impact of covid-19 on tourism

Aftermath and Effects of Covid-19 on travel and tourism

Travelling to various places during downtime or a planned vacation is something that we all do to keep our stressful, monotonous life aside and breathe the freedom of enjoyment.

 But there arises a question, will we be able to breathe in horde without thinking about the pandemic causer and without wearing a mask. There comes into play, the aftermath effects of Covid-19 and how it has to be tackled while planning for either leisure travel or a business tour.

One thing that we can not overlook at, is that this highly contagious virus can not be underestimated, hence high degree of precautions are must while travelling and only mandatory travels has to be permitted until the situation stabilizes.

Most affected

The countries like Maldives, British Virgin Islands, Macao, Aruba, Bahamas will have to grasp the nettle of economic imbalance, as these countries’ are greatly dependent on the revenue acquired from the travel and tourism business.

Students who were planning to study abroad and had their documents being processed will definitely have undergone hesitancy by now. Pilgrims, wage workers, students are stuck away from home.

64 flights and 3 Indian navy ships are underway to evacuate and rescue the stranded Indian nationals under the mission Samudra Setu(INS Jalashwa, INS Magar) and Vande Bharat.

The situation is as such that we have to accommodate with the virus, such that the preventive measures have to be always taken for at least few more months.

Why is it so strenuous to develop a vaccine?

Viruses are made up of ribonucleic acid(RNA) and are single stranded in nature, hence the mutation occurs easily and quickly once it is cut and remixed, meaning any vaccine developed becomes obsolete soon after.

Finding a vaccine is so critical as the virus has the ability to mutate its gene so vaccine also has to be modified and formulated accordingly. The major concern is that the vaccine should not exhibit any sort of reverse reactions and has to be compatible to all age groups.

Interferon and plasma therapies are being administered to Covid-19 patients, but there are still series of tests that has to be conducted to perusal the virus and the response of it towards the therapy.

Obligatory to dos for a safe travel

  • Pre and post sanitation of all commuting vehicles on regular basis.
  • Pre-planning and execution of travel according to a given protocol.
  • Required screening tests prior to travel has to be performed.
  • Passengers carrying and wearing mandatory kit(mask and sanitizer) should only be permitted to travel.
  • Minimal transaction of currency, rather opt. for online payment(UPI).

How the travel industry is helping people at this hour of need…

 Air India has been delegated to provide special two-way ferry which will carry foreign passengers, who came here and could not fly back due to the lockdown from India to their natives and while returning, bring back the Indian nationals home. As of now twelve countries are chosen where these flights will fly. 

 The travel industry is undergoing the most inevitable phase ever witnessed in history, revival may take long but meanwhile the cruise ships, flights, trains can be used to combat Covid-19. 


The conclusion of any blog depends on how a blogger wants to conclude it. But, the conclusion of coronavirus entirely depends on each and every person on this planet. The more responsible we become, the easier the process of eradication becomes. We all are in this together. Nobody chose to live like this. These steps are been taken by the government to secure our future and find an antidote to exterminate the virus. 

                                        IT ALWAYS SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE UNTIL IT’S DONE.- NELSON MANDELA

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