6 cities in the world that no party-lover should miss out on

Travelling and tourism take place for different reasons like business, adventure, nature, food, shopping, etc. But partying is something that isn’t talked about but it is one of the best and most profitable kinds of tourism. And partying is a lifestyle for some people these days. Every city or country offers pubs, bars, clubs, lounges, etc. But some cities have everything and more the ones bring out the wild side in every person. Here are some top spots for all the party animals out there.

6 places every party lover should visit

1) Tel Aviv

Located in Israel tel avid is one of the most underrated party spots in the world. It has party spots for the young and for the once a who are young at heart. One can find serious clubbing spots as well as mellow spots. Because of Israel’s super liberal attitude, they host one of the best and the biggest concerts all year round. The best time to visit this city is from October to May. Overall It is a safe city and a must-visit spot. It is said that this city loves to party and the party literally never stops here. Tel Aviv is said to be home to Asia’s largest gay pride and has hosted one of the first sex parties in Israel.

2) Las Vegas 

To be really honest the only place that pops up in my mind when I talk about partying and gambling is Las Vegas. It consists of one of the most exotic clubs and gambling lounges in the world which go on until morning. The possibilities here are endless because of the uncompromising party and nightlife. And it is often said that people do the craziest things here, therefore, it is known as the ”sin city” and also has a tag line ” whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. It is one of my dream destinations.

3) Ibiza

Home to privilege the largest club in the world Ibiza is the party capital of the world. It hosts one of the best and the biggest concerts. This city is often known for its underground parties and the hippy culture. If you love underground discreet parties this is the spot for you. The partying times are very unusual here. The party starts after 10 pm and goes until 6 am even 8 am in some places. People who usually go for a party here wake up the afternoon and take an afternoon nap so that they have the fuel to enjoy the long night. It’s a must-visit place for all the party people.

4) Rio de Janeiro

Known as the ” marvelous city” and ” the city of samba” Rio De Janeiro is a spot of all the beach party lovers. Sprawling beaches, beautiful people, parties going on day and night Rio has got it all. The aura of this city is so jolly and wild that one just ends up partying here. When here one can not miss out on the groovy rhythms of samba. There is a club known as. ”Casas De Samba” for all the samba lovers out there. This city has a bustling nightlife, not just clubs, and beaches but also theatres, hotels, live acts, etc. It is a must-visit place for all party lovers.

5) Mykonos

Located in Greece this island is often compared to Ibiza for its wild hedonistic parties. It is also known as the ” playground for adults ” because of its wild parties. The best time to visit this city is August as everyone is on vacation so there is a mixed crowd and the fun is even more. It is said that here the party starts In the afternoon on the beaches and then after 10 pm continues in its lively booming clubs and goes on until sunrise. Just like Israel Greece also has a super liberal attitude so it’s a really chill place.

6) Pag

Located in Croatia Pag is a new upcoming party place. Not many people know about this city. But it has everything big DJs, dance arts, pool parties, chill areas, you name it and you get it. It is usually advisable to visit this place during the summers which are from June to September because after that period winters arrive and it’s really quiet here during winters. The parties here go on for 24 hours and are really exotic and fun. One can find beach parties, huge DJ concerts, jazz clubs, pool parties, etc. And just in case you’re too tired of the parties you can relax near the fishing spot.

Not only these 6 but there are a lot of party spots. But just in case if you’re tired of your boring life and you’re looking to cut loose these are the ideal spots you should visit.

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