7 Beautiful Places in Kuala Lumpur

The capital of Malaysia popular for its multicultural diversity with Malay, Indian and Chinese population. The host of many landmarks of religions, Kuala Lumpur is one of the busiest places in the world. Filled with natural and manmade beauty, this city surely makes to the top of many travellers’ wanderlust list!

Here are a few places you must see

Petronas Tower – Touch The Sky

Twin Towers
Petronas Tower

World’s highest twin tower is in the city of Kuala Lumpur. Situated at a height of whopping 452 m, it has 88 floors. On the 41st & 42nd floor, the two buildings are joined by a 58m double-decker Skybridge. This Islamic-inspired architecture houses the Petronas headquarters and its associate offices.

The observation deck for the visitors on the top of the building provides a stunning view of the entire city. The Skybridge is exhilarating in itself as you pass from building to the other. Digital displays and exhibit of Tower’s history also add to the charm. Inspired by the European 19th-century concert halls, the major attraction of the place is the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas concert hall.

Surrounded by KLCC park, walking paths and water fountains, fun activities are ideal for kids and young teens.

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park – Flying Beauty

KL Bird Park

Holding the position of the world’s biggest park, KL Bird Park houses over 200 species of foreign and local birds. Stretched over 20 acres of land, the park is divided into 4 zones. Zone 1 and 2 are for the birds to freely fly. Zone 3 is the home for Hornbill birds and zone 4 comprises of caged birds.

There are numerous interesting sections of bird watching. World of Parrots, Oriental Aviary, Hornbill Park, Flamingo Pond Brahminy Land, and Birdlife stations are one of the best. Some of the rare and splendid species to look out for are India Blue Peacock, Macaws, Parakeets, rhinoceros hornbills, kites, and many others. Feeding sessions and bird shows are one of the most awaited programs.

With cobbled walkways, waterparks, gurgling streams, and lush green landscapes, Bird Park offers a picturesque landscape. This place is education for yourself and kids while connecting to nature in the most fun way. Borrow a pair of binoculars to bird watch and observe the activities of the feathery species. Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is the perfect getaway for nature-loving photographers!

Aquaria KLCC – Date With Sharks

Water Zoo
Aquaria KLCC

The largest aquarium of South-east Asia easily takes the spot of top places to visit.  Home to 150 species of marine life forms, Aquaria is the most interesting place to visit. Diving into the tanks full of sea-water to explore around 5000 creatures is nothing short of an adventure.

Some of the favorite attractions of this oceanarium are tiger sharks, electric eel, sea horses, sea snakes, blue rays, bright coral reef fish, and piranhas. Beyond water tanks, it also lets you experience landscapes, coral reefs, Amazon forests, marshlands, and vast oceans. 

Apart from the submerged tunnel of an aquarium, it also has levels of DNA live tanks, Amazonian forests, Scream Tanks, Wildlife Park, and Coral Discovery Section. Watching the fishes being fed is another exciting venture. And, if you are lucky, you might get to feed them yourself!

Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower – Sky’s The Limit

Tower of Malaysia
Menara KL Tower

Standing tall at 421 m, Menara KL Tower is easily Malaysia’s most popular landmark along with Petronas Tower. Travellers can enjoy the view desk at the height of 276 m, 100 m higher than Skybridge of Twin Towers. The panoramic view of the vibrant city is breathtaking with a viewpoint like this.

Surrounded by years old flora exclusive to Malaysia, Menara Tower occupies the land of Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve. The spindle-shaped apex of the building is visible from any part of Kuala Lumpur. Decorated with Arabic scriptures and abstract patterns, this Persian-Islamic architecture is a sight to behold.

The gleaming tower houses the world-renowned ‘Atmosphere 360’. The revolving hotel offers one of the best continental cuisines in the world. Notable features of the hotel include the amphitheater, cascading pools, and souvenir shops.

Batu Caves – Into The Cave

Batu Caves

272 steps of the trek lead you to the awe-struck centuries-old Batu Caves. The stunning limestone caves comprise of 3 major and a few smaller caves. Some of these caves date back to 400 million years. Temples and shrines dedicated to Hindu Gods for over 100-years-old which prominently stand in the caves. Every year, it attracts thousands of devotees and tourists alike.

Cathedral cave, the most famous of the 3 caves, houses several Hindu shrines. Under its 100m archaic ceiling, the depiction of Hindu mythological stories holds a special place in the Hindu community. At the foot of the hills, Art Gallery Caves and Museum Caves dominates the area. Many paintings of Hindu Gods and mythologies are truly remarkable.

Festivals like ‘Thaipusam’ and devotees, known as ‘Kavadis’, are a sight of inspiration and admiration. Non-Hindu communities rush to witness the festivals and experience a truly exhilarating feat!

Jalan Alor – Foodies’ Heaven

Jalan Alor Market

Tucked away in a ‘hidden’ location, tourists often miss this place. The street hosts numerous Chinese seafood restaurants, street food stalls and hawker stalls. Although the restaurants offer some of the most delicious cuisines, street food is much cheaper and tastier.

Located behind the Jalan Bukit Bintang, Jalan Alor offers a variety of different cuisines. Traditional vibes of this place are a must to experience. Decorated with Chinese lanterns, the vibrancy of this part of the city is unmatched.

Spread on both sides of the street of 500 m, the air is always filled with the aroma of grilled and fried food. Some of the best food to taste here is – beef skewers, barbecued meat, crispy noodles, and fried oyster egg.

National Mosque of Malaysia – Praise The Lord

National Mosque of Malaysia

Also referred to as Masjid Negara, this mosque stands in Malaysia as a symbol of freedom. This one of its kind steel mosque boats it’s artistic brilliance and palatial grandeur. Being one of the biggest mosques in Southeast Asia, it can accommodate over 15,000 people at one time.

A perfect example of Islamic architecture, the mosque, adorned with turquoise decorations, gives off pilgrim vibes. The attractive features of the mosque include the 73 m minaret and a 16-pointed star on the main roof. One thing to make sure of is the dress code. Nothing shorter than pants are allowed and women must cover their shoulders. The mosque, although, generously offers purple robes to cover yourself.

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