Aatmanirbhar Tourism – Becoming Truly Sustainable Tourists

Imagine yourself in a beautiful cottage atop the sloping hills viewing the sunrise. The warm,bright sun shines through. The sweet scent of your adrak wali chai wafting through the breeze and into your nostrils giving you a sense of calm and peace. Your eyes are wide open and staring in contentment at this beautiful scenario as you gaze out through the window. This is all possible through sustainable tourism.

Fast forward to now, and all this definitely feels like a distant dream! This virus has wreaked havoc in our lives and forced us to stay home.

But, now also think about that day. How would you like it to be? Suppose you have visited Shimla and want to enjoy this exact scenario. But when you reach there, your agent takes you to a typical 3-star restaurant and you get served a breakfast consisting of bread and omelets. You feel the lunch will help you explore the varied cuisines but it’s an even bigger disappointment! You have travelled thousands of kilometers to eat Chole bhature and some apparently local food loaded with a heavy amount of garam masala!

What is sustainable tourism?

This is precisely what we want to change through Aatmanirbhar tourism or sustainable tourism.

According to google, sustainable tourism is the concept of visiting somewhere as a tourist and trying to make a positive impact on the environment, society, and economy.  This means you promote make in India and become atmanirbhar yourselves while also helping people become so.

In simpler words, sustainable tourism allows you to experience firsthand local culture and also helps the local population make some money off it. It’s a win-win situation for all.

This basically involves going local in all aspects right from the planning of the trip. We at Yambur Enterprises strive to give you this very perfection.

Lodging and boarding

When you first plan a trip, the most important thing is the lodging and boarding. In this concept, you will stay at a local’s place. This is based on your budget and location and various options are available to help you. If you are going on a family trip usually you are assigned a spacious bungalow or live in a room with a family household for your comfort. If you are out on a solo trip then they give you low budget hostels too where you get to experience living with people from various different cultures. Being a woman, I also understand how important it is to get a safe boarding and most corporations ensure this and lease out good places by star ratings.


The second most important thing is food. A tourist on a local tour usually has lunch and dinner included in their itinerary. This means your host himself prepares the food served to you. They eat the food you are served and you can dine with them to understand their dining etiquettes. It definitely cannot get more authentic, can it?


For example, if you are touring Kashmir, a kahwa from the local boatman will definitely taste much better than had at a hotel.


Through this concept, you also end up exploring more! When we go by the standard procedures with standard companies you get to visit only the designated spots for a designated time. As a sustainable tourist though, you are your own boss. Based on your interests the itinerary can be curated for you to do things you love. You can also spend more time exploring that dark alley than the typical palace. The local bazaars are also bound to give you the best prices if your tour guide is their local vendor!

Kashmiri Lamb Curry

The famous mouth-watering curry is a must-have! It is extremely tasty and delectable!


Helping Local Economy by Sustainable Tourism

Moreover, this helps uplift an area’s economy tremendously! The people who host you are well mannered but poor. By rejecting the hotel, you help give a new lease of life to these people and provide them with some much-needed money. The local foods and the thelas selling them are able to reap benefits. The jhumkas and necklaces you buy as souvenirs ensure that these local markets keep running. It helps the local tour guides too who are otherwise abandoned in favor of English – speaking modern young men employed by big companies.

So you end up not only enjoying more but also help give a boost to the local people! You become a nationalist in the true sense while having so much fun. You can personally modify the tours as needed.


We at Yambur work relentlessly to help this concept become popular. We would be very pleased if you invest your time in us and we assure you we would give you the best possible tour of the great Himalayas.

This is a relatively new trend but its catching on. People all over the world are embracing this concept with open minds and overflowing hearts, so will you?

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