A Trip To Kalpa, A Scenic Village In The Indian Himalayas

The main village of Kinnaur, it is known for its pristine beauty and sacred temples and beautiful monasteries. This town is also famous for apple orchards and lush green flora and fauna. The town is surrounded by majestic Kinnaur-Kailash range peeking from across the Sutlej River for a blissful weekend getaway. Here We go for A Trip To Kalpa, A Scenic Village In The Indian Himalayas!

“I see a mountain in my way
It’s looming larger by the day
I see a darkness in my fate
I’ll drive my car without the brakes”

That was a quote from the song “Mountain at My Gates” by Foals, and it kind of sums up my time in Kalpa, a small Himalayan village in Himachal Pradesh, India. Upon looking out my window, or stepping on to the deck just outside it. I was greeted by a string of mountains so close I could almost touch them.

 Kalpa – Beautiful Monasteries

Kalpa is most popular gateway town for those heading to Spiti, but it’s worth staying a few days to feast on the world class mountain views and breathe in the relaxed vibe of this historic Himalayan village.

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Kalpa beauty of Himachal Pradesh is covered in a snow blanket, with its minimum temperature dipping to minus 1.6 degree Celsius on Wednesday. Situated around 250 km from Shimla, Kalpa in Kinnaur district has experienced 32 cm of snow, as per the reports of weathermen.

People in the state experienced chilly winds and intermittent rains, with the minimum temperature stuck at 4.7 degree Celsius. Other tourist hotspots, such as Narkanda and Kufri, situated around 65 km from the state, also experienced mild snowfall, which melted soon.

Walking Around Kalpa

Kalpa spreads itself up a hill with houses, hotels and temples overlooking a foundation of apple orchards which the local economy is built upon. I stayed in the lower section of Kalpa, close to the bus station, and walked around the village a few times. The older houses and temples are found in lower Kalpa while most of the hotels sit on the hill above. The views are amazing from anywhere.

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Locals shuffle around the stone streets and lanes and it’s nice to sit a while on the seats in the centre of town and watch everyday life unfold. You’ll often be joined by locals who wear traditional green and beige caps.

Hiking To Suicide Point

The haze created by recent forest fires shrouded the skies during my first few days in Kalpa. Eventually, the haze lifted, so off I went on the brief hike to suicide point.

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The views of the Kinnaur Kailash Range along the way are incredible and the drop-offs from the road are much more relaxing to walk along than drive by. After passing by apple orchards and pine forests I reached suicide point, which is basically just a graffiti inscribed rock above a massive drop-off to the valley below.

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I’m guessing people have died here but it didn’t seem much more dangerous than any other stretch of this treacherous group of Himalayan roads (the road to Chitkul being the worst). There is also a longer day hike up the hill from Kalpa but the haze stopped me venturing up there.

Getting An Inner Line Permit In Reckong Peo 

Reckong Peo, a 20-minute bus ride from Kalpa, is the administrative centre of Kinnaur. If you’re a foreigner who is planning on travelling to Spiti you’ll need to get an inner line permit.

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These are theoretically free but you’ll most likely have to get it through a travel agent which will set you back 400 INR (at the time of writing — it’ll probably keep getting more expensive). The 400 INR should include all photo copying etc — just fill in a form and pick it up a couple of hours later.

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Getting In & Out Of Kalpa

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Buses don’t go directly to Kalpa. First you’ll stop in Reckong Peo and from there you can catch a bus to Kalpa, either from across the road from the bus station or near the roundabout in the centre of town. You can reach Reckong Peo from Shimla in around 10 hours — it’s a bumpy journey but the views are nice. From Kalpa (via Reckong Peo) you can catch a bus to Kaza (Spiti) via Nako and Tabo. Nako (around 5 hours from Reckong Peo and the same to Kaza) is awesome and you should definitely stop there for a day or two. Tabo, one of the first towns you’ll see in Spiti, isn’t so interesting, but it is worth checking out the impressive paintings inside the ancient Tabo Monastery.

Ideal for: Family and friends
Ideal duration: 1-2 days
Best time to visit: March to September
How to reach: Nearest railway station to the village is again Shimla (244 km). It is one of the major stations connecting to several major cities inclusive of Delhi. Hire a taxi or take a bus from right here for Kalpa.
Things to do: Kalpa Reckong Peo, Kinnaur Kailash, Kamru Fort, Jorkanden
Nearby famous places: Shimla

Have you been to any mountain towns like Kalpa? Let me know in the comments below!

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