5 Shows One Should Watch To Avoid Boredom

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the world has come at a halt. Most of the countries have declared a lockdown due to which people’s jobs have either stopped or they either have to work from home. The educational institutions are closed too. Due to which people have a lot of free time to waste.

One can do a lot in this free time like watch Netflix, learn a new skill, cook, learn a new instrument, etc. And among these options watching a tv show on Amazon Prime/Netflix/Hotstar is the most popular one. One can either watch nail-biting thrilling shows or either watch hilarious classic shows. And I love watching tv series like I am a huge tv series enthusiast.

So here are 5 tv shows one can watch to avoid boredom

1) Chernobyl

With an IMDb rating of 9.4, this show is very short yet super emotional and intense. Compared to the other tv shows we watch this show isn’t that popular. This show consists of 5 episodes only and is available only on Hotstar Vip. This show is basically based upon a man-made disaster where an operational error occurs in a nuclear plant that is located in Chernobyl. And how this nuclear plant affects the lives of millions and how the Russians undertake various steps to avoid further damage and how they try to cover up the experiment gone wrong. This show is a very emotional show and usually, people end up crying at the end. This is a must-watch show.

2) Lucifer

With an IMDb rating of 8.2, this show is 4 seasons long and is based on the devil. The devil Lucifer rebels leaves hell and comes to Los Angeles and falls in love with an LAPD detective and how he rebels against his father who is trying to force him back to hell by sending his brothers. This show doesn’t really have a fixed genre it’s a mixture of a thriller as well as comedy. The personality of Lucifer in this show is so attractive and intriguing that people love his character. This show is only available on Netflix and is one of my favorite shows. It’s a really addictive show. Because of one thing for sure if you start it at midnight you ain’t gonna sleep until 7/8 in the morning.

3) Two And A Half Men

With an IMDb rating of  7, this show is 12 season-long comedy show. This show is available on Netflix and Amazon prime and comedy central play it every now and then. This show is amazing and is basically based on three characters a drunk rich irresponsible man who is the king of the hookup culture, a broke divorced man who is stuck with an incredibly dumb kid and is broke and stays at his brother’s house and third the son of the broke man the kid is incredibly dumb yet really funny. Obviously, the plot changes after the 9th season when Aston Kutcher enters the show. This show is filled with funny, witty sarcastic and double meaning jokes. It is not a show one will binge watch but it’s amazing and really funny. One can always watch this show when they have free time or they are just feeling low due to several reasons.

4] Elite

With an IMDb rating of 7.6, this show is consists of three seasons and is a show which is a thriller and consists of high school drama. This show is originally a Spanish show which is translated in English and is available only on Netflix. This show is based upon three scholarship students who attend a school full of rich brats and how they tackle it. And a girl is murdered in that school and how the police try to catch the murderer and how every student changes over time. This show is a package of thrill, party, romance, drugs, murder, etc. It is very famous among teens these days.

5) Gossip Girl

Are you missing out on all the drama that you had in your life before this lockdown? Don’t worry this show will fill you in. With an IMDb rating of  7.4, this show consists of 6 seasons and is available only on Netflix. This show is a whole package of drama, drugs, drinks scandals. It is a show which is totally based on upper society. And gossip girl is basically a website that releases news and gossips about the upper east society. The main characters of this show are 5 people Chuck bass irresponsible son of a rich brat, Serena who is a princess of her choice, Blair who is the drama and the scandalous girl, Nate who is a gentleman and owns his own paper and Dan who is an unpopular guy who is a nobody and falls in love with the wonder girl Serena. Down the line, the show consists of a lot of twists and turns but it consists of two classic heartwarming love stories too.

Well, these are the 5 shows that will definitely consume about a month or two lmao. Other than that Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc have a dozen good shows that one can watch them. But these are one of the best ones. So stay home stay safe.

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