Bountiful Bangalore: Top 10 places to visit in Bangalore

The city f Bangalore is the perfect mix of modern and antique. Located in the state of Karnataka, this pristine city is one of the best destinations for tourists. It is also a great spot for solo travel and safe for women too. We have listed the top 10 spots to visit in Bangalore below for you to look and plan.

1. Vidhan Soudha

The legislative seat of Karnataka is the Vidhan Soudha. It is a beautiful architectural blend of Indo-Saracenic and Indo-Dravidian style. It is a beauty to look at and one of the must-visit places to have a look at some amazing architecture.

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2. Cubbon Park

This vast green manicured garden is spread over a great 300 acres. As majestic as it sounds, it is very beautiful to look at. The lush green lawns are beautifully complimented by tall green trees. It is a nature lover’s haven with its breezy cool skies.

The Bangalore Aquarium housing many different varieties of fish is also located here which is the second-largest aquarium in the whole country.

3. Bangalore Palace

Now owned by the Mysore royal family, this palace is a renowned opulent structure of the Wadiyar Royal family. A great sightseeing destination with Raja Ravi Verma’s paintings, structures, and carvings is a historical beauty.

4. Lal Bagh

Sanctioned by the great king Tipu Sultan, this botanical garden is a haven for botanists and tourists alike. With a 3000-year-old rock as the central attraction, it has many hundreds of varieties of flora and plants.

5. Chunchi falls

Waterfalls are the most beautiful natural attractions ever created. These falls located about 90 km from the main city will leave you enthralled by its beauty and splendor.

6. MG Road

The vein of the city, it ebbs with young blood and enthusiasm. Filled with hi-end shopping centers and quaint old stores, you can shop to your heart’s content here.

The nightlife on this road is one of a kind. So, make sure you go club-hopping here and dance the night away having fun. It is perfect to visit with a couple of friends for a great weekend getaway.

7. Bannerghatta National Park

Enjoy an awesome safari ride with your family in this wonderful national park. Having the first butterfly park in the country, you will be amazed looking at these tiny vibrant creatures.

There are various species of rare animals here like the white tiger, lions, and crocodiles to look at. This is a must-visit picnic spot to spend some quality time with your family.

8. Wonderla Amusement Park

The Imagica of the South, you will get exactly what all the hype is about. Have a fun time with friends or family alike at this amazing amusement park.

It has many super thrilling rides which will leave you screaming with joy and chills. Drop down from a big height among the clouds or have a big funky roller coaster ride, Wonderla offers it all.

9. Jawaharlala Planetarium

This scientific wonder has something in store for all ages. From class three to graduates, there are various scientific models useful for all ages and standards.

File:Nehru Planetarium Entrance Section.jpg - Wikipedia


It has many interesting activities to explain basic scientific concepts in an easy way. The science park has innovative, larger than life structures explaining basic concepts. It also has a sky theatre and exhibition hall where you can gaze at extraterrestrial bodies from the comfort of cushiony seats.

It has lush green trees and the mountains are also a good trek to reach the falls. Have fun clicking pretty photos or enjoy a quiet picnic with your loved ones.

10. Art of Living International Centres

Who would have thought that a bustling metro like Bangalore can also house one of the most important headquarters of the spiritual Art of Living centers? 

This miraculous structure is located a little farther from the city atop the Panchagiri hills. If you are looking for a spiritual vacation and some inner healing, this is the place to visit. Get lost in some soulful meditation and rediscover yourself inside this healing monument.

Bangalore is thus, rightly known as one of the most important hubs of India. It combines the right amount of traditionalism and modernist cultures.

Do not forget to try out the local cuisine like the masala dosa, Idli-Sambar, Medu Vada, or Sheera.

The staple diet of Rice with a variety of Sambhar and Rasam is to die for. It is served with many varieties of Typically south Indian Subzi, pickles or Papads. So, do visit and enjoy some great gorging.

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