A Travel Guide To Monasteries of Ladakh

Monasteries in Ladakh are much more far than religious centres. Located in heaven that Ladakh is, these famous monasteries are purifying havens where one can find inner peace. Include them in the itinerary as you plan a trip to Leh Ladakh to enjoy the splendid and; spectacular topographical medley comprising snow-capped mountains, sprawling cold deserts, sparkling lakes, surreal glaciers, and serene mountain passes. Here we go for  A Monasteries of Ladakh for soul-stirring experience…

Ladakh has a surreal beauty that allures and fascinates everyone. Ladakh has a tremendous history and sparkling heritage too. The monasteries in Ladakh, India are breath-taking and enchanting structures that also hold the Buddhist heritage alive and fresh.

Top 10 Monasteries In Ladakh

Monasteries are one of the simplest places to go to. If you’re looking to enjoys meditation, want to seek out inner peace, or solemnity. Here is that the list of monasteries in Ladakh that; you simply must visit on your vacation here to possess a peaceful and soul-stirring experience.

1. Hemis Monastery – Spiritual Trip

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It is built during the rule of the King Singge Namgyal. Hemis is one among the most important and hottest monasteries in Ladakh.Shares its origin with Naropa- an Indian Buddhist who attained enlightenment here.

This is one among the foremost charming Buddhist monasteries in Leh Ladakh. Managed and travel by the Drukpa sect of Buddhism. Hemis monastery in Ladakh boasts of a spectacular copper statue of Buddha and; beautiful paintings, Stupas, articles, and amazing Thangkas depicting various aspects of Buddhist culture. This is one of the most popular monasteries in Nubra Valley.

Key attractions of Hemis Monastery:  It is 12m long Thanka- which is largest in Ladakh and therefore the Hemis Festival – celebrated during June-July. 

2. Thiksey Monastery – Find Peace

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Resembling the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet, Thiksey is one among the gorgeous Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh. Snuggled at an altitude of 11,800 feet, this monastery is taken care of by the people of Yellow Hat (Gelugpa) sect. It comprises a 12-storey building complex and houses more than 500 monks. Thiksey monastery in Ladakh has a large and; a precious collection of Buddhist books, journals, statues, scripts, stupas, swords, and Thangka paintings.

Thiksey is one among the monasteries to remain in Ladakh if you would like to spend a while in peace and tranquil.

Key attractions of Thiksey Monastery: 49 ft statue of Maitreya Buddha- largest in entire Ladakh and Dukhang Karmo – a huge long assembly hall

3. Diskit Monastery – Ancient And Unique

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There are many Ladakh monasteries to remain at and therefore the next is one among the simplest among them. Located within the beautiful Nubra Valley– Diskit is one among the foremost beautiful and therefore the oldest Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh. And found in the 14th century by Changzem Tsera Zangpo. It belongs to the Gelugpa sect (Yellow Hat) of Tibetan Buddhism. It has various Buddha statues, images of other guardian gods, and a huge drum.

Owing to the breathtaking location. This one of the famous monasteries in Ladakh offers solemn serenity and inner peace.

Key attractions of Diskit Monastery: Festival of Scapegoat or Dosmoche festival, mask dance during the festival, and Jampa Buddha statue. One must also experience the matins ceremony held there.

4. Likir Monastery – Picturesque

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Likir Monastery, popular as Likir Gompa was founded by Lama Duwang Chosje within the 14th century. According to Buddhist mythology, this is often the primary construction by the Tibetan monks. The museum located inside the monastery showcases a wide array of Tibetan artifacts and relics.

Key attractions of Likir Monastery: Likir Dosmoche Festival- on the 12th month of Tibetan Calendar and preaching of Pratimoksha disciplines

5. Spituk Monastery – Magnificent

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Spituk Monastery was founded by Od-Ide within the 11th century. Today it’s home to 100 monks. Spituk has three-chapels namely Stok, Sankar and Saboo and consists of ancient memorials, idols, frescoes, statues and religious scriptures.

Key attractions of Spituk Monastery: A temple dedicated to Vajrabhairava Deity, which accessible to visitors only during Gustor Festival and sacred idol of Amitayus.

6. Stakna Monastery – Amazing Views

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Stakna- locally mentioned as Tiger’s Nose could also be a little and serene monastery. It is founded during the reign of King Jamyang Namgyal in 1580. Located on the Left Bank of Indus and perched on a hill. Stakna monastery in Leh Ladakh offers amazing and jaw-dropping views of the Indus valley.

Stakna could also be a Buddhist monastery in Ladakh which houses numerous paintings, idols. Buddhist scriptures, and has many sister monasteries like in Zanskar-Bardan, Stakrimo, and Sani.

Key attractions of Stakna Monastery: Statue of Arya Avaloketesvara, Dukhang auditorium with paintings of; Sakyamuni, Tsephakmad, and Amchi, silver gilded chorten with Buddha picture and; paintings of Bodhisattva, Tshong-san-Gompa, and Padma Sambhava.

7. Alchi Monastery – Beautiful

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Alchi Choskor Monastery could also be a branch of Likir raised by Lotsawa Rinchen Zangpo. It’s one of the foremost important and most reputed monasteries of Ladakh. Its complex comprises of three sections- Dukhang, Sum-trek, and thus the temple of Manjushri.

Alchi is found on a transparent land and boasts of ancient sculptures, books, paintings, and figurines. Alchi Monastery in Ladakh is one of the foremost popular attractions here.

Key attractions of Alchi Monastery: Sum-trek- three-story temple, four-armed huge Bodhisattva statue, white Avalokiteshvara statue, an idol of Maitreya Buddha, and Jamie Lhakhang Temple.

8. Phyang Monastery – Peaceful And Serene

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Phyang Gompa belongs to the red hat sect of Buddhism and is perhaps the foremost impressive monastery in Leh Ladakh. It’s located on a hilltop and thus offers stunning views of the encircling.

This white and ochre-coloured structure is one of the must-visit monasteries in Ladakh. And maybe a crucial hub of Digung teachings. The wall paintings at Phyang Gompa depict Buddhist culture and heritage.

Key attractions of Phyang Monastery: 900-year old museum depicting thangkas, different idols. Mongolian, Tibetan and Chinese weaponry and guns, Gang-Sngon Tsedup Festival, and Sacred Dance Festival

9. Takthok Monastery – Architectural Marvel

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Located in Ladakh’s Sakti Village- Takthok is that the sole monastery of the Nyingmapa tradition. It’s one of the foremost famous monasteries in Ladakh and houses on the brink of 55 lamas. It possesses an incredible sort of architecture with rocky walls. And roofs, central courtyard, auditorium, beautiful frescos, murals, and thus the holy throne of His Holiness Dalai Lama. The 108 volumes of Kandshur teachings of Buddha are preserved here.

Key attractions of Takthok Monastery: Meditation cave of Padmasambhava and Statues of Future Buddha, Dorje and Takposal.

10. Lamayuru Monastery – Ancient and delightful

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Founded in the 11th century, Lamayuru is one among the oldest and largest Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh. The monastery is found on a steep mountain, the monastery is renowned as ‘Tharpa Ling’ which translates to the ‘place of freedom’. Every 5th month of the Tibetan calendar, a holy mask dance is performed by the monks inside the monastery which may be a great spectacle.

Key attractions of Lamayuru Monastery: the primary temple of Singhe Ghang and therefore the picturesque Lamayaru Village.

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With so many Buddhist monasteries, Leh Ladakh is your ultimate stop to seek salvation and meaning in life. If you have missed these heavenly abodes during last Ladakh vacation- do include them in the next trip to Ladakh. These monasteries in Ladakh are surreal, serene and stunning.

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