Delicious cuisines of South india : Must try Dishes from South India

As you must have read in one of our previous articles, we understand how food is one of the most important things to explore when you travel. The rich diversity of India is uniquely reflected in the different cuisines allover.

We had tried to bring to light some North Indian cuisines before, and you should definitely check that article out. With this post, we would like to concentrate on some traditional foods and cuisines in the south of India.

just like the heritage and cultures which are so different in the North and South, food is also extremely varied. South Indian cuisine mainly focuses on the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana and the union territories of Lakshadweep, Pondicherry, and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

1. Karnataka

Karnataka itself has many regional variations in its cuisines depending on the areas. They can be from North Karnataka, South Karnataka, Coorg, Udupi, and Coastal Karnataka.

Each region is in itself filled with a colorful variety of dishes. We would enlist some from each of these regions for you to try the next time you visit this state.

Masala dosa, Idli-Sambhar, Uppittu, Thatte, uttapam are some typical breakfast dishes. They can also have various rice accompaniments like shavige Bhaat, Kesari Bhaat, and Tomato Bhaat.

The main course usually includes boiled rice with a variety of curries like tambli, palaya. There are also spicy variants of Rasam and Sambhar.

A delicacy of Rice here which is very famous is the Bisi Bele Baath. This is the equivalent of a Biryani for the people of Karnataka.

Being so close to the coast, it is a heaven for fish lovers and other seafood. Chicken is also eaten a lot and the spices used for the curries and marination are very different and taste great.

Just like the Chaas is undeniable in Lunchtime for Gujaratis, in Karnataka a spicy type of Buttermilk called Mallige is a must.

To satisfy your sweet tooth try out the Ghee rich Mysore Pak, Holige, Pineapple sheera, and Dharwad Pedha.

2. Kerala

If you are a true blue nonvegetarian whose each meal is incomplete without meat, then Kerala is a must-visit place for you!

Starting from breakfast, Keralites love having their chicken and mutton right from the start of the Day. Enjoy an Idiyappam or Appam with Mutton stew, beef curry or duck roast. Porotta with Kadle curry or chicken curry is also a favorite. The special masala dosa is a must-try too.

Beef fry

In the main course, you can have any kind of seafood you might have imagined. Shrimp coconut curry, fish curry, fish fry,  fish pickle, podimeen fry, and meen thoran (fish in coconut-based curry).  Karimeen (pearl spot fish) pollichathu, shrimp masala, duck curry, Malabari fish curry, fish molly, kakka (shells) thoran, kallumekka, crabs are some of the many kinds of seafood to try. Amazing, isn’t it!

Meat lovers also do not despair. With the normal chicken curry and mutton curry with coconut, Kerala also offers pork roast, Beef roast, Beef ulirthayadu, and Pork Vindaloo. Some vegetarian options are Avial ( vegetable stew), Pachadi, and Sadhya.

3. Telugu Food

This mainly refers to the regions of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Since the Mughals also resided here, It has a mix of the Mughal and Indian style of cooking.

Of course, the Most important dish you have to eat when you come here id the Tasty and delightful Chicken Biryani.


Apart from this, Andhra also offers options like Pesarattu, Attu, or Upma in the Morning breakfast. The main course is usually the staple rice with variants of Sambhar and curries called gutti vankaya, Bhendakaya fry, dosakaya, and Chaaru.

The city of Hyderabad has Nizami cuisine and you should try the Dum ka murgh, Achari subzi with Rotis.

4. Tamil cuisine

The state of Tamil Nadu is a hub for all foodies who want to try some of the most authentic south Indian dishes. Steamed rice idlis with chutney in Banana leaves on the beautiful marina beach in Chennai is a memory of a lifetime! Remember Alia and Arjun in 2 States, yes exactly like that scene!

Vada, Bonda, Bajji are some snacks famous here which can be had at any time. The staple rice here is served with Kuzhambu, Thayir, Rasam, or Sambhar.

India Masala Dosa

These curries can be made with vegetables, chicken, or Fish as per your tastes and needs. Typically, Tamilians prefer eating vegetarian food but the Nonvegetarian dishes are to die for as well!

Thus, we can see that South Indian food is usually a staple of rice with many different types of curries. But, these curries are really having different tasting everywhere so make sure you try all of them when you visiting the next time.

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