View from Honeymoon Point

Best in Nest – A Drive to Mount Abu

Rajasthan is famous for its the Thar Desert and then it is Famous for it’s the only Hill Station Mount Abu. Mount Abu is also called Shimla of Rajasthan. It is a town in Sirohi District, situated at an altitude of 1022 M. It is preferred Summer vacation Spot for Locals and people from nearby states like Gujarat. The mindful experience of visiting Aravalli Range which divides Rajasthan into two parts is a must-have. Abu Road is the connecting point as the Abu Road Railway Station is in the proximity. Mount Abu is also famous for its sweet dish ‘Abu Rabadi’.

Taking up the Drive to the Nest in Aravalli


Driving uphill to the Mountains can be done either by Local Bus, Taxi or by renting a car as well. The drive is compact and full of exciting views of mountains from the Aravalli Range. Witnessing the forest and moats on one side and mountains on the other while driving uptown makes the journey exhilarating. Monsoon and summer are the best time to visit Abu. The amazing weather and thriving forest are welcoming. 

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary and Trevor’s Tank

The Mount Abu Wildlife sanctuary is a dome of eco-diversity. A glance at the wildlife among the oldest Aravalli ranges worth it. This is a major tourist attraction for sightseeing. Trevor’s Tank is a crocodile breeding site, constructed by Col. H Trevor; hence the Site is known as Trevor’s Tank. While this place is an ideal spot for the outing, it’s an absolute favorite of Bird watchers.  

Mountain Peaks and Honeymoon Point

View from the Hill Top
Guru Shikhar

Guru Shikhar is the most towering peak of the Aravalli Range. Seeing the range of Mountains in layers from the highest point gives a winning feeling. To reach the top spot we need to climb several stairs. The panoramic view keeps getting better and the wild wind is soothing while going up. There is Grand Bell is mounted when you reach on the top and lets you celebrate the joy differently.  Hanuman Temple on the way to Guru Shikhar is carved into the rocks. There are multiple stalls available for quick bites, such as Maggie and other refreshments. 

The Honeymoon point is located on the way to Guru Shikhar. It is an elevated rock point with a sight of mountains with different shades of blues. Activities like horse riding and photos with Local attires are popular among tourists.

View from Honeymoon Point
Honeymoon Point

Architecture, Divinity, and Temples

The Dilwada Jain Mandir

The Dilwada Jain Mandir with exquisite architecture, carved into white marble with enhanced details are located around half kilometers from Mount Abu town. This divine place has forbidden the use of mobile and shoes inside the temple courtyard. It gives the ultimate peace of mind while saving us from worldly distractions.

The Arbudadevi temple

The Arbudadevi Temple is situated on a hilltop and embossed in a cave. There are a bunch of monkeys on the way to the Temple. This is a serene place to be, away from humanity with a picturesque sight. 

The Achaleshwar Mahadeva Temple 

The Achaleshwar Mahadeva Temple, Kantinath Jain Temple, and  Achal Fort Jain Temple have been established nearby the Achalgarh Fort. It is said that The Achaleshwar Temple was constructed encircling The Toe Print of Shiva. This place is wholesome with heritage surroundings. 

The Raghunath Temple

The Raghunath Temple is located at the edge of Nakki Lake. The Temple is around 650 years old and rich in ornamental architecture. Temples have always been a great source of energy. Since it is near the banks of Nakki lake, beauty and grace amplify automatically.  

Universal Peace Hall and Garden

Shanti Bhawan Building
Universal Peace Hall

Om Shanti Bhawan is an auditorium with having sitting capacity of 5000 people. It is also known as Om Shanti Bhawan and is Intl’ Headquarter of Brahmakumari’s. Many people come here for meditation. Interactive and informative sessions are conducted to explain the spirituality and history of the Peace Hall, Here is a garden as well. The garden has quotes and Peace Messages cited beautifully. 

Nakki Lake

Nakki Lake is in the middle of the town, also known as Love Lake. The Lake Area is aristocratic and cozy. This is a serene place to be. The chaos is dulled by the views of boats and hills surrounding it. Nakki Lake is the first artificial Lake of India at this altitude. Boating in “Nakki Jheel” is an ardent experience with overwhelming views of rocks and mountains.

Water Body surrounded by Mountains
Nakki Lake


Sunset Point and Toad Rock

Toad rock is visible from Nakki Lake. The big Rock has shaped as a Tadpole hence named Toad Rock. Around 250 steps need to be climbed to reach here, but the view it offers after reaching here is worth the tramp.

The Sunset Point is next to Nakki Lake. You can see the Sunset twice while hiking to the Sunset Point. You can take Pony Rides as well to reach here. This spot offers natural landscape views that are perfect for Couple’s photoshoot. 

Shopping and Devouring

Every tourist place has stalls and shops selling local and unique products. The way leading to the Nakki Lake area has a market selling various items. From leather items to antique toys this market has everything. Small kitchen tools made of marbles and wood are also famous. This market has a fair share of Hotels, shops, cafes, and restaurants as well. The food here is classic and exotic. Devouring the local food is one should do while traveling to such places! 

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