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9 Unreal Things In India That Are Hard To Believe

From Buddhist mummies to home for aliens, India has no shortage of mysterious and inexplicable happenings all over the country. With different religions and different beliefs comes a variety of stories and theories. Some may seem justified but others will leave you in questions and doubts.

Is the world truly exactly like we had thought of?

What dark forces and nature lurk in the unknown?

Here’s a list of 10 weird but real places in India

1. Lake of Human Bones

Roopkund Lake
Skeleton Lake of Uttarakhand

Found at the height of 16,000 ft, Roopkund Lake is famous for its beautiful scenic beauty. But something else will terrify the living daylights of you. Every year after the snow melts and from the lake water arises 200-300 skeletons haphazardly. Forensics tested to found the bones to be 12oo year old.

Nobody knows what exactly happened here. Popular folklore includes the story of a king, queen and many of their subjects travelling to Nanda Devi shrine on a pilgrimage. Unfortunately, they found themselves midst and a hailstorm and with no place to take shelter, they perished.

Lately, scientists have also found 3 different species of skeletons which shows that it’s not only Indians but people from faraway regions too.  Many theories had been put up by scientists and researchers but it continues to be a mystery.

2. Floating Column of Temple

Hanging Pillar of Lepakshi Temple

This Shiva Temple in the state of Andhra Pradesh renowned for its architecture and intricate engravings. Of all the 70 pillars of the temple, one of the pillars stands out. It floats a few centimeters above the ground. People pass various objects below this pillar for prosperity and good luck.

The plausible explanation popular among the people is that it’s one of the tricks that the people of that era could pull off.

3. World’s Only Meteorite Lake 

Lonar Crater Lake

In the village of Lonar of Maharashtra, a lake sits possibly due to a meteor impact. This subject of wonderment is around 570,000 years old. Recognized as the only hyper-velocity impact crater in the world, scientists take a keen interest in this part of the country.

One of the most unexplainable facts about the lake that is it basic and alkaline at the same time, making it one of its kind in the whole world. The source of water for this lake remains inexplicable nor does anyone know what sits in its bottom.

The Lake also houses many microorganisms in different sections of the water. These organisms are also rarely found anywhere else on Earth. Compasses also fail to work around some regions of Lake.

4. E.T. in Ladakh

Kongka La Pass, Ladakh

One of the many disputed lands of India and China borders, Kongka La Pass sits at the height of 16,970 feet. No soldiers on either side of the border are allowed to patrol the region. But the region is spooky to people for different reasons. Many reports of different people say they have observed some weird humanoid forms and there had been UFO sightings.

Locals stand firm on the grounds of the inhabitation of extraterrestrials. In 2006, Google Maps showed some baffling results of military bases that neither of the governments could explain. According to ITBP and Indian Army, the sightings of flying crafts have been repeatedly observed. Drones and spaceships did not resemble any of them.

5. Magnetic Hill of Leh

Magnetic Hill

Everybody has heard of gravity, right? Amidst the barren land of Leh, there is a region that openly defies gravity. Rather than going downwards or at least staying where you are, you will be pulled up! Sitting at 14,00 ft, Leh-Kargil-Baltic Highway boasts of this mysterious mountain.

While driving to Leh, a signboard appears saying – “Magnetic Hill – The Phenomenon That Defies Gravity”. A few meters ahead, on the road, appears a white box that asks you to park your vehicle. Keep your vehicles in neutral and feel it move up the hill at the speed of 10-20 km/hr.

6. The Ghost Town

Kuldhara Village

In the town of Jaisalmer, Kuldhara, a deserted village is said to be haunted. In the 19th century, there used to be a flourishing village. It has a story of an immoral minister who wanted to marry the chief’s daughter without her consent. When the girl and her family denied, the minister retaliated by threatening to ruin their lives.

After that, the villagers left the land in the dead of the night. The villagers put a curse on the land and the minister that no one can ever live peacefully in this town.

The Paranormal Society of Delhi inspected this place to indeed find some activities that are borderline scary. There were footprints found on the mud, shadows passing over the rubbles, sounds of the dead villagers, and even scratches on cars.

7. Musical Pillars

Hindu Temples
Vittala Temple Complex, Hampi

In the district of Hampi, Maharashtra, a Dravidian architectural temple stands known as Vittala Temple. It boasts of its extravagant engravings and inscriptions. But what really sets it apart from other temples are its pillars. When tapped gently, the pillars produce delightful music.

Till date, no one has figured out the working of these mysterious columns. During the colonial rule, Britishers intrigued by this temple ordered to cut down one of the pillars to check if the temple constituted of graphite in vain. Due to general merriment and curiosity, common people damaged a few of the pillars. Tapping on the pillars is forbidden now.

8. 500-year-old Mummy

Mummy in Spiti, Himachal Pradesh

In the quaint little town, Spiti, of Himachal Pradesh rests a 500-year-old mummy of a Buddhist monk. The mummy of Sangha Tenzin from the 15th century remains a matter of great intrigue among thousands of visitors each month. Protected by a thin glass sheet, you can still see the dark, taut skin of the monk, remnants of his hair and teeth peeking through his slightly parted mouth.

It is said that the Buddhist monk probably went into self-mummification centuries ago.

9. Desert of River Kaveri

Temple of Talakadu in Desert

Said to be cursed by a widowed devotee of Shiva, River Kaveri suddenly disappears to make way for a desert. Home to 30 temples of Shiva, 5 of them are suspected to be buried under the sand. Surprisingly, no scientific theory could explain this river basin turning to san dunes.

River Kaveri ends in whirlpools near Talakadu. The curse also robbed off Mysore King of his heirs.

Let us know in the comment section if you have visited any of these or any other mysterious places of your own!

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