Authentic food places in Allahabad

Authentic Food Places In Allahabad

Popularly known for the ‘Sangam’ of three rivers – Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati – and worldwide famous for the huge and magnificent Kumbh Mela. Every 12 years there is Purn Kumbh, every 6 years there is Ardh Kumbh and every year there is Magh Mela. One of the holiest lands of India remains swamped with devotees and pilgrims each and every year. The temples, the rituals, the gathering – nothing can top all this, the essence of Allahabad. But do you what is underrated? Authentic food places in Allahabad!

From spicy to tangy to sweet, the possibilities are endless. This post talks about the best, wallet-friendly, delicious street food and local restaurants that you must-try when in Sangamnagri. Let’s take a take walk, shall we?

1. Chhola Samosa at Sainik

Authentic food places in Allahabad
Chhole Samosa

Round the corner in Ashok Nagar, Sainik’s famous shop sells probably the best Samosas in all of Allahabad. If you like a bit of a ‘chaat’ twist to it, chole samosa should appease you. The smashed samosa added to the spicy chhole with red chutney, onions, coriander and besan ke sev as a garnish.

Of course, you can prepare this at home but for the real authentic taste, you must visit Muir Rd, Rajapur, Allahabad. Sainik is one of the authentic places in Allahabad that a true foodie should never ever miss.

2. Dehati ka rasgulla and VIP ka rasgulla

Authentic food places in Allahabad
Dehati ke rasgulle

A trip to Allahabad remains incomplete without rasgullas from Dehati Rasgulla and VIP Rasgullas. In Allahabad, gulab jamun is known as rasgulla. Areas in Chowk boasts of the enormous and delicious sweet dish. The sweet makers here use age-old methods to retain the original and traditional taste of the dish. The quality of milk is unparalleled, which results in a dense, soft, and grainy texture.

While you are here, don’t forget to pack some for back home, they are known to retain their taste and flavor over a long time.

3. Netram ki Kachori in Katra

Authentic food places in Allahabad
Kachori at Netram

Round, flaky and tasty – the Kachoris of Allahabad has a certain charm to them that actually speaks for themselves. These balls of Urad Dal are filled with a spicy and tangy filling that goes perfectly with the sabzi that they are served with. The sabzi is spicy and tangy as well. Complimentary side dishes include either chutney or raita, one kind of sweet – mostly Gulab jamun – and 2 kinds of sabzi.

The locals vouch for Netram Mulchand & Sons as being one of the places to savor local food in Allahabad. The best part is that the Kachoris are fried in Pure Desi Ghee, which lends them a flavor that is unique and savory.

4. Nirala Ki Chaat at Loknath

Nirala Ki Chaat

Chaat does not need any introduction, does it? Allahabad boasts of some of the best chaat in the whole country. Nirala Ki Chaat definitely tops the must-visit chaat stalls. The ‘aloo Tikki’, ‘Dahi-sonth ke batashe’, ‘papdi chaat’ and of course the ‘gol gappe’ have maintained the deliciousness quotient over the years. The best part is they are all made in desi ghee! Tamatar chaat remains to be one of its specialties. The tangy taste of tomato mixed with the spicy ingredients of chutney makes it exquisite.

The shop has been making their chaat delicacies for years together and has become an identifying feature of Loknath Lane. For every gastronomer out there, this is one of the most authentic food places in Allahabad. 

5. Chatpatta Churnura at Subhash Chauraha

Churmura at Subhash Chauraha

Resembling Kolkata’s jhaal-muri, the main ingredient remains ‘murmura’ or ‘laiya’. A unique taste that has the goodness of roasted chickpeas, peanuts, and of course, chat masala. Right at the main crossing in Civil Lines, opposite Samsons and Khadi Gramodyog, the ‘Churmura’ cart can be found. Selling this tasty treat for over half a century, this corner remains one of the best attractions all over Allahabad.

Whenever you are planning to shop in Civil Lines, do not forget to taste the spicy churmura here. Do not confuse it with Bhelpuri. It’s quite different though the ingredients seem similar.

6. Dahi Jalebi at Hira Halwai

Dahi Jalebi

If you are not from Allahabad, this is something that will sound obnoxious to you. But trust me, once you try this, you will not have any complaints. Nothing can go wrong with this fusion, Dahi and Jalebi, an appealing composition of sweet and sour, served best at Hira Halwai. If you are a true sweet tooth, you’re bound to come back to this dish and place.

This strange combination is gaining popularity day by day. If you haven’t tasted it yet, you should make sure to pay a visit to Hira Halwai.

7. Coffee at Indian Coffee House

Indian Coffee House

The Indian Coffee House is one of the most authentic food places in Allahabad. Known for both its coffee and its environment of buzzing, unending discussion, if you wanna meet the real old school Allahabadis, you must visit this cafe. While you relish in the taste of delicious and strong coffee here, you’re sure to overhear an endless stream of conversation brimming around you. The buzz is filled with every kind of conversation everything under the sun: from politics to literature to local events, no subject is left behind.

If you’re feeling peckish, the Coffee House has got you covered with a nice selection of South Indian dishes, and a few simple but satisfying egg dishes for breakfast. If you’re new in Allahabad and want to get a feel for the city, spend a few hours here to steep yourself in tea, coffee, and community.

Be it Kumbh Mela or age-old historic places, Allahabad, or shall we say Prayagraj? Whatever the name, Sangam Nagri has got something for every kind of foodie out there. I have not listed every place, it is almost impossible. But these are the must-visit if you are looking for authentic food places in Allahabad. With reasonable prices and exemplary taste with the real North Indian cuisine, Allahabadi food is nothing short of food that you will not enjoy!

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