5 Instagram pages you must follow if you are planning a trip to Himachal

We live in a high tech world where everything can be had or ordered with a few clicks. Gone are the days of waiting and researching for something you want to do. It’s the same with travel and tourism today. With all the speed and trends in the everyday world, we no longer depend on the maps or tourist guides to learn about places. Most of us don’t even prefer having a real-life guide when we go traveling. It’s all about going solo or with your friends and having a fun time discovering yourselves in the process.

In such a fast-paced world, one of the best people to trust is the virtual guides. The travelers who travel the world and document their tales into large, colorful blogs and pages. Instagram is one of the most used and popular social media platforms out there. It has a variety of content on various topics including travel.

There are many enthusiastic souls out there traveling the world as well as the beautiful and bountiful Himachal Pradesh. They can give you some very authentic advice along with some great hidden gems to explore.

But then with so many pages and such a plethora of information which are the pages to follow? Who can be trusted to give you the best information and also vouch for it? Here below is a list of such pages to follow if you are planning to visit Himachal Pradesh. They are fun and informative along with being precise.

1. @himachaltourismofficial

This is the official page for Himachal tourism and definitely, on the top of pages, you must follow if you are planning a trip to Himachal. Filled with various useful insights and must-visit destinations it gives you the right #travelgoals!

There are many travel lusty videos of blowing winds and friends on a trip to give you the sugar rush of visiting. It also has photos of some famous Himachali dishes to guide you on what to eat. Satisfy your inner foodie as you relish some delicious Himachali cuisine!

2. @ronnie_and_barty

This stands at the top of this list owing to its realistic and beautiful content. These are two adorable travelers who visit the Himalayan ranges of Himachal together and document their journey while doing so.

Their page is filled with adorable photos of the two at various locations having fun. They can be seen cooking, camping, or trekking in the remotest of towns.

Do follow this page to get a real-life take on what is the place you must visit as well as the things you must do when in Himachal.

3. @kinnaurtourism

This page is for those seeking aesthetic pleasure. It is basically a photography page so you can look at some really great pictures of Himachal in general and Kinnaur specifically.

From scenic views to snowcapped mountains, it has it all. It also has some really artistic depictions of life in the mountains and the local communities. The captions are also cool and fun while making your soul want to visit the place.

It is a perfect page to follow if you are planning a vacation to the hills anytime soon to get some major #photographygoals!

4. @himachalgram

This page is the one-stop solution for all the places you plan to tick off your list. It provides information on almost all the popular tourist destinations like the ground, Shimla, Leh, Ladakh, and many more.

They even have pages dedicated solely to Shimla and Dharamshala on their page. The links for the same are given in the bio. Sprinkled with content from many travel bloggers it gives you a taste of the local flavor you need to enjoy.

Sparkling blue water lakes and lush green trees are all captured beautifully in the posts. It is also used with many videos of fellow bloggers with fun and quirky facts as captions.

5. @_kinnaur_

This page is a mixture of aesthetic photography with some enthusiastic soul seeking travelers. It not only focuses on Kinnaur but also on the beautiful valley of Kalpa and the quaint little hamlet of Chitkul.

So it hs photographs from three major tourist attractions that you can look at while planning your trip. There are even a few promotional posts about Kinnaur shawls and where to find them. So shopaholics make sure to give this page a quick follow!

We hope that these pages will thus give you a clear view on what Himachal actually is and it’s best tourist destinations. It will help you plan a great trip when you visit with your friends or family. The pages listed are a proper mixture of facts and fun so you know what is best for you. Give them a big follow and watch your feed transform into a beautiful pre-travel informer!

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