Adventurous Things To Do In Bali

Bali, a city blessed with more things that one can count. The lush greenery, the enchanting wilderness, its traditional culture carefully blended perfectly with modern ways and styles and its immensely popular nightlife! Bali is undoubtedly an island with a relaxed-atmosphere that calms you inside out. But the city is a paradox. For adventure junkies out there, Bali should occupy the top positions in their destination lists. There are various adventurous things to do in Bali that will leave you high on adrenaline. Ranging from flying underwater to sky-high Bali swings, Bali has a lot to offer. The question is, are you ready to grab it all?

Here is a list of adventurous things you must do in Bali:

1. Climb Mount Batur at Sunrise

Adventurous Thing To Do In Bali
Mount Batur Sunrise Trek

Hike Bali’s most active volcano to witness one of the most beautiful sunrises of your life. Amidst the clouds, soothing chirp of the birds, here you can enjoy every natural wonder. The path is marked accurately, so you won’t have trouble finding your up to the summit. Although the ascend to the summit is rocky and can push you to your limits, it is a perfect experience for beginners. Not to mention, the adrenaline rush during this once in a lifetime opportunity is worth it.

The mountain is considered one of the most sacred by the locals, and it overlooks one of Bali’s largest lakes.

Aside from the view, you’ll get to taste delicious eggs cooked over the volcano! Coffee, tea and a simple breakfast of banana sandwiches will also be waiting for you at the top.

2. Go flying in Flying Fish.

Adventurous things to do in Bali
Flying Fish

If you want to blow your mind, you have to try this water sport anyhow! What does a flying fish do? Why, of course, it flies! You will be holding to ropes on a rubber boat, shaped like a fish. And the speedboat will pull it.  It usually accommodates three persons- a guide and two passengers- to maintain optimum balance in the air. It’s tied to a speedboat which then pulls the flying fish into the air, depending on the wind speed.

The rubber boat will take off from the water surface, against the wind, and you will literally flying up high in the sky! This relatively new form of sport in Bali is a must-try.

Flying fish is definitely one of the best adventurous things to do in Bali. Complete guidance with the help of trained guides will be provided. Each ride lasts for about 15 minutes, and that will leave you wanting more, I promise. On a good windy day, you can fly more than 2 meters. Don’t forget to keep holding tight!

3. Take a ride on Bali Swing.

Adventurous things to do in Bali
Bali Swing

Have you dreamt of flying amidst the clouds? Whole world under your fingertips, wind rushing through your hair and see the limitless azure sky and lush nature wherever your eyes wander? If yes, then I give you a ride of the Bali swing!

Let your heart soar high in one of the most adventurous things to do in Bali. The breathtaking view of the wilderness beneath your feet while swinging in mid-air will fill you up with the rush. Most of the island of Bali is visible from the height of 10 m – 78 m. You can choose the height as per your convenience. Find some amazing instagrammable pictures here!

4. Slide down Aling Aling Waterfall.

Aling Aling Waterfall

Bali boasts of many awe-inspiring waterfalls all over the town. But Aling Aling waterfall with its natural waterslide still manages to steal the show. If you are looking for heart-pumping adventure, this one is definitely for you! You can embrace a tour from the cemented stairs to the waterslide where you can splash down in the water. Another striking feature of this water slide is you can enjoy a swimming session in these natural pools once you slide down into it.

Trek up to the Aling Aling waterfall and enjoy the beauty if rare flora and fauna circling this untouched nature. Sit and enjoy the 35 m drop of Aling Aling waterfall along with 3 breathtakingly gorgeous cascading falls. The tranquil vibe of this place will refresh your body, mind and soul.

5. Ride on the Reverse Bungy in Kuta.

5GX Reverse Bungy

Looking for something in the city? I got you. The 5GX Reverse Bungy in Kuta could be something new which makes your palm sweat while you’re having fun at the same time. It is strictly not for the faint-hearted, mind you. The closed capsule will take you upside down.

The ride consists of a spherical steel structure within which you’re seated. It’s connected via elastic ropes to two towers on the side. The passenger sphere is catapulted into the air at a speed of 200kmph and can rotate completely. Do you know what they say? “It’s the only legal way to get high in Bali!” You may even see the sunset from high if you take this ride at the right time. Since it operates well into the night, one can even go up at dusk and witness the glittering gorgeous city of Bali below.


6. Zoom in the sky while Flyboarding.


Bali is one of the popular tourist destinations for different kinds of water sports. One of the most exhilarating adventure activities in Bali, Flyboarding is a must-do for adrenaline seekers. If you want to try out this activity, Tanjung Benoa beach is your destination.

Invented by a former jet-ski champion, Franky Zapata, it combines a surfing board and a Jet Ski motor. You’ll be wearing a boot attached to a surfing board with a hose connected to a motor. With high water pressure, you will be thrust up into the air with water shooting out from the nozzles. You can go as high as 15 m into the air. If you want to feel like a superhero, you must try this water sport!

The basic flyboarding is while standing upright. But if you’re more experienced and want to experiment, you can even dive into the water. This will definitely provide you with some crazy and amazing pictures to post on your social media.

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