is a chance to explore the long-lost trails in clubbing culture. Unearthing peace in forgotten places with a content heart leaves an impeccable impression. Sometimes watching water streaming down gives immense pleasure without being disturbed by hurriedness of clicking pictures. Living in the moment and making most of it is something to learn and rely upon.

Snacks and Munching on the Roadside
Shopping From Hygienic Places
Eat healthily

Food is always an important part of any trip be it long or short. Even when you are traveling to a local place, avoid eating outside. There were times when we used to travel to a place just for the delicacy, that place has to offer.
But in times like Corona, keep the homemade snacks, packaged food, and water in your car or backpack. Try to eat citrus fruits as much as possible, keep yourself hydrated by drinking juices and water frequently.
The picnic culture was almost lost in our fast track lives where everything is available on the go. It sounds like a good plan to pick up where we left.

Relying on Takeaways

Sandwiches, brownies, cupcakes without icing, fruits, roasted dry fruits are healthy and easy to carry options.
While greeting someone or even vendors, keep the sanitizer handy. Try to make it a habit of sanitizing the stuff you buy from vendors, shops, and roadsides. Keeping the spray sanitizers, disinfectants, and wet wipes are usually a big help. Avoid leaving the clutter behind. Keep a disposal bag to collect the trash in the car to avoid the junk. Discard the waste only after reaching home.
Instead of dining in restaurants and cafes, takeaways are better. This way you can have your favorite food without fear.

Mandatory Action plan after Journeying
Safety Tips
Stay Safe

Wash off yourself and clean-up the vehicle without lazing around. Sterilize the stuff used while traveling like water bottles, tumblers, and clothes. Discard the mask and gloves if they are disposable. If not wash them using a clinical disinfectant. Sanitize Mobile phones, cameras, keys, earphones, sunglasses, shoes, etc. Drink a hot cup of ginger tea, coffee, or any herbal drink. Use warm water to drink.
In case symptoms such as cough, sore throat, fever, headache, and cold shows, immediately contact the doctor and get yourself tested.
Thus, keeping necessary prospects in mind, being a little extra careful and alert we can plan for long trips and take short trips meanwhile we get the solution of the pandemic. But everything that happens on a big scale teaches us some very important lessons. Traveling with precautions is the new normal now.

Hope to keep these lessons in mind and travel more!


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