Top 8 places to visit in Paros, Greece

A beautiful sunny beach and pretty white sands. You lazing around in your chair and tanning yourself. Exotic locales surrounding you as you sip wine from your flute glass! Ah! That’s really what paradise looks like essentially! But no we are not talking about heaven! Welcome to the beautiful land of Paros in Greece. An […]

Uttarakhand – The Land of Gods

Uttarakhand or Uttaranchal is called Devbhoomi. This literally translates to the Land of Gods. This is because of the innumerable temples and shrines that are located here. Let us look through some famous places you can visit here – 1. Mussoorie The famous hill station is one of the top places you should visit in […]

Bountiful Bangalore: Top 10 places to visit in Bangalore

The city f Bangalore is the perfect mix of modern and antique. Located in the state of Karnataka, this pristine city is one of the best destinations for tourists. It is also a great spot for solo travel and safe for women too. We have listed the top 10 spots to visit in Bangalore below […]

The “Little Tibet” of India: Ladakh

This autonomous region is also called “little Tibet” . Similar to Tibet in its culture and traditions it can be called one of the most beautiful places to visit in not just India, but the entire world. The third region of the great state of Jammu and Kashmir, it is one of the most wonderful […]

Punjab: The land of green fields and sparkling rivers

Punjab comes from the literal meaning of  ‘The land of five rivers.” With god’s grace, this land is touched by the waters from five very holy rivers which are – Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Sutlej, and Beas. Due to this abundant water supply, Punjab boasts of the most fertile lands and green pastures in the country. […]

humayu tomb delhi

Top 10 places to visit in the Capital of India : Delhi

” Dilli hai dilwalo ki ” … A famous dialogue and which holds true for the people from the Capital. New Delhi is the capital of this vast country of ours, India. So, what can we even say to justify its beauty and grandeur? Filled with various historical relics and some of the most important […]

Majestic McLeodganj : Top 15 Places to Visit

Himachal Pradesh is a state of immense beauty and splendor. It has various tourist destinations like Kullu, Manali, Dharamshala, Shimla, and many more. It is home to most famous hill stations across the country. McLeodganj is one such extremely famous and popular hill station. Though not as popular as Shimla or Manali, this is the […]