Discover The Romance And Drama Of Santorini

Every person has a different interest when it comes to Tourism. But it is rare for a place to satisfy all kind of visitors. Santorini holds the tourists spellbound. It is one of the spectacular Island in Greece.The incredible vista of the Island leaves one speechless. Window shopping gives a sense of satisfaction to all the shopaholics out there. Santorini can be opted as a wedding destination, romantic vacation, adventure trip or a perfect place to throw an amazing bachelor party.

Thira and Oia are said to be the most populated regions of the Island. Jaw dropping sunsets and the famous picturesque villages are the major attractions of the Island. Santorini was shaped by an very intense volcanic eruption. The eruption engulfed the tip of the volcano and hence forming the caldera. The eruption also led to the separation of small portions of island into independent islands, which once was a whole unified island. 


Santorini’s most scenic and popular village. The entire village has whitewashed houses. Oia has a steep that leads to the edge of the volcanic crater. The village has narrow paths that are strictly pedestrians only. These paths are used for both ascending and descending. Village is recommended to be visited either during the early mornings or in the early evenings.

Oia is not only a renowned destination for tourism but also very popular movie shooting spot. The pleasant blue domed chapels and uniformly whitewashed houses and a marvelous backdrop of blue sea is a pure visual delight. As the evening approaches people are gathered near the Casto wall to spectate the magnificent sunset. View of the sunset here is famous all over the World. The panorama of the sunset has never failed to amuse the visitors.

Black Sand Beach

Perissa Beach is a very famous black sand beach in Santorini. It is located on the Southeast corner of the island. The sand here is little different from the ones seen in the regular beaches. Sand in black color is a uniqueness of this beach. Also the black sand tends to get  a lot hotter more quickly than the regular sand. It is recommended to wear proper sunscreen and carry a flip-flop, to avoid sunburn.

Winery, Thera and the Lighthouse

This place is known for plenty of things, one more thing to add to it would be the world class wine they make. Venetsanos Winery is where you can find the finest wine. People from all over the world travel to Santorini year after year, hence the crowd is usually intact. But in few places like Ancient Thera, number of tourists are very minimal. The architecture of this place is inexplicable and is like walking on the pages of history. Edifice of Ancient Thera spans back to 3rd and 6th century B.C. Akrotiri Lighthouse was built in 19th century and is around 17 Km away from the capital of the island. There is no access to enter the lighthouse but the surrounding view is calm and soothing.

Fira and Pyrgos Kallistis

Fira is the capital of the island and is located in the middle of the Santorini. Population in Fira is about 2000. It is 40 minutes from Oia. Perfect place for Instagram lovers to have top notch photo shoots. Fira has ample restaurants, bars and shops all over the place.

Pyrgos Kallistis is a hilltop 4 Km away from Fira. It is situated in the Mount Profitis Ilias foothills. Surrounded by vineyards from which the most famous Assyrtiko white wine is produced. Steep alleys has many small wine bars, galleries and boutiques giving almost a wall maze effect to the tourist.

Hatzidakis Winery and Ruins of Kasteli Castle

A wonderful place where one can find the most authentic and premium wine called Vinsanto dessert wine. Ruins of Kasteli Castle can only be visited on foot, wearing proper shoes becomes mandatory as one has to hike a bit to get to the top, the view is totally worth it! There is only one entrance to the castle. It was once city’s administration center. In these places visitors are far far lesser than in Oia and Fira. You can take your own time to look around, enjoy the scenery and click memorable moments.

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