5 Tips to pack your luggage like a Pro!

One of the biggest travel pet peeves is luggage. We have all been there, haven’t we? When we sit down to actually pack our luggage and everything seems important. So, you just keep on hoarding the What-ifs and lo and behold, four suitcases staring at you. The trip might itself be of just four days and yet you pack four bulky suitcases because you never know.

This is especially true if you are travelling as a family and with kids. Even if you travel solo, you keep all sorts of precautionary stuff which you know very well you won’t use. So, what do you do at such times?

Fear not, we have you covered. We have listed below a  few cool tips and tricks that can help you pack your luggage in the most effective manners. Maximize in the Minimum. Read on to find out!

1. Choosing the right bag

This is actually the most important point you need to remember. When you first buy luggage, make sure you buy a good, sturdy suitcase, an airy duffel bag and a backpack. When you plan a trip make sure you choose the right kind of bag you will need.

If you are going on a long trip, say a week or two, its best to carry a single suitcase with you along with a small purse or sling bag for travel essentials like passports and cash.

The best bag for a solo trip or a trek or camping ids the Backpack. there are special traveller’s backpacks available these days which you can opt for. These are best because you will be travelling alone so you don’t have to worry about leaving your luggage in some strangers care when you pee.

But, if you are going on a trip with friends for a weekend getaway then a duffel bag would be a smarter choice. Since you would not need many ironed clothes you can afford to have a little wrinkle on them. Duffel bags allow you to dump more in less space.

2. Make a list

Make a good list of all the things you are going to need before you start packing. Keep editing it by cutting out all the not so useful stuff till its concise and precise.

This will ensure you don’t overpack your bags and have all the things you need handy.

3. Packing as per the weather

Make sure to read the weather forecasts of the place you are visiting beforehand. This will help you choose the right set of clothes to carry depending on the weather.

if you are visiting a snowy place, it obviously makes sense to just carry sweaters or jeans rather than packing shorts along with stockings. Think practical and not just for the style quotient.

On the other hand, when visiting a sunny place with beaches carry some lightweight frocks and shorts to dress in style as well as with flexibility.

If the climate is going to be somewhat moderate or a mixture of two, then carry several lightweight clothes. This will help you layer your clothes as per requirements.

4. Way of folding your clothes

The best way to amp up your suitcase space is to roll your clothes instead of folding. This will ensure that the clothes are wrinkle-free as well as increase space to add.

If its a formal business trip you are going on then opt for folding your clothes. You can then pair up clothes and keep them as outfits to avoid confusion on what to wear.

Use the inside of shoes to store fragile items or bottles of lotions and creams. The undergarments and lingerie can just be stuffed into the nooks and crevices of the suitcase after you are done packing.

5. Use smaller pouches or packing cubes

If you want to stay neat and clean and avoid a mess this is the best option. Use smaller bags that can fit inside the suitcase to store different articles of clothing.


Keep rolled T-shirts or shirts together in one cube and jeans or trousers in the other. Use a separate box for toiletries like creams, shampoos and conditioners. Keep another small bag handy for undergarments or scarves.

Also, carry plastic bags for shoes and footwear. Try to carry a single piece of footwear which can work on all dresses and in all weathers.

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