7 Most Underrated Places of India

India a land where no traveller is left unsatisfied. but like every country, India also has some destinations that almost all of us have visited and sometimes it’s not even worth the hype. You need a list of lesser-known places that doesn’t imply it has anything less to offer. A little exploration and research from us will surprise you how much this country has to offer. So, here are some of the most underrated destinations in India that have been not noticed by a lot of people.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference. – Robert Frost. 


1. Ziro Valley in Arunachal

Underrated places in India
Valley of Ziro

In the largest north-eastern state of India, Arunachal Pradesh, there is an underrated paradise of India known as the Ziro Valley. Among the pine trees, layered paddy fields and the gorgeous backdrop of Eastern Himalayas sits this exotic valley. 

While the tranquillity of this charming town makes it a soul seekers paradise, its the epitome of scenic beauty. It also entices innumerable nature lovers and photographers. Whether you want a soul-captivating trekking experience, a jungle camping fun or wildlife exploration, Ziro covers you in all aspects.

Best time to visit: 

March to May and October to November.

Best places to visit:

1. Kile Pakho

2. Dolo Mando

3. Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

2. Majuli Village, Assam

Underrated places in India
Island of Majuli

Majuli is a lush green environment-friendly, a natural and pollution-free freshwater island in the river Brahmaputra. With a total area of 1250 sq. km, Majuli is the world’s largest river island and it attracts tourists from all over the world. The island can be reached only by ferries. It is believed that the people have adapted to the water habitat and some fishermen can hold their breath longer than the average human.

The main festival in the town of Majuli is called Raas and it is an exciting and interesting spectacle. Other than this, Majuli also offers boat rides during the sunrise and exploring museums.

Best time to visit:

October to February.

Best places to visit:

1. Kamlabari Satra

2. Tengapania

3. Dakhinpat Satra

3. Town of Auli, Uttarakhand

Underrated places in India
Town of Auli

The snow-clad mountains surrounded by oak and pine trees with a spell-bounding scenery on the road, Auli calls out to the soul of every traveller out there. Some of the best places to visit are the natural springs of in Saildhar Tapovan, the Auli Artificial Lake, and the Chattarkund Lake. Situated on the meeting point of the rivers of Alaknanda and Mandakini, Auli is also said to be blessed by Shankar

For the thrill-seekers, Auli is vastly popular for the numerous skiing opportunities and treks to the hills of Garhwal Himalayas. One of the most underrated places in India that deserves more appreciation.

Best time to visit: 

November to March.

Best places to visit:

1. Auli Artificial Lake

2. Gurso Bugyal

3. Nanda Devi National Park

4. Krem Liat Preh Caves, Meghalaya

Caves of Krem Liat Prah, Meghalaya

Claimed to be the longest ever cave system in the Indian subcontinent, Krem Liat Prah Caves reside in Meghalaya’s Jaintia Hills District, tucked in the folds of the Shnongrim Ridge. The connection of the Krem um im-Liat Prah cave system to Krem Labbit, Khaidong, creates a single cave system of 34 km. The caves fascinate the specialists and enthusiasts of spelunking as a hobby from all over the world.

It continues to extend with the ongoing surveys and yet many parts of the system still remain deprived of human touch. The most significant feature of Liat Prah is the Aircraft Hangar, an enormous trunk passage.

Best time to visit:

October to March.

Places to visit nearby:

 1. Jaintia Hills

2. Natangi National Park

3. Mawsmai Caves

5. Osian, Rajasthan

Temple of Osian, Rajasthan

Popularly known as the ‘Khajuraho of Rajasthan’, Osian calls out to every traveller out there. It is an ancient temple city located 65 km north of Jodhpur in the state of Rajasthan in western India. The age-old architecture of many temples depicts extraordinary sculpture art, some of which are very erotic. This place is of utmost significance to the Jains and the Hindus as some of their most important shrines lie in this beautiful city. 

A delight for those who love historical architecture and the fact that you get to see all of it in an oasis in the Thar Desert. 

Best time to visit:

November to March.

Best places to visit:

1. Surya Temple

2. Sachiya Mata Temple

3. Lord Mahavira Temple

6. Unakoti, Tripura

Carved Rocks of Unakoti, Tripura

One of the most amazing underrated places in India, this small town of Tripura stands out the most. The legendary rock carvings, thousands of years old murals and pristine waterfalls. Most of the carvings are huge and one on vertical rocks facing the sky.

As per the mythological stories, while travelling to Kashi, Lord Shiva and one crore gods and goddesses made a stop here. He asked everyone to wake up before dawn break but none of them did except him. In an utter rage, he cursed them to turn into rocks. Perfect for mythological and history buffs who love to travel.

Best time to visit:

October to April.

Places to visit nearby:

1. Maa Bhabhatrani Mandir

2. Soteromiar Hawor

3. Udayana Buddha Mandir

7.  Bodh Gaya, Bihar

Mahabodhi Temple of Bodh Gaya, Bihar

Bodhgaya, on the banks of the River Falgu in India, is a serene township. It associates itself with one of the four holiest cities of the Buddhist faith: Kushinagar, Lumbini and Sarnath. An essential part of Buddha’s life is associated with this place. He meditated, preached and attained enlightenment, under the famous Bodhi tree.

Famous for the Mahabodhi temple, this places always bustles with pilgrims and tourists alike. People from all over the world come to pay their homage in monasteries, temples and remnants of Bodhi Tree. It is now one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and a lot of foreign countries, including Japan and China, have helped the Indian government in the building of this pilgrimage site.

Drop down the names of all the places that you think are underrated in India in the comment section!

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